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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2007|05:12 pm]
I've been extremely busy (and tired) these past three weeks. I now know a lot about Excel, I started with my driving lessons, photographed a wedding (I'm still editing the tons of photos, ugh!), became ill, did a photoshoot for my friends' theater group and designed their flyers and posters.

This Thursday I'll fly to Naples again for a photo assistant job and come back on Saturday. We'll be photographing jeans in the streets, so I hope everything goes well. Many have warned me about the crime level of that city and last time the shooting was on walled premises. I hope the other people there will keep an eye on our equipment, too.
At least we'll have direct flights and a less tight time schedule this time.

I also received another scholarship for my photo classes, which is good because the school finally got a studio for us! In return for the scholarship I'll take photos for the school and company, starting with me assisting on a trade fair in two weeks time.

After the cut: The poster for the play Arsenic and Old Lace.
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2007|02:25 am]
I've been so lazy these past two days. I've been basically hiding in my room, sleeping as long as I could and then passing time on the internet. I didn't even let some daylight in.

I should have finalized the editing of the wedding pictures of my friends. I didn't, so right now I'm sending them some via email for them to use as a card motif. Takes ages to upload and I'm so tired!

Today I attended my first theoretical driver's lessons. :O Yes, I finally decided to get my driver's licence, to have better chances at getting some photo assistant job. Had my first aid course on Saturday. I'll wait a little till I start doing the practical classes, eg driving. It's quite expensive, too.

Last homework, cutlery:

My makeshift studio (my bedroom):

More photos here: http://www.antihelios.de/Phototext/Besteck.htm
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Naples [Jul. 31st, 2007|08:02 pm]
Stressful week last week, but a good one.
First off, my computer semi-died the week before. The cooling fan fell of the CPU and landed on my graphics card, luckily not damaging anything. I took the machine to a friend, she bought a new fan, then had to go to five stores to find a replacement for the screw that broke. Then it turned out the threading was damaged so she brought it to a computer repair shop. All in all it took one week till I got it back. Cost me twice as much as anticipated and for no reason I can imagine I have to re-register Word now!
But I'm content, I got to edit my "multiculti" photos in time for my exam.

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On Tuesday I met up with Mick Mazzei, who asked me to assist him in a photoshoot in Italy. At first it was going to be in Milan, but then was relocated to Naples. We were to shoot sports fashion for the company's catalogue. The location was a run-down machine hall where they repair the public busses.
Italians don't seem to place much emphasis on being on time. Our flight from Rome was delayed one hour, then the next morning we were picked up an hour later than it was said. I wouldn't have minded the extra sleep, I didn't get much because we arrived past midnight and then I couldn't get the air conditioner to work. We don't have air conditioners in Germany, and in Hong Kong they were working anyway or had buttons. Turns out the next morning, this one had a remote. The guy from the reception, whom I'd asked for help, never showed up either.
Anyway, back to the story. The model was apparently some TV personality, that much I could make out from the makeup artist's little English. She used to be on Italian Big Brother, and the bus mechanics were rather excited about her presence and had pictures taken with her. I found that amusing, both Mick and I had never even seen her before.
Despite the heat it went well and I enjoyed being active. My job was to set up the flash and battery at every new location, and to upload the photos onto the laptop. Shortly before the end, however, I was told to set up the equipment at one of the gates. I did so and when I was gone to get the battery, the flash was blown over by the wind there and broke. The photographer stayed cool, thankfully, we had both forgotten about the draughts at that particular place, and we did the remaining four outfits with a reflector.
We were done at 5pm, got to the airport and - yes, we had to wait an extra hour for our plane, hence missing our connection in Rome by mere 5 minutes. The flight to Munich, ironically, had been on time. I wasn't too sad, we got to sleep at the five star airport hotel, got a free dinner and breakfast, an airconditioned room and I could hit the bed earlier.

Some pictures after the cut:
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Caught the flash! :-)

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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2007|10:52 pm]
I'm a bit down lately. Standstill, the topic of my last homework, is very much applying to my life. I don't really know what to do.

