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[15 Mar 2000|10:57pm]
[ mood | creative ]

If you are viewing this with IE6... ahahahahaha. Use Mozilla.

This is a place where I put rants, notes, thoughts, my daily schedule, inside jokes, memories, etc. By commenting here/being on my friends list, you have agreed to treat me with some form of respect, accept my opinions for what they are, read this thing once in a while, and respecting my friends in here as well. If you are easily offended/annoyed, this is probably not the place for you. I am very open about my opinions on many different things, especially equal rights. I think that everyone should be treated equally unless they've done something horribly wrong to deserve punishment. (ex: Kill someone...) I am a very sarcastic/hyper person. I tend to make really perverted jokes/spam/scribble all over my journal. If I have free time, I may be able to do some people's layouts. I rarely do someone's full layout, mainly because I'm very busy with schoolwork and stuff like that. If I come off as really mean to you, I apologize. When I am grouchy I tend to take out anger on everyone/complain, so it's not uncommon to find me ranting on about something in here. I would highly recommend that several different people do NOT get in fights with each other in my journal, either take that shit to yours or I'll just insult/spam/whatever the both of you. This is my personal journal, not a language essay. If I spell a word wrong, who gives a fuck? When I scribble in my notepads/draw all over my journals, I don't see there and perform a spell check. I am not a perfectionist at all when it comes to grammar, and I really don't want your bullshit. Take your ridiculous obsessive tendencies over to grammarpolice. A bit off topic, but I have a boyfriend, so no A/S/L INTREWEB LOLZ crap, I am not going to ever dump my boyfriend for your pixelated font. If you don't live near my area/know me then this journal will probably be very useless to you. What else? I update very often, if you are a super duper friends page freak then you probably won't like having me, and uhh. I'll finish this later.

To make things simple, comment and I will add you. I most likely will, but if you are a random internet predator ehh... don't expect me to add you back, I'm thinking about starting to clean out my list and stuff.
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