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aunt barbara. [19 Mar 2005|10:20pm]
my aunt barbara is comming down from the mountains, she should be here in about an hour. she's leaving on tuesday, which kinda sucks because i never get to see that much of her (and my other aunts on my moms side). oh well, better than nothing right?

kaiser got a hair cut, so you can actually tell he's a schnauzer now instead of just a fuzz ball with legs. hehe, he's adorable.

im turning 16 in a little over 9 days. *w00t*

if you love me, please, please, PLEASE check out this community endearing_soul. its new, and its really cute and everything we just need to get more members to get it started.

jeff got me the cutest crystal bear. its a little teddy bear holding a big red heart. *muah* jeff is the best ever, no competition.

-♥ birk
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no sleep. [16 Mar 2005|05:53am]
so it's 5:54 am and i've been up since about 3:30 am. i haven't been able to sleep good lately. im sick. this sucks. i don't like stuffy noses, and i want to sleep! waah!

good news is: i'm pretty sure i'm still first chair in band.

-♥ birk
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meh..oh well. [12 Mar 2005|09:53pm]
[ mood | blank ]

people are such assholes. *takes a deep breath* don't you just love it?

i think some people need to act their own age, it's sad when highschool boys act like the 3 year old girl i babysit.

-♥ birk

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band. [03 Mar 2005|03:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

band is uberly awesome.

-♥ birk

6 Breathtakingly ♥ Suave

well.. [02 Mar 2005|05:50pm]
well theatre auditions weren't that bad. she loved my monologue and song, im definately in. i kinda knew i was in before i even auditioned, because nashon is just predictable. *shrugs* welp, im--looking foward to?--another year of theatre.

-♥ birk
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Promotion. [02 Mar 2005|03:19pm]

♥ Suave

endearing_soul [01 Mar 2005|04:31pm]
-♥ birk

♥ Suave

roar. [28 Feb 2005|08:15pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

roar. for my 16th i wanted to have 4 of my closest friends sleep over and mom throws a shit fit because one of them is a guy.


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community. [28 Feb 2005|04:04pm]
im thinking about making my own community. i can make the lay out and jazz. anybody interested in being a co-mod? comment.

-♥ birk, _ilove_ewan
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roar. [26 Feb 2005|10:56pm]
[ mood | furious ]

so theatre auditions for the class theatre 3 are on monday at 2:25. you have to reciet a monologue, and sing for atleast 30 seconds. you pick the monologue and song.

you audition for productions, not for the class room. what about the kids who don't want to act (or who can't act?) but wan't to be in theatre to learn about it, or to be a tech crew? thats not fair to them. it shouldn't be allowed.

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promotions. [26 Feb 2005|09:00am]
[ mood | determined ]









some of these communities are inactive, SO WE NEED MORE MEMBERS IN THEM TO STIRR THEM UP AGAIN, and some are plenty active but it'd be nice to have more members. so check them out and see if you like one of them.

went to my moms retirement party yesterday, she had 30 years with the state government. yeah, she deserves to retire. today im going to jeffs house until about 4:30, then i have to get ready for the band banquette, and then go to the band banquette. yay..


♥ Suave

whoa. [25 Feb 2005|06:00pm]
[ mood | bored ]

whoa. i haven't updated in a lonng time. well im bored so im updating now. i have a new layout. (dreamy sigh) ashton kutcher is amazing. shyeah..(du-du-du-du-duuu). well nothing more.

-♥ birk

♥ Suave

kissie. [09 Feb 2005|05:47pm]
[ mood | content ]

I have kissed someone:

on the cheek.
on the lips.
on their hands or fingers.
in my room.
in their room.

of the same sex.
of the opposite sex.
younger than me.
older than me.
with jet black hair.
with curly hair.
with blonde hair & blue eyes.
with flaming red hair.
with straight hair.
smaller/shorter than me.
bigger/taller than me.

with a lip ring.
who was drunk.
who was high.
who I had just met.
who was homosexual.
who I didn't really want to kiss.
on a holiday.
who was going out with someone else.
who was going out with someone close to me.
who was my good friend's brother or sister.
who had been/is in jail.
in a graveyard.
at a show/concert.
at the beach.
in a pool, jacuzzi, or some type of water

who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with.
with dyed hair.
with a shaved head.
who was/is my good friend.
who was/is in a band.

who has tattoos.
who is of a completely different race than me.
in the rain.
in another continent besides where I was born.
with an accent.
with an std.
on a boat.
in a car/taxi/bus.
on a plane.
at the circus/carnival.
with a missing body part.
in the movies.
eskimo style.

blahh. haven't updatd in a while. i didn't have much to talk about either so i just put that kiss survey up.


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hit song. [29 Jan 2005|06:16pm]

Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet

"So 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me
Because you look so fine
And i really wanna make you mine"

You impressed almost everyone in 2004 - and surprised yourself.

2 Breathtakingly ♥ Suave

warning :: attention :: warning [29 Jan 2005|05:16pm]
If a person with the screen-name of Monkeyman935 contacts you, do not reply.
DO NOT talk to this person; do not answer any of his/her instant messages or e-mail.
Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet.

apparently a hoax? so don't believe it.
♥ Suave

blah. [29 Jan 2005|05:10pm]
have you ever been getting all these signs that something is wrong, but then at the same time you get signs that the same thing is right?

so confusing.
♥ Suave

mehh. [21 Jan 2005|10:23pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

today i was supposed to go to jeffs and not go home until 9:30. my mom told me i had to be home by 6:30. i asked her if i could stay until atleast 7:00 so we could have dinner, she got pist, cussed at me, and then agreed. i just came home at 6:30; then she got pist and took me back to jeffs and told me not to be home until 10.

people say "how can your mom bother you? i think she's awesome". you have no clue what i live with; she's an actual mom behind the act.

-♥, birk.

1 Breathtakingly ♥ Suave

crash pictures. [10 Jan 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well, i uploaded pictures from the wreck. view if you wish.

-♥ birk
ouch, that ones gotta hurtCollapse )

♥ Suave

ouch. [08 Jan 2005|10:09pm]
[ mood | worried ]

well, i was in a wreck. plain and simple. nobody was hurt except for my car...:-/, its life shit happens, right?


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Dov Davidoff [31 Dec 2004|10:55am]
[ mood | laughing histerically ]

k. so im watching premium blend, and dov davidoff was one of the comedians featured on it.

i dont think i've laughed that hard in a very very long time. to hear some of his jokes i've typed up, click the cut biatches.
-♥ birk

shut up dave, you're gay!...i still dont know why he slapped meCollapse )

2 Breathtakingly ♥ Suave

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