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[21 Sep 2004|10:25pm]
speedfreak.BABY.rocketdiveCollapse )
25 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[16 Sep 2004|08:36pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

sam of squid, you make me happy so:

Exposure fanatic: rawr
SamOfSquid: eeek!
Exposure fanatic: Eek indeed.
SamOfSquid: I mean, wait! You don't scare me. You're little
Exposure fanatic: I am not little
SamOfSquid: Are too!
SamOfSquid: What are you, like 5'2"?
Exposure fanatic: I'm five eight and a half.
SamOfSquid: oh..
Exposure fanatic: indeed.
SamOfSquid: ahem, nm
Exposure fanatic: how tall are you?
SamOfSquid: 5'11"
Exposure fanatic: Ooo
Exposure fanatic: tall one you are
SamOfSquid: I think I'm about average. Either that or everyone I know is tall.
Exposure fanatic: my dad is that tall I think
Exposure fanatic: my uncles six something.
Exposure fanatic: yep..tallness..
SamOfSquid: I'm the tallest one in my immediate family. We are a family of shorties
SamOfSquid: I have only 2 uncles that are taller. And one was adopted
Exposure fanatic: hah
SamOfSquid: It's actually kinda funny when we have family reuinions. I am the tall uncle who all the little kids climb on
Exposure fanatic: Thats always fun
SamOfSquid: If I ever want a career as a jungle gym, I'll have lots of experience
SamOfSquid: Or as a mickey mouse t disneyland
Exposure fanatic: That seems like fun
SamOfSquid: being mickey?
Exposure fanatic: yep.
SamOfSquid: How's the day been?
Exposure fanatic: stress full
SamOfSquid: I was just reading your journal a little while ago. I wanted to get a picture of the butterfly lady.
Exposure fanatic: one..huge..thing..of..stress..
SamOfSquid: Did you go on a date with your mystery man?
Exposure fanatic: I have a mystery man?
SamOfSquid: Oh, that's too bad about the stress. WHy so stressful?
Exposure fanatic: everything
SamOfSquid: Mr man = = that guy at school that makes you swoon
Exposure fanatic: sammi and that guy arent the same person
SamOfSquid: oh? who is then?
Exposure fanatic: lives in jersey
Exposure fanatic: stevan goes to my school..
Exposure fanatic: and I dont know if i really like stevan
Exposure fanatic: has my heart.
SamOfSquid: What a lucky fellow this sammi is
Exposure fanatic: he doesn't know
SamOfSquid: I hope he is worthy of such a wonderful thing as that heart of yours
Exposure fanatic: I know he is.
SamOfSquid: Well that is good!
Exposure fanatic: yep..
SamOfSquid: Where did you meet him?
Exposure fanatic: honestly, a livejournal thing.
SamOfSquid: Cool.
SamOfSquid: Well, if he meets your approval, he's cool with me.
Exposure fanatic: Dandy..
Exposure fanatic: I wish he'd actually -feel- something towards me aside from annoyance/pestering/pity
SamOfSquid: lol, not like you need my approval or anything like that
SamOfSquid: oh? He's annoyed with you?
Exposure fanatic: I dont know
SamOfSquid: Somehow I just don't picture you as the annoying type
Exposure fanatic: Oh well, I feel annoying
SamOfSquid: hmmm, how very strange a thing to feel. I've never found you annoying in the slightest. I think you are quite pleasant to talk to.
SamOfSquid: Not to mention being one of the more interesting people I've met lately
Exposure fanatic: Glad to be that.
SamOfSquid: And pleasantly lively and unique
SamOfSquid: If this fellow doesn't realize it, I'm sure he will in time.
Exposure fanatic: Probably not but eh.
SamOfSquid: He will. I think it's apparently to anyone willing to see.
Exposure fanatic: Not many are willing to see thing though.
SamOfSquid: True that. Many walk with their eyes, hearts and minds closed to everything around them.
SamOfSquid: It's difficult not being one of those people sometimes, huh?
Exposure fanatic: Yeah..
Exposure fanatic: I like how you read me
SamOfSquid: I'm not sure why, but I just have this... urge.. this compulsion to understand you.
Exposure fanatic: that's a first.
Exposure fanatic: I don't think anyone's ever wanted to do that before.
SamOfSquid: I think it's just this inherent depth to you... It belies your age. It's very interesting and intrigueing
SamOfSquid: You have got to be kidding me
Exposure fanatic: What?
SamOfSquid: I can't understand no one wanting to pick through that brain of yours. I bet lots of people have but you just didn't notice
Exposure fanatic: Um..
Exposure fanatic: I dont think so..
SamOfSquid: In fact, I'm sure of it. You are far too interesting.
Exposure fanatic: because people give up.
Exposure fanatic: Ontop of that, even though I stand out becaues of..wellwhatever, my parents dont wnt me to stand out
Exposure fanatic: oh
Exposure fanatic: want to know what I did on the subway?
SamOfSquid: hmmm, you do have a bit of a shell around you. But everything inside of that shell shines quite brightly.
SamOfSquid: Are your parents secret agents or something?
SamOfSquid: What did you do on the subway?
Exposure fanatic: 1) thank you
2) no they are not
3) I started dancing to the song time warp from rocky horror picture show.
SamOfSquid: That is the most awesome thing I've heard today
Exposure fanatic: Thank you
SamOfSquid: Such a dichotomy you are. One the one hand full of life and equipped with a complete disregard for what people around you may think. And on the other hand, completely afraid of being seen.
Exposure fanatic: holy moly an epiphany!
Exposure fanatic: you have discovered me.

and that, ladies and gentleman.. is amazing.

