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an air pocket named lux.

or penny clover even.

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the end. undeleted for my own reference.

white lifted lines of concrete positions and packs of petal laminates and suggestions.
bleached tree flats with lines and unnecessary spills and dyed portions over hands.
reaching active bone movements and systems of explanation or diagrammed gardens unwritten.
im sure of cloth covered shoe box continents. velvet plastic pieces set blue, stacked magnet mirrors of after shock windmills confiding in air.
to burst the lungs that hold their next breath
unboring or categories of abused lawn decoration or climate references undetermined
just oleander on rocks.
unaware of seasons or premonition activation
autumn electrons sent about.
recovering green stories unaware of color dehydration or calendar tones.
the day the oxygens veins explode over color charts of specific infancy on field magnetics or her geography.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my potatoplant. all of the flowers. all of it. mine.