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16 October 1988
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My name is Amanda, I'll be 19 in October and I'm a reluctant resident of oh-so-sunny Florida. I'm currently attending the University of Florida. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, Backstreet Boys, SciFi Fridays, Adultswim, Mountain Dew and quite a few other things. I'm always open to new lj friends so feel free to add me.

I can (but barely and rarely) customize lj s1 & s2 layouts. Mainly, I <3 Photoshop. I take requests, but if it's from a fandom that I'm not familiar with you'll have to be very specific in your request. I'll make anything you request.

I have my list of resources here. You can look in crinkledpaper's memories for tutorials I found helpful as well as other journal's resources lists.

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1. Credit - If taking my icons, it would be superb if you would credit me in your icon info. Don't know how?

2. Comment! - Although not required, it is nice to hear from you if you like a particular icon and to know if you are taking any.

3. No Stealing - Don't say you made my icons. I spend a lot of time on these, and I'd like to get credit for my work.

4. No Hotlinking - I like my bandwidth. It'd be nice to keep it. Please save the images and upload them to your own image host like Photobucket.

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