3 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[16 Sep 2004|07:49pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

-falls over-


[15 Sep 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

thanks Nikki.



[15 Sep 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

school was okay. Drama was DEFFINATELY fun. In inglish I started a HEATED debate on Lions XD which had nothing to do with what we're doing in class. my monologue went pretty good..I mixed up two lines and shortened one but aside from that I was okay. machi joined our all female (now not) drama class. he did for his monologue the "and juliet is the sun" soliloquy. he was very good. but then ms. downey made Bonnie go up to the third floor balcony of the theater, pretend to be juliet..but be TOTALLY unimpressed with machi romeo. IT. WAS. GREAT. she was SO funny! when he was doing the "how I wish i were that glove so I could touch that cheek." he raised her hand, looked at it turning it over all "uh..wtf >>?" and then he says something and she leans over the railing and goes "what the hell does that mean?!" it was great. so great. -dies- and TICE hahaha. she did this whole..crying thing it was SO dramatic. I mean, she wasnt that bad, but still..it was hysterical. everyone else was good. in other news.. uh.. mr. scutt's a dolt. but we knew that already. chem was SO funny. none of us would shut up. the reason was we had chem during lunch, therefore had a fourth period lunch, and we'er not used to concnentratic during fifth period so we're all flippign out and my teachers like "o-o...wtf >___>?" and mike z. who sits next to me grabs my pen out of my hand and starts writing "GUNS" on his bisceps. it was so funny cause hed make a muscle and go "I should have brought my GUNS to school" and it just cracked me, nikki, and will up. then he grabs my arm and pmuches me! for no reason at all! but before that me, nikki, ali and mae went outside to eat, or rather to drink my THIRD snapple within thirty minutes, and there was this new kid stephen sitting on the bench, so I sit on the bench and nikki sits on the groudn to copy my chem homework, adn he and I have this really long conversation which nikki eventually joins after finishing copying. it was so funny. his facial expressions are SO GREAT. and he's cute XD; haha. towards the end of drama luccie, ali, julia, toni and someone else came in and started watching us, it was funny cause giorgia goes "HI LUCCIE" he, ali, and julia are hiding behind the seats and as soon as giorgia says that they all duck. it was so funny. uh..lesse nothing else happened, oh! I got my working papers! so I should call up the lady and ask for my job >:o! just called, I need to fax a resume..hopefully I'll get a job ;__; -wants it really badly-

quizzie!Collapse )

2 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[14 Sep 2004|07:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

-deep breath- MESA MURDER. yeah I had this whole entry typed up.. because I had foudn a notebook from when I was seven and was typing up what was in it then..I..close..the..god..damned..window.. -dies- I cannot even BEGIN to express how fucking pissed I am >____<

starting ALL FUCKING OVER: a little bit on my little brotherCollapse )

The GazetCollapse )

The Advenchers of Ally and ErikaCollapse )

no clue what this isCollapse )

a not so nice listCollapse )

be fucked if I know what this isCollapse )

erm..I dont know!Collapse )

apparent a diary entryCollapse )

mad libs..god was I a stupid seven year old -falls off chair-Collapse )


4 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[14 Sep 2004|05:51pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I have THE coolest monologue for drama tomorrow! its from alice in wonderland! yaaaay.

1 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[14 Sep 2004|07:12am]



[13 Sep 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | confused ]

and it was so great.

1 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[13 Sep 2004|06:52pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

so I sing along with solitude [this quote has no relation to the lyrics behind the cut]Collapse )

2 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[13 Sep 2004|03:35pm]
nothing to say.

[13 Sep 2004|06:50am]
[ mood | sick ]

I wake up to the same thing I heard last night.

she makes my stomach crawl.



[12 Sep 2004|08:40pm]
does what you say even mean anything anymore!?
10 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[12 Sep 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | replaced ]

there's so much good news. I got clothes, and a job. Can you believe that? Every saturday I get to work at this clothing store in brooklyn called Ali Cats. its very cute. and yet..with all that good news..all I want to do is cry.. to someone.. and can't think of anyone but one person.. yet..god..


2 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[11 Sep 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

and I tried to tell her..what a mistake that was...

she says it doesn't exist..and neither do I..
familia was fun, bobby and I have been getting along great..that's about it..



[11 Sep 2004|01:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well, later I'm going to my aun and uncles house for my grandpa's birthday. it shoudl be fun, might be boring but oh well. -pokes everyone- call my cell to save me! Im bringing it with me.. if you need the number check my AIM away message. yep. We're goign to this place, the king buffet..the only probkem with that place (Aside from the fact that the food is great, it coasts like..8 dollars a person, and I get to go with my whole family) is that I come home feelign INSANELY fat and with even less self esteem than I already have, if that's even possible. I might be going friends only..I'm not sure..we'll see. part of me wants a new journal.. so I might do that too. we'll see we'll see.

-Naka chan

1 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[11 Sep 2004|09:19am]
[ mood | waking up ]

yawn. just woke up. had a pretty good night, I loved, and made someone else feel loved, and it's good.


[10 Sep 2004|08:17pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

oh god Luccie is going to MURDER ME!!! so, we went to resident evil, apocalypse, and it was good. then nikki thought that he and brenda had hooked up, but they hadnt but she told me she thought they did so I said to her something and then ed over heard and goes "Who?!" and everyone else was like who who who so I was like I think luccie and breanda not sure, and then when we get out, me n brenda are talking and Im like did you hook up with luccie and shes like No!!! and i was like, oh shit because then aly tells luccie somethign abotu him and brenda. in the process of telling him that me and brenda are off in a corner and nikki sees luccie go "she said what?!" and stare at me and nikki grabs my arm and goes "we gotta go!" and like drage me across the street, it was fuuuuunny but now he's gonna kill me. anyway thats it, kyos gift is done..I gave nikki her gift which was the shirt, and dais gift was dry a while ago..now Im making ALi's, Moni's, Kia's and anyone -else- who'll gimmie zeir address ya!


1 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[09 Sep 2004|08:23pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

waaaaaaaaaai! I went all..painter this afternoon. I started off by decorating my study book (which I'll photograph later and show you) which evolvde into making a tee that said "so we say" and I cant really go into a lot of detail because I made things for people who read, or at least I think they read, my journal and I dont want to give it away. but yes.. the tee shirt turned into my rag to clean with..so now its got paint EVERYWHERE. I had to clean my floor with a sock XD because I couldn't find anything else -dies- it was fun. I was peeling the paint off my fingers, it was sick XD but I had fun listening to desperate angel on repeat which Im still doing and painting. w00000t


2 eternity // XX~.Seperation

[09 Sep 2004|01:20pm]
[ mood | content ]

murr! I think our library has blocked AIM and stuff and that's pissing me off. I wanted to go on AIM since I have a free now but it won't fucking let me. oh well. today has been okay. drama first and second was SO much fun. our class is all girls, and I'm friends (if not friends friendy) with most of them (minus sara becker because she's just weird) We did fun excercises and stuff. I'm trying to get onto AIM >< it hates me!! wah I give up. then was english, mr iyer was late..again.. stupid fucker. I dont like him but whatever. So banton comes in (yaay) and starts talking to us like am I going to regret not teaching you guys and I was like YES PLEASE COME BACK (I really wanted him as a teacher) but he's not gonna. but then he asked us, who of you writes, so me and bibi raise our hands and he asks me what do you write and I was like, poetry, fiction..stuff (basically including my rping) like that and he goes how often and I said every day. then he talks more and as he's leaving (cause mr iyer came in.. there was so much tension as he entered seeing Banton there it was like woe [haha moni :o]) he says "show me some of your poetry sometime" and I was like -beam- yay! because mr. banton is my favourite teacher EVER. he better be here next year to teach t3 and t4. >>;. ANYWAY, I had my frist french class with brezinsky again. it wasn't that bad at all. I sit in the second to back row with nikki (of course) and at the end of the lesson when brezinsky told us to get our partners (the person who you a) sit wtih b)work with) phone numbers Nikki and I laughed and she went "well yeah I know about you two". it was funny. then lunch was hysterical. people were freaking out because they hadn't done their spanish homework (nikki and I dont have third language classes yet so we have a free now, I may end up in japanese and nikki'll end up in double french) and they started throwing pasta at eachother and potato chips and stuff. it was me, nikki, richman, eggie, mae, ashish, alex, ali, luccie, brenda, molly, and then bachman hovering. then sthatis (pronounced statis) came over to us and was like "clean up when you leave," but then alex (stupidly) decides to keep throwing popcorn and so stathis starts to come over and we all get up and run. but he catches eggie and richman, who did..lard.. (XD I said lard moni!! [don't ask]) nothing. they hadda clean up. and now we're here, doing nothing in the library. there are all these stupid m2's who we had in camp mason last year as m1s and they're harrasing us. well no not really they just said hi, except that ester chick -shudders- haha. anyway, that's it basically. Not much else is going on -except- I keep thinking about this person I shouldn't be thinking about -prods moni- and it sucks. murr..
the best thing from last night was "me and moni are gonna three way call you sometime" "I read three way and oo; yeah" "and?" "and thought sex" -dies laughing-
anyway, ms elner the evil librarian keeps walking by and I wanna kill her. she is evil, pure evil, I shoudl check out a book. mmhmm.


3 eternity // XX~.Seperation

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