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I'm alive! [Nov. 27th, 2009|12:51 pm]
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. How have y'all been?
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my wedding [Aug. 9th, 2008|10:39 pm]
Date: August 1st, 2008
Location: Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls, Idaho

We were married in the desert by some amazing rock formations. We had a short standing ceremony-- no processional, no music, no programs. Our bridesmaids carried fans (to fend off the heat) instead of flowers, and we walked with our guests to a nearby park for a picnic and bluegrass. It was exactly the kind of mood we wanted -- elegant and casual all wrapped into one awesome event. A lot of people told us it was the best wedding they had ever been to. The best compliment I heard was that the wedding was so us.

So, so much was DIY. If I didn't do it, my mama or my awesome bridesmaids did. My bouquet, the picnic, our makeup... some more stuff I can't think of.

After the park closed, we went bowling.

Some are previews from my fantastic pro photographers (AMB Photo Company in Salt Lake City), some are from my pastor's wife and some are from my husband's aunt.

Many, many freaking awesome pics.Collapse )
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motherfucker [Jul. 6th, 2008|08:18 pm]
Miyuki's visa didn't get renewed, so she has to be out of the country by Sept. 6th or something. This girl has lived in the U.S. for six years, was a straight A student in college, has never missed a day of work. She speaks fluent English. She has no friends left in Japan -- just her family. She contributes more to this society than many people who were born here.

And still, that's not good enough to earn the privilege to live in this country.

One of my best friends, ever, has to leave the country a month after my wedding. At least we can see each other before she leaves, but after that? Well, I make it to Japan every few years, but damn. I found out a couple weeks ago, but I just talked to her on the phone and it kinda hit me all over again.

Goddamn motherfuck douche sack. That's all I have to say about that.

In more awesome news, I love hot weather. And hiking. And vegetarian chicken.

Post a picture that will cheer me up, please. It better not have anything to do with Japan or weddings, or I'll kickyoass.
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(no subject) [Jun. 2nd, 2008|01:53 pm]
Home sick. Effin' lupus, man. To cheer myself up, here are some pictures of my kitties.





Max must be psychic, cuz while I was typing this, he came over and sat on my lap and started purring.

OK, everyone, leave me comments and tell me how cute they are. They will be sad if you don't.

I'm going to go nurse my headache. :(
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2008|09:10 am]
Well, my wedding dress is here, y'all. And it makes my hips look goooooood.
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(no subject) [Mar. 20th, 2008|09:55 pm]
I'm going to join the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, buy me some boots and get in on these local old West shoot-out re-enactments.

You think I'm joking, but I'm so, so serious. I tried fast-draw the other day and I can't stop thinking about how awesome it was. I loved it, and now Nate wants to try it too.

For real! FAST DRAW! Like they do in the shoot-outs in John Wayne movies! I DID IT AND I ROCKED AT IT.

Potential problems--

-They will beat me up if they find out I'm a vegetarian.
-I will have to find a leather-free holster.

But that's a worry for another time. What should my cowgirl name be?

-Muckraker Missy
-Heidi Havoc
-Something else that is equally awesome
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2008|10:51 am]
It's been months, but I'm still alive.

I love my job. I have a new car and two new kittens and even shorter hair.

I'm currently home from work with an upset stomach and sore legs. Haven't had leg trouble for a while, so this is kinda interesting. As much as I love my job, it is truly pounding me into the ground.

So yeah, I'll try to post more often. So much has happened that I really don't know what to say. Funny how that works-- when nothing was going on in my life, I couldn't disconnect myself from my journal.
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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2007|11:43 pm]
Evel Kneivel, the man who made Twin Falls famous for his failed jump over the Snake River Canyon, died today.

I live like two miles from where he jumped. There's a statue or something commemorating it. I'll probably run over there tomorrow to see if people have left flowers or something silly like that.

Here's an awesome story from the Time archives about the ridiculous event. It's hilarious and worth the read.

The Gathered TribesCollapse )

Work is going well. So well, in fact, that I seem to have no time for things like LJ. But I'm starting to get the hang of this whole 8 hours a day business, so hopefully I'll be on here more often.
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(no subject) [Oct. 17th, 2007|03:32 pm]
Interpret my dream, please.

I'm watching the news and a story comes in about forty anorexic girls who have magically turned themselves into sheep. They range in age from four to sixteen. They hold a little boy and his mother hostage in their craft supply closet. When they feel like doing crafts, the little boy and his mother have to give them their supplies in a timely fashion. If they're too slow, they get beaten up by the anorexic sheep girls.

When the anorexic sheep are discovered, one of them dies.

The newscasters are very nonchalant about the girls using magic to become sheep.

What does this mean?
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how i feel today [Oct. 3rd, 2007|10:09 am]
Married To The Sea

Just leave me be, real world! In other news...

Another rental, and another fight with the landlady's maintenance man. Sound familiar, Stefani?

Let's start from the top. Our shower has no pressure and takes five minutes to turn on some mornings. Our sink is hopelessly plugged up and has been for a while. We called the landlady and she said she'd send the plummer over right away. He shows up that afternoon, takes a look at it, and says he'll be back the next day, and that I should stick around to let him in. I give him my phone number just in case.

I work from home on Thursday so I can let him in. He never shows. Instead, he comes over Friday at EIGHT IN THE MORNING, takes another look at it, and says he'll be back later that day.

We don't see him again until Saturday afternoon. He says he fixed the shower, but the problem is still there and now the hot water is reversed. WTF.

Says he'll be back Monday to fix the sink. Haven't seen or heard from him since. Call the landlady, who says the plummer said I insisted that he not be in the house alone and that I'm never home when he has the time to come over. HOW THE EFF WOULD HE KNOW?! He hasn't called!!!! And by the way, SUCH A DAMN LIE because I've stayed home almost all day to let him in and I never said he couldn't be in here by himself.

DAMN ASS. I just want to take a shower without having to devote half an hour to getting the water right!

Any more mishaps and I'm insisting she hire a new plummer. This guy is apparently a friend of hers. He made it clear he's doing this for her as a favor. Um, okay. Just fix my sink, sir. I'm sick of brushing my teeth in the bath tub.
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