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new journal. [Tuesday, September 21st at 4:28pm]


new journal by the name of  _____labeled.                                                  </span>

2 silence in black & white

take my hand, take my life .. [Wednesday, September 15th at 5:36pm]
[ mood | yeah, i'm content ]

yeah, i havent updated
in a long while.
sue me.

What have I been up too? A lot, I suppose