Today I got an email from a girl asking me if she can do an internship in my illustration company. I can't even get an internship myself! Goddamn, I had three promising interviews two weeks ago.
One, which would have been my frist choice, turned out to be graphics design and photo editing only, no photo assistance at all. And in the end they wanted someone with more experience in that field.
The second turned out to be a studio doing still life only. Didn't have a good day either when I was there, so I declined later. I want to do something with people, or at least something with different fields, so I can learn more. Payment would have been on the low end too.
The third one would have employed me on the spot - if only I had a drivers licence! Goddammit. Looks like I have to get one, after all. And for that I might have to get a boring office job in the meanwhile. Job hunting is depressing.

So most of the day I'm laying around, feeling a bit sorry for myself, don't eat enough so my energy and mood is low. :-/ All I want to do these days is play Guitar Hero, which I don't own.

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Unemployed [Apr. 10th, 2007|02:35 am]
As most of you already know, I lost my job.
Three weeks ago I had my job interview. Half an hour later (that was on the evening of my second-to-last day at work) they told me that I was not "extroverted enough" and that I don't really fit in to the image they had formed for how my position should be in the future. For the record: I did my job very very well for those two years, I was liked by everybody (except my boss), and that was just an excuse to get rid of me.
It was a shock for me and everybody. The thought of everything changing, of becoming unemployed all of a sudden, and having to find something new were very scary. In fact, I'm still worried about what should become of me.

I spent the first days afterwards collecting my things, saying goodbye to my colleagues who I liked a lot (some of them are close friends) and going to the unemployment office.

The following week I had an exhibition at a hunting and fishing fair. While being there and watching out for the artwork I filled out my forms and thought about what I want to do now. Since I am forced to change my life I thought it's the perfect time to finally try and get into photography as a profession. First through an internship and then, after half a year when I start running out of money, as an assistant. It's a somewhat risky plan, but at least I'm getting unemployment compensation. If I fail I can still get some meaningless office job. But at least I tried!

It's the year of change for my friends too. Alex, who I did the makeup photos for, is trying to go to a makeup artist school that has more emphasis on stage makeup and the likes. Ben, my flat mate, is applying for graphic design school. It would have been good for at least one of us to have a normal income, but we will make it somehow. He'll have to get a side job to finance his studies.

Saturday was my birthday. Ben had invited me for dinner some weeks ago, but he ended up on vacations in Berlin. So Frank invited me in his place, and I told my friends that whoever wants to come along is welcome.
Frank insisted on blindfolding me, even though I knew we were driving to the Greek restaurant. I thought it was silly but way later I found out it had a purpose, haha. My friends were already waiting, I got some flowers, sweets, a Muse cd, and food. Frank was often disappearing, I had no idea why. He was a bit ill and picked up some friends from the train station so they could join us.
After dinner he made an announcement, congratualting me and said that I have to come outside. First I was thinking "oh god, please don't let it be a stripper!", and when he said outside I thought "fireworks!". We all gathered outside in the dark, they set up a little radio, and to the music Tine started flinging burning flares. It was quite pretty and not what I expected. :-) When she was finished they told me to look at the lake (which is directly next to the restaurant) and on the other side some lights went on, forming a "25" and then fireworks went off! I was so surprised, they had arranged fireworks after all! :D Apparently they had planned this for quite a while now! *love*

For the next day (Sunday) the school where I attend evening photography classes invited me to take photos of their info day. I took it as a good sign, because I had applied for a scholarship some weeks ago. A girl working there was telling me how great my photos are and then she let it slip that I got the scholarship! Haha, I was happy. I don't have to pay for the next course!
I don't know if they are happy with the photos I took on that day, though. It was dark, I am still not working with flash for various reasons, and I had to upload the photos onto their computer immediately afterwards without getting a chance to work on them or make a selection. I hate that.
Well, apparently I'll have to take photos on all upcoming info days, so there'll new chances...

Last week I started applying for internships at various photo studios. I started with the one I had an interview with last year. So far I haven't gotten any replies except from one who had been looking for an intern, telling me he liked my work but had already given away the job to someone else. He'd like to meet up some time, though.
It's Easter, so I hope to get some replies in the coming week.
Wish me luck on my search, guys! Sometimes I'm really doubting myself and life.

Oh, and to round up the misery, I'm ill again. I had a cold just a month ago, so it's quite unfair! Sleeping long, not doing anything, feeling bad and tired, and my sleeping times are really really messed up (I'm writing this at 3:30am). I'm also feeling so uncreative.
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