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Shut up your face. [Mar. 9th, 2012|03:30 pm]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |relaxedrelaxed]

Dear Interwebs,

Just because you're an alternative geek, doesn't make you morally just by default.

Also, your wealth of sci-fi knowledge does not actually make you more intelligent than others.


The ants go marching one by one... [Aug. 2nd, 2011|04:09 pm]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |amusedamused]

What is this??Collapse )
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Hello, & goodbye, July. [Jul. 30th, 2011|11:38 am]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |tiredtired]
[Entertained by... |Change (in the House of Flies)]

 A month of too many farewells, loosely wrapped up as see you laters.

"In this great future, you can't forget your past. So dry your tears I say."

See y'all on the other side.
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Cast iron cube. [Jun. 4th, 2011|03:19 am]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |coldcold]

There's things I have to get off my chest.
Things I haven't been able to talk to anyone about.
I wouldn't know what to say anyway.

/rant [May. 26th, 2011|03:55 pm]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |happyhappy]

 This rant post for today will instead be replaced with this image.

That is all. :)
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The Great / Divide [May. 2nd, 2011|07:54 pm]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |pensivepensive]

When words cross words, everybody hurts
When swords cross swords, everybody hurts
When arms cross arms, everybody hurts
When you drop bombs, EVERYBODY HURTS

When men cross men, there is no honour
When friends cross friends, there is an end
When foe cross foe, there is no end
When dog eat dog, the whole world is blind

Which side will you fall in the great divide?
Why must we choose?
Which side will you fall in the great divide?
Why must we fight?
Which side will you fall in the great divide?
What does it matter?
Which side will you fall in the great divide?
I don't want to fall at all.

A stab in the back, a punch in the face
Everybody falls from grace
A stab in the guts, a kick in the nuts
Now this is WAR!

Take a good look around, look at this mess we've made
Lick the wounds of the wounded, & honour the dead.
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Alright. [Apr. 26th, 2011|11:42 am]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |optimisticoptimistic]

She wakes up tired again, doesn't remember falling asleep
The TV is still on, the menu's looping on repeat
She sleeps on one side of her bed clutching her pillow tight
Dreading her chores for the day, & dreading the lonely nights

She puts her make up on, they feel like shades of grey
The radio plays her song, she wishes it away
She stirs her coffee cold, before she pours it out
Starting to feel old, don't know what that's about

Everything is gonna be alright, alright
Everything is gonna be alright, alright
Sometime soon you're gonna see the light, alright
Everything is gonna be alright, alright
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We like the MOOOOON!!! [Mar. 19th, 2011|10:09 pm]
Jon Madd
[Current Location |House of Win]
[Feeling... |nostalgicnostalgic]

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Jon Madd + Loop Pedal + Portishead's Glory Box = ... [Mar. 11th, 2011|07:02 pm]
Jon Madd
[Tags|, , ]
[Current Location |Room of Win]
[Feeling... |productiveproductive]
[Entertained by... |Portishead - Glory Box]

I'm so tired of playing
Playing with this bow and arrow
Gonna give my heart away
Leave it to the other girls to play
For I've been untempted for too long


Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be your man
I just wanna be your man

From this time, unchained
We're all looking at a different picture
Through this new frame of mind
A thousand flowers could bloom
Move over and give us some room

Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be your man
I just wanna be your man

So don't you stop being a woman
Just take a little look from outside when you can
Show a little tenderness
No matter if you cry

Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be your man
I just wanna be your man
It's all I wanna be is your man

For this is the beginning of forever and ever

It's time to move over...

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Na na na na come on... [Mar. 4th, 2011|02:30 pm]
Jon Madd
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |Beyond the Trapdoor]
[Feeling... |curiouscurious]
[Entertained by... |NovaFM]

So I've started working at Beyond the Trapdoor, & so far its been pretty damn sweet.

More of you need to come visit me. =P

Sometimes when it gets quiet, the mirror is my friend. I sit in front of it with a deck of cards & practice my sleights of hand, & correct my angles, & tweak my misdirections, & try to polish up my overall performance.

Now I don't know if its by fluke or something, but the days that I've put Mix94.5 or 96fm on the radio, sales seem to have been very quiet. The days that seem to have people walk in & have a browse a little, & purchase a few things at once, have been when 92.9 or Nova93.7 have been on. Thing is, the people who have made purchases don't really come across as the pop radio types, but I suppose I can't really just assume eh?

I wonder if its just the subliminal vibes of the type of music that's playing, & how it affects people's shopping patterns. I mean, most shops tend to play either commercial radio, or the really annoying, brain numbing house music. Personally I tend to cringe & try to avoid shops especially if the music is more like the latter, but shops don't want to cater to me, they want to cater for the masses. Perhaps the 'old' music that I like listening to just feels too comfortable, like a lazy drive in the car down the coast, or a cruisey afternoon lounging around smoking cigarettes at home, & that's not typically a weekday shopping vibe is it? There must be something about the perky, upbeat, bubblegum poppy beats that force you to tap your feet, & reach for your wallet or purse.

