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«-- rum0r has it .y0ur. my -0nly- h0pe

x and the rum0rs .are. -true- --»

__ forever504 x
i'm 20 & i live in north carolina.
i'm very proud military wife since december 2, 2003
our first daughter unfortunatly passed away shortly after she was born.
she would be 4 years old & there is not a day i don't think about her.
we now have another daughter, justice leigh liberty who was born on january 24, 2005
& a son, nathaniel bryce who was born on january 11, 2007.
my kids are my life, they mean the world to me.

my husband is currently deployed (AGAIN!)
he'll be home sometime in may of 2008.

i'm currently in my junior year of college; full time student.

i'm a pretty open minded person, most of the time i'm easy to get along with.
if i don't like you, i'll tell you that i don't like you, i'm straight forward.

if you have a problem with me, my family or the military
then it would be best if you don't talk to me.
i support my husband in everything he does, so i also support our military fully.

comment to be added.
my journal is