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Musssiiiiiiic! [26 Jan 2010|08:38pm]
Write your favorite band/artist of each letter of the alphabet.

a. Alice In Chains
b. The Beatles (and Band of Horses)
c. The Cure
d. David Gray
e. Elton John
f. Feeder
g. Grant-Lee Phillips/ Grant-lee Buffalo
h. Hanson!
i. Iron & Wine
j. Jeff Buckley
k. The Killers
l. Lisa Hannigan
m. Michael Stipe
n. Nirvana
o. Ours
p. Pearl Jam/ Pavement
q. Queens Of the Stone Age
r. Ryan Adams/ Ray LaMontagne/ The Replacements
s. Sonic Youth/ Smashing Pumpkins (well, anything including or following Machina)
t. Toadies/ TV On the Radio/ Third Eye Blind
u. Uncle Tupelo
v. Violent Femmes
w. White Zombie
x. .
y. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
z. Zwan
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Missing lady in St. Pete, Florida! [20 Jul 2009|10:59pm]
Keep your eyes open for this lady!

Her friend posted in the poor skills community for help!



Pass this around or repost it please!

Friends Only! [01 Jun 2008|08:54pm]
Comment here before adding me, please. I rarely check my profile friends list!

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