Perhaps I'm just reading too much into it, these past 4 times I've been in here. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. I'll keep experimenting, & keep you posted on my non-scientific findings. So far air conditioning doesn't seem to be doing much to entice people to walk in on hot days, but then I find that on the hot days, there is not much foot traffic outside on the street anyway, & that is understandable. I mean, I don't even want to stand near the half opened front door on a hot day...

So anyway, back to the radio.

What started me on this post was Rihanna's song, "S&M". The lyrics go something like "the pain is my pleasure, cause nothing could measure", & "the affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more...". The chorus goes "sticks & stones may break my bones but chains & whips excite me".

So my question is then Rihanna, was it really Chris Brown's fault?
(Yes, this is a double edged question.)
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Love, strength, & support. [Feb. 26th, 2011|12:24 pm]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |contemplativecontemplative]

Just a few posts on Facebook recently, & a few old photos today brought something to my attention.

It reminded me of how supportive, caring, & concerned my friends are of their friends, & our friends.

& though its sad that even though our friends can't always see...

Its nice to realise that there will always, ALWAYS be someone there for you.

Sometimes you just have to reach out & touch faith.
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Googly eyes. [Feb. 14th, 2011|01:47 pm]
Jon Madd
[Tags|, , ]
[Feeling... |pleasedpleased]
[Entertained by... |the sound of my fan]

 Wow, its been aaaaages since I last logged on, let alone posted an entry.

I think I should try & get back to LJ land a little.
I've missed the sense of community that Facebook somehow doesn't quite fill.

Its February 14th, & I wish you all VD, especially if you don't have a regular partner to spend this evening with. =P

My thoughts also go out to Mehmood Ali & his family.
May Allah bless your restless spirit, & may you rest in peace.
Its been a year now, & even more years since our last meeting, but I still think of you often, & miss you much, ma dost.

So this Valentines day, like every other Valentine's day, I love myself, just because its cheaper that way & I don't have to succumb to all that marketing bullshit that they came up with for retailers to cope with the post Christmas crap & New Years nonsense slum. I guess 3 years of University did teach me something after all...

What better way to love myself than to Google Jon Madd?
That's right, that's exactly what I did last night when the clock struck midnight.
& you know what? I'm pretty proud of what I've managed to accomplish in the past year or 2...

On the magic front, my website is finally up. Also, my magician profile pops up on several other web pages.
On the music side, my MySpace comes up, along with my musician profile on other sites, as well as the chords & lyrics to some of my songs that were on an unreleased demo CD.
There are also videos of my boylesque routines on youtube, & even one on the World News page.

So this year, this Jack of all trades is going to try & get his name out on the internets too as an amateur hobbyist photographer.
The next step is to get me a new camera. I'm looking at the Canon 550D.
The first step is to make & save me some monies for it.

Go ahead, Google me. You know you want to.
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Them bots are getting cleverer & cleverer... [May. 15th, 2010|05:28 pm]
Jon Madd
[Current Location |House of Win]
[Feeling... |relaxedrelaxed]
[Entertained by... |The Streets.]

MSN convo with a bot.Collapse )
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R.I.P. Peter Steele. (-) [Apr. 15th, 2010|06:22 pm]
Jon Madd
[Tags|, ]
[Feeling... |morosemorose]
[Entertained by... |Type O Negative - Everything Dies]

I was introduced to heavy metal with a tribute to the almighty Black Sabbath. The album was Nativity in Black. That CD changed my life forever. One track in particular stood out from the others. Track 12, "Black Sabbath" by Type O Negative. The deliberately slow pulse that the music was played, the crushing distorted guitars, the heavy haunting keys, the hypnotic chanting voices, but most importantly the omnipresent deep vocals of one Peter Steele.

I just had to hear more, so I went & purchased their album "October Rust". From the opening song (/joke), "Bad Ground", & the band's thanks on track 2, leading into "Love you to Death", I was hooked. The rest of the album was equally brilliant. I bought their VHS "After Dark" & quickly became a fan of not just their music, but also their dark humour. The video also introduced me to their older material, & I went to pick up "Bloody Kisses" & "Origin of the Feces", & eventually also "Slow, Deep and Hard".

I've been following them every album on ever since, & today I regret that I will never have the chance to see them play live.

Peter Steele, may you rest in peace, after a life of turmoil.

Everything dies.

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I am a great magician! (Your clothes are black) [Apr. 13th, 2010|04:07 pm]
Jon Madd
[Tags|, , , , , ]
[Current Location |House of Win]
[Feeling... |thankfulthankful]
[Entertained by... |The sound of rain.]

10 points to whoever gets the subject title.

