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Garbage in, Garbage out

What makes the Universe go 'Round

Catastrophic Genius
This is actually a journal for the blobs of writing thought that come constantly in and out of my mind in a high-area trafficking zone.
I actually have another journal for this sort of thing, but I thought this name was cooler.

I get ideas all the time for Fanfics, from FF8, and FF9, to HP and Buffy. I also make icons ALL the time, for that go to purple_pleasure.
I should be getting a photobucket soon, which is good.

Stay tuned for further updates.

EDIT: the_8th_sin is my actual journal of spiffyness and yay. This will still be used for Writing, blurbs, etc.
My icon journal: purple_pleasure Comment and credit if taking.
My Book of Shadows: _arch_angel_

Several communities I'd like to get up and running:
ashes_of_willow, a Metaphysical online newsletter.
willandtaralove, a Willow and Tara community.
joss_is_god, a community devoted to Joss Whedon.
buffy_sorting, a Buffy-goes-Sorting-Hat community.
polykin, a community devoted to Kin, and the discussion of such.