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2013: the year in review
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It's January 1, 2014 on my side of the world, so HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!! I can't believe another year has come and gone. Time truly waits for no one. Looking back, I now realize that 2013 was a great year for me, or maybe it just feels that way since I had two straight meh/not-so-great years (2011-12): 2011 had the whole delayed graduation issue, and 2012 had leftover bitterness from med school related decisions, leading to inner turmoil (dramatic, but true hah). But in 2013 I finally got closure and was able to properly move on. Sophomore year of med school has brought on an entirely new set of challenges and disappointments, but overall there's been more good than bad so I'm not complaining. I feel like I'm kind of settling into a good groove - a bit late in the school year, but better late than never. And so before I wax poetic about the coming year, let's look back on the year that was aka making-up-for-basically-not-posting-for-an-entire-yearCollapse )

Happy New Year, everyone!

I have a feeling 2014 is going to be


Apo Reef
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Things Not to Miss in the Philippines! A ridiculously short list missing a lot of things!

I've done 12/16, well 13/16 if we want to get technical. But I just wanted to post the list since one of the numbers was "Apo Reef". I went to Apo Reef last summer and it was amazing! Hands down the most awesome dive ever and possibly my favorite place I've ever been to. Seriously amazing 1000000++/10 and I would go again (heck I'd go every year if I could).

I'll probably (hopefully) post about it during the break.

Only 6 exams, 1 SGD session, 3 papers, and 1 intense research session to go til freedom! Seriously so excited for the break. Even though I've already been sleeping too much this past week.

Beautiful Pathologies
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Second year in medical school is no joke. I've survived so far (thank God) but I can't say that I feel like I've actually accomplished much. We have an average of 3 exams a week - and as book chapters, notes, preceptorials, SGDs, sports, practices, and everything else piles up each week I can't help but feel like a robot that's just going from one exam to the next, one lecture to the next, one week to the next, etcetcetc. But that is a rant for another time. Luckily, clinical exposure more than makes up for the school work we have to slog through in Roxas Hall. Yes, as cheesy as it sounds, seeing patients, interacting with them, and learning from them lightens the load a little bit. You get a glimpse of what you're working towards.

This afternoon's preceptorial session was one of the best so far (I might be biased because I like IM a lot more than pedia and derma). Dr. U. was a great mentor and I really learned a lot from her. As we reached the end of our discussion about patient PA, we were all tasked to come up with diagnostic tools that could help clinch patient PA's diagnosis and, as a group, narrow it down to just three. The group was entertaining the thought that patient PA might have pancreatic cancer, so the top 3 diagnostic tools the group decided to "order" were CA19-9 (a serum marker for pancreatic cancer), CT Scan and/or ERCP (to determine location and extent of growth of the tumor), and serum bilirubin (patient was jaundiced). To finish up, Dr. U. scanned patient PA's chart and read his results out loud, eventually announcing to the group that the patient's CA19-9 levels were at least 10 times that of the normal. Boom. Diagnosis clinched: Pancreatic Cancer. BUT as it turns out the patient actually has ampullary cancer (serum levels of CA19-9 are also elevated in this cancer, and it presents with symptoms similar to that of pancreatic cancer). Still bad, but at least prognosis is better after surgery (provided tumor hasn't penetrated past the mucosa yadayada). Cancer is cancer. He needs to raise 70k for a CT scan and the planned surgery. And with a monthly income of at most 2k things aren't looking so good.

It weirds me out to say that this was one of the best precepts so far when the end point is that someone just got diagnosed with cancer. I found the patient visit after the session to be particularly hard since we all knew the diagnosis and the patient was lying there thinking that this was just a case of gallstones gone bad :( Patient PA has a 5% chance of surviving for the next 5 years. Some things just remind you of reality.

His story isn't over and he can still have his happy ending (and I hope he does). I'm praying that he can get the funds he needs and that he defies the odds to be part of the 5%.

I got the title of this post from this article. An interesting read for med students (and non med students as well).

Couch Potato Mode: Activated
Big Pete: AWOOGA

So this happened. That tweet was roughly 9 hours and 4 movies ago - bringing my grand total for today to a pretty respectable 5 movies. Its one of those days where you just feel like vegetating and watching movies or TV all day.

1. Silver Linings Playbook - I really liked this, although I feel like the romance could've been developed a bit more? Great acting all around though - no wonder they bagged nominations in all 4 Oscar acting categories.

2. Save the Date - This movie is kind of slow in the sense that nothing really major happens. I read some reviews that said it lacked plot, and I kind of agree. Its very much character driven and focuses on the relationships between the main cast so there's a lot of talking and little action. This makes it sound like I didn't like it, but I did haha this movie has its charms. What really kept me from liking it was the ending. Open-endings/cliffhangers can be great depending on the execution, but here it just felt like the movie abruptly ended.

3. Ruby Sparks - A fun movie about a writer whose literary creation comes to life. Its also a great story about people in relationships and their expectations or delusions about their partners. Bottom line: Relationships are hard, yo. (also, Chris Messina sighting no.1)

4. Celeste and Jesse Forever - Ugh this movie (or rather the ending) was so sad. Another one about how hard relationships are, this one with the added bonus lesson that just because you're best friends doesn't mean you will live happily ever after (sometimes things just don't work out *sob*). Bottom line: Relationships take work, yo, and you should appreciate what you have. (also, Chris Messina sighting no.2) Annnd the soundtrack for this movie is awesome (like, Garden State-level awesome).

5. Safety Not Guaranteed - What can I say I'm a sucker for anything time-travel related. Its not your typical romantic comedy and it even has a coming-of-age subplot in the mix. Plus this stars Mark Duplass (who I love, basically) and he sings in it. I mean, c'mon.

I was contemplating watching Your Sister's Sister next, but I'm thinking I might call it a night. I have to get up early to make up for lost Biochem time (fingers crossed I wake up early).

OH AND, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's make things happen this 2013! :D

PSS - Post Sembreak Slump
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Somehow, this video captures what I'm feeling right now. My mind is filled with all sorts of thoughts - unfortunately, none related to my research exam tomorrow - that can only be summarized as blarghghehgahghdg. In fact if you asked me about it right now I'd probably pull a Nigel Thornberry and 'blargh' at you (flailing hand movements and all) and then change the subject.

You'd think my being in med school (a move that basically maps out my life for the next five years) would keep thoughts about what I'll be doing in my life and where I'll be in the next few years out of my head. But that's just the thing. Its somehow made me think too far into the future and about what I want exactly.

I dunno. I guess the thought that the decisions I make today will impact the rest of my life has got me all worked up. It feels like my decisions right now are definitely in the big-league you're-an-adult-now category. They're not just high school or college level - not to discredit the importance of my major decisions back then, but we're talking about my foreseeable future here. The rest of my life, so to speak.

That I want to be a doctor and that I will be doctor someday, that much I'm sure. Its... everything else that's got me thinking too much. I'd explain further, but I'm having a difficult time articulating my thoughts and feelings about everything. CHOS.

Bottom line, I've been overthinking and now I should really get started on thinking about research (ugh at everyone who voted that the exam be held after sembreak).


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