So after many, many months of recommending, & reminding, & reminding again, & again... (Thanks, Feet!) I have finally put up an ad for my magical services on Gumtree Perth. Hopefully this'll get a little bit more work flowing my way, & hopefully that starts a chain reaction, & hopefully I don't have to actually get a real job... =P At the moment, the ad doesn't seem to be coming up on the search page just yet. Its been just about 24hrs since I placed the ad, so it should really start appearing on search results any time soon now, now. Now.

But first, I'm gonna need your help. So if you know anyone who needs a magician, or anyone who could use a magician sometime in the not so distant future, of should you perhaps be after a magician at some point, please please please please pimp me out to all your friends!

You can find the ad right here.

Also, thanks to everyone (the both of you) who replied to this post, & also to those that posted their replies on the facebook group discussion board, & those who may have left messages on my facebook personal wall, & wherever. Please, keep them testimonials coming in. TESTIFY!!!
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Caption this! [Mar. 16th, 2010|02:43 pm]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |mischievousmischievous]

 nsfwCollapse )
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Papercuts to the heart. [Feb. 27th, 2010|12:23 pm]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |numbnumb]

She tells me what I want to hear
She gives me what I need
I compromise my pride for her
Just so that I can bleed

She lets me think I'm in control
She plays her games with me
I slowly slip into a hole
& pretend that I can't see

I can pull away from this
I can walk away
I can't run away from this
I won't run away

She reels me in & spits me out
She treats me like a toy
But I crawl back into her mouth
& everything is void

Everything is void
Everything is void
Everything is void
Everything is void
Everything is void
Everything is void
Everything is void
Everything is void
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Quote of the night [Nov. 12th, 2009|11:18 pm]
Jon Madd
[Current Location |House of Win]
[Feeling... |amusedamused]

"Does he walk around on one leg?"


"Oh my god, I know that guy. That guy's such a douchebag!

I seriously lolled. We seriously lolled.
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P/S: [Nov. 11th, 2009|05:12 pm]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |nostalgicnostalgic]

I have missed LJ. 
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Please give me your testicles! [Nov. 11th, 2009|04:54 pm]
Jon Madd
[Tags|, , , , ]
[Feeling... |hopefulhopeful]

Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of building me a website & I need YOUR helps!

The website I'm creating is primarily to provide magic services for events, parties, anything.

Now there ain't no promotional tool more powerful than word-of-mouth, & here's what I need from you!

If you have ever seen me perform a magic trick(s), whether at a party, while I'm working @
Deville's Pad, randomly on the side of the road, casually sitting in a coffee shop or at a restaurant, while I'm doing relief teaching, or maybe you've live(ed) with me when I've just learnt a new trick & was trying it out on you at home, whenever, wherever, whatever, however, whoever...

Please, please, please, please leave me a nice testimonial here in this
discussion board
(...or as a comment on this LJ post) that I may use in the future to put up on my website. Please also sign off with a name that you'd like me to post on the testimonial page (Preferably at least a first name, if not your full name &/or organization that you represent).

Your message could be anything between one word (e.g. "AWESOME!"), or 2 (e.g. "Totally rad!"), or 3 (e.g. "Fuckin amazing dude!"), or a short story (e.g. "There was this one time, at band camp...")

I will be eternally grateful to you, & you may be able to claim my gratitude in the future with a well placed guilt trip.

You: "Hey Jon, could you lend me $6000 for my sex change operation?"

Me: "WTF dude, that's crazy talk!!"

You: "Remember that time late in '09, when I left you a testimonial for that magician website you were building?"

Me: "Aww shucks, ok I don't have $6000, but maybe I can contribute $50 to your sex change operation fund?"

You: "Dude, remember Hugh Hefner specifically said he read my testimonial, & decided to hire you for his Playboy Mansion party, & then you hoooked up with Playmate of the year 2011, & her twin sister, who happened to know Tony Iommi, & introduced you guys, & then he successfully launched your musical career, & the rest, as they say, is history?"

Me: "OK FINE, here's your damn $6000, now we're quits, leave me the fuck alone already!"

Thank y'all from the deepest, darkest, moistest, corner of this thumping thing in my chest.

Love, J.
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Dirt Cheap CD's... [Sep. 10th, 2009|06:58 pm]
Jon Madd
[Feeling... |okaybroke]

...ain't so cheap when you buy in bulk.

Stopped by Harbour town for a walk.

Got stuck in Dirt Cheap CD's.

Now owns;

Day of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead
The Magician
Tintin & the Mystery of the Golden Fleece

Music DVD's
Alicia Keys Unplugged
Bob Marley the Legend Live
Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007
Foo Fighters Skin & Bones
Please Experience Wolfmother

& Wold Comedy Unplugged 2003 & 2004.

Shop girl says I'll be keeping busy yes? I say I am broke for the next few weeks...

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