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George W. Bush is the epitome of what a president should be. Bush’s dedication and hard work to protect the freedoms of the United States shows how much he cares for this country. After September 11th, Bush has put the U.S’s National security first on his agenda. The United State’s needs a president who is not timid about protecting this country. We need a president who will take a strong hold on this war against terror and win. The safety of the American people should come before domestic issues because, if we are not safe on our exterior, we cannot function without fear in our interior. On September 11th, our lives were changed. We no longer live in a safe haven. The cruel reality hit us where it most hurt. Bush, however, has helped heal these wounds by bringing terrorists to justice while aiming to bring peace to Iraq. Our soldiers are there fighting for our freedom. Even if some Americans do not support this controversial war, they should at least support our troops who are giving their lives in exchange for the safety of this wonderful country.
Bush has been doing a great job these past four years. He has changed the United States for the better. For example, Bush has proposed a pro-growth policy, which will help recover the economy. Bush has also enforced the No Child Left Behind act, which ensures all students work to their ability. Bush supports making healthcare available to a larger number of people, while keeping the costs down. Bush’s tax cuts have also benefited millions of families throughout the past four years. He has also created 1.5 million jobs over the past year, which also has benefited millions of Americans. Over the past four years, Bush has proven that his leadership is what this country needs. The United States needs a straightforward and confident president. Bush has earned, and should keep, his title as “Commander in Chief.”

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