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♥ love me, that's all i ask of you.

________♥ come take my hand, we'll make it...i swear.

_♥ SARAKiNS ♥_
1 April 1985

my name is sara beth & i live in virginia beach. i'm 21 years old & a college student. my birthday is april fools day, which makes me an aries. i'm about 5'6" tall... with dark hair that has golden streaks, brown eyes, and naturally wavy hair (but i straighten it). i'm half italian & half korean. i am probably one of the nicest people you will EVER come across, and i really really mean that. i care a hell of a lot about other people... so much that sometimes it drives others crazy. i will do anything in my power to make/keep someone else happy. even if i don't even really know that person! but i *will* say that i am a SERIOUS bitch if you cross my path wrong. i have a mouth like a sailor sometimes. and i WILL drive my mascara wand, hairbrush, the heel of my shoe, or whatever I have handy at the time DIRECTLY into your eye if need be. =D!!!

i am a shoe whore; i have far too many shoes and they're always all over my floor in my room. i trip and almost kill myself on them daily. i can be a bit of a klutz sometimes. but i am definitely not a blonde. if i were to dye my hair blonde, i would look horrible. random note for ya there. be sure to keep it posted.

i love to write, i love to dance, i love to sing, i love to shop, i love to draw. wow, i sound like such a girly girl, huh? i can listen to almost anything, find its beat, & shake my thang to it. and when i say i love almost anything, i really mean it. i love r&b, hip hop, emo, alternative, punk, rock, metal, screamo... ANYTHING. i have two favorite shows (which are about the extent that i watch, but only because i have all the episodes). the 2 shows i am OBSESSED with are Family Guy & Roseanne. I am a Discovery Health Channel junkie & I also *love* Everybody Loves Raymond, Queer as Folk, and The L Word.

anyways, as you can see my journal is friends only , but i love meeting new people... so feel free to hit me up and i promise i won't bite............................hard. :D. xo ♥♥♥