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Let's move to the beat

like we know that its over...

I like you in that like I'd like you to scream...
23 June
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According to the almighty douchequeen, I am a pro-death slutbag with no morals.

My name is Jo, and I'm a senior in highschool. I was born in London, England on Wednesday, July 23rd 1986. I like my own gender 50% of the time. I'm a feminist politigoth. I co-founded the Pennsylvania Communist Party for Dummies. I am 100% pro-choice. Yes, in every circumstance. I am a woman, and I deserve control over my body. What can I say? I'm a slut for choice! I'm a humanist. I believe that the power and motivation of people makes the world what it is, not some "deity". I don't like the term atheist, because I do believe in something. And FYI, fundies, I've read the Bible from cover to cover, and I still don't believe a word of it. I play guitar, bass, piano, and I speak bad German. I want to be a translator some day soon, so hopefully that will change. If you don't like the above, don't comment. You'll just be laughed at.

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