Each time I say something I regret I cry, "I don't wanna lose you." But somehow I know that you will never leave me bc you were made for me, somehow I'll make you see, how happy you make me. I can't live this life, without you by my side. I NEED YOU to survive. So stay with me. You look me in the eyes & I'm screaming inside that I'M SO SORRY

August 27, 2004 ( 2:10 PM )
mood: crazy

Whoa whoa whoa. Look who it is. I'm moving into my new house with my friend Cathy on Monday. So I'll be back to updating. With massive assive amounts of stuff. So read it or don't. :D

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June 22, 2004 ( 9:48 PM )
hi kids, if you are checking this, you do LOVE ME! Sorry for the lack of posting. My phone at my house is shut off ultimately meaning no internet. So bare with me. If you take me off I understand but I love you all too too much<3333

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April 22, 2004 ( 5:01 PM )

You wanna be part of my in crowd aye? Friends only! Comment to be added :D
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