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*updates again* [12 Nov 2005|12:16am]
wow.. i havent written in a while on this thing so here you go kids
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[19 Oct 2005|11:35am]
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[04 Aug 2005|10:39pm]
warped tour in 4 days... hell yea
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[28 Jul 2005|11:02pm]
i havent posted in a long ass time.. guess i should say a few things that has happened

gc concert--- met the love of my life.... benji was beyond awesome... i think i weirded him out a little but i had joel laughing his ass off the whole 30 minutes i chilled with them ( they are fucken awesome guys and if anyone rags on them any more then fuck you)
hair-- black and pink bitches.. hott as hell.. and cut short.. been told i look like ashley simpson without her nose... heh
warped-- aug 8.. gonn be awesopme with my back stage passes

gotta go.. who knows when i'll update again
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[28 May 2005|09:09pm]
i have been working so i havent had time to update which sucks.... comments any one?
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[23 May 2005|11:20am]
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[20 May 2005|01:47pm]
hypocrites.... that's all i really have to say..

new job starts monday.. grrreat... i get to start a minimum wage again..

people really piss me off... i NEVER called myself punk.. i like the music... the lifestyle.. the style.. that's all i fucken said.. punk is dead... the true punk rockers were in the 80'2.. way before all these other mother fuckers who claim they are punk were even born.. so to all of the people who were talking shit and who doesn't know anything about me.. go to hell... and then some one has the nerve to say something about my parents? apparently they weren't loved as a child.. sorry that i actually have a relationship with my parents because i'm not a little fuckn whore who thinks she knows everything.. god people once again piss me off. check out the comments even though i deleted some of them.. well i'm out..

no moer fucken drama.. i hate it

people actually had the nerve to even go to myspace and look me up.. so they know how old i am.. wtf
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[19 May 2005|01:45pm]
i...need...a...strapless bra....

very random.. but that's how i like it..

codi has been getting my angry.. i'm glad she doesnt have a livejournal and she doesnt know that i have one.. but she has been ditching me for lance.. it pisses me off... she's suppose to be my bestfriend.. but you know what? whatever.. i dont care anymore.. 13 days til noise to the world.... *cheers* where's my long lost twin sister at?

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[19 May 2005|01:41pm]
does anyone know how to make a friends only sign?
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[19 May 2005|11:06am]
just a testCollapse )
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[17 May 2005|11:21am]
[ mood | exhausted ]


15 days until noise to the world!!!
8 more days of school!!!
11 days til my cousin's wedding!!!

HELP ME!! i really want a colorbar but i can't figure out how to put it on my journal.. and does anyone know how to make mood icons? i'm gonna try to figure it out in a minute..

nothing new really.. kohl's ice cream called me yesterday and i have a job interveiw today. wish me luck..

well i'm gonna go try to figure out this mood thing in with the 23 minutes i have left. later


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[16 May 2005|10:50am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

weekend was ok.. yesterday was awesome though.. i stayed with brandy friday night and copyed the code that natalie gave me to pimp out my live journal.. which by the way is the most awesome thing ever! i went with her to the mall to get her a dress for the band banquet.. let me tell all of you something.. i fucken hate the fucken mall!! www.hottopic.com, www.ebay.com, or thrift stores.. she made me help her with her psychology experiment in the mall but i didnt mind that.. i had to tape a peice of toilet paper to the bottom of my shoe and see how many people told me. 4 did.. it was pretty funny.. we ate chinese and then i went home for my little sister's birthday party and drank.. i drank a whole lot of shit.. beer(gross).. champaigne(i feel like a rich bitch when i drink it).. shots of tequila(fucken awesome).. you know how they say one tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila floor? well i took about 5 shots and i wasn't feeling tired at all.. i havent drank in 4 months because i said i was quitting but i was hanging out with my parents for a change so i decided to get wasted with them, my cousin, dave, and jon little... what a funny name..speaking of dave and jon they got jumped by bouncers at the penthouse(strip bar) on friday night and john was in a coma for an hour and dave broke his ankle.. both are banged up pretty bad.. everytime i start drinking i start smoking and i absolutely hate cigarettes.. they are so gross.. but.. i've done it for years so it's a habit i guess.. .. before that my mother accidently dropped my sister's cake because my dad's stupid fucken cat priscilla ran through her legs.. i've never seen my mother cry like that before... and to make it all worse the cake hit my pants and it looked like a jizzed all over myself...(well if i was a dude) i was laughing though.. i told my mother not to feel bad and cheered her up.. i went into my room at about 3 am and listened to BYOB(system of a down) and sooner or later(breaking benjamin) and fell asleep listen to the chronicles of life and death cd.. i remember having a very awesome dream about benji.. haha.. sunday was fucken awesome!!!!!!! i woke up and cleaned my room and wrote 5 pages to my GC story (yea i write gc fanfiction! i'm on my third one. the first 2 are 500 pages long each) and i went on to the back porch.. my dad was holding one of dave's puppies (our pit and his pit had puppies.. my dad's pit is the daddy) the puppy looked just like MY dog that got killed while i was in myrtle beach 2 years ago.. i held it and started crying and my mom said "no alex.. were not keeping it! we have too many animals.. 1 dog.. 3 cats.. 2 hampsters.. and a ferret" she went inside and i followed her and looking at the puppy made me cry so i cried to her and she knows that i NEVER cry.. she looked at the picture of my old dog on the fridge(we still keep his picture up there) and she gave in and said yes.. so now i have a beauiful male pit bull puppy...his name is Ivan CashDogg.. he is black with a white stripe down his nose and a white belly. he is the best thing that has happened to me!! his daddy met him and he likes him surprisingly.. he even picked up one peice of dog food and gave it to my Ivan... it was awesome.. this has ben the longest entry yet.. i am pretty proud of myself but even more proud of you if you read the thing... lol.. well i'm gonna go.. maybe find some new friends... later *freekshow*

16 days until the noise to the world tour!!!!

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[14 May 2005|12:21pm]
ya'll no my journal is awesome. thanks NATALIE!!! (NATTER XO)
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the happiest day of my life is the day that i die [12 May 2005|10:56am]
update time once again.. um.. 20 days til noise to the world! i am so fucken excited!! it's gonna be the best day of my life!!! i need to find some new icons... i'm just too lazy to do so.. i'm searching around the internet for random good charlotte things.. oh shit!! i have to go ckec on something.. leave comments guys.. later
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[12 May 2005|10:15am]
[ mood | depressed ]

chirs isnt in good charlotte anymoer due to health problems

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[10 May 2005|11:29am]
i get my noise to the world tickets saturday.. 22 days til the concert.. decisions to make before hand..

how will i stop crying so i can actually watch the concert?
what if i dont get the backstage passes?
how will i mee the guys if i dont?
how will i get codi to dress for the concert? (she's my total opposite)
is it posible to cry to the security guards and get backstage like it was at the all american rejects and something corporate concert?
should i dress up like a corn or no because it's hot?

give me answers people!!
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[09 May 2005|01:49pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Because you're reading this text it means that you have to comment. Comment with what ever you want just do it. Put this text into your own journal and catch everyone who read your journal (even if it's a mistake).

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.. [03 May 2005|11:11am]
this is the first post even though i've been on here for a little while now and i have 10 other live journals. nothing interesting or new going on except noise to the world tour and how i have back stage passes. *smiles* so all of you people can be jealous and maybe i'll mention your name when i meet god.. i mean benji.. well i gotta go. later

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