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1/21/09 07:18 am

chris is currently on his way to gainesville, florida.
it was a really stupid decision for him to go.
for many reasons, most of which being monetary.
far be it for me to pretend like i do not have flaws - i'm also jealous.
because i want to be out of state for a week, but that never seems to happen.

on the plus side, i am boyfriend free for 1 week!!!! wooo!

10/12/06 12:43 am

i stole this idea from daisy...

name your favorite songs that revolve around...
good friends.
road trips, or country roads. (farms, etc)
alcohol abuse.

for a killer driving mix.

9/14/06 01:22 am - nonsense.

starting the entry off with something stolen from daisy (/daysi)

1. Open your media player
2. Put your playlist on shuffle.
3. Write down your favorite lyric from each song played.
4. Have your LJ friends guess the song and cross it out when they get it right.

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10/21/04 06:47 pm

friends only.
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