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FRIENDS ONLY [19 Dec 2003|08:40pm]
This is friends only.

If you'd like to be my friend you can ask me.

If I say no, then I'm probably talking about you in such a horrid manner.

Terribly sorry.

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so tonight was absolutely lovelerly [12 Dec 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

I went to the play tonight again, but gosh darnit, becky couln't find her prom dress so we didn't go all decked out and that dissapointed the hell out of me. But it was still good though. So as soon as we walk in, you know how goes to see his sister? yep. Dear old Adolf. It was magical. Then the played sucked, yet again.

after the play we went up into the room above the theatre, (hehehe i'm a brit) and Kristen told us we could go onto the catwalk. So we did. IT WAS AWESOME. It was just like... I was above the auditoriom on weak little wiring that could give at any moment.

And then beyond the catwalk there is this little platform with a ladder that leads to two sections up, And man... was it tall. I swear, I'm not really scared of heights, but looking down made me all shaky.

So then after the catwalk, we went into the lobby, and I hung around Becky and Charles who are like two hot horny dogs in the summer, (they can't keep their hands off eachother... it's so disgusting). Then Mrs. Kofhelt gave us a tour of the auditorium.

They have 3 separate rooms. One room for changing. One room for makeup (fully equiped with those light up vanity mirrors). And the costume room. Whee. The costume room is so freaking cool. It is so much bigger than the middle schools, and it was all color coded and it just made me want to do something drastic because it was very pretty.

And then we just hung out in the hall backstage. Very ... yea.

AND DEN. We were walking towards the car and low and behold there just happens to be a wheelchair. and a gym floor. put two and two together laddies and lassies. Charles just pushed me around the gym and then I ran Al over, how great is that? And then, Charles decided to suck on Becky some more so I was coming out of the gym and the janitor was talking with some basketball people... but pointing at me, so then they started walking towards me and I got all freaked out that I just ran out of there.

And then in the parking lot, Army is just trying to join in on the fun that everyone is having because he felt left out because he is a hermit. So he started running around the parking lot saying "I'M GONNA GET BUFF!!!" It was...odd.

And then that crazy Ben Dedinski just comes speeding out of nowhere in the parking lot and I swore he was going to run Becky over, but he stopped like... mere inches away from her. Then he pulled away and started speeding around the parking lot at crazily fast speeds, but karma kicked in and he got pulled over by the police (I think).

So after we finally left the highschool 2 hours after the fact, we went over to Cathy Rudat's house to say toodles to her, because she is leaving (again) for the ... armed forces? I don't know which one she is, I think it may be the air force. So that was fun, because Ben is crazy, and I finally heard Al say it: HE STOLE MY PLAN TO GO TO CANADA AND IS GOING TO GET DURNK [legally]. He was talking about how they were all going to go in March after his birthday (when he turns 19)... that effer. He treats me like such a little kid, i wish he wouldn't.

I want to talk to someone... I am very bored.

Twas a good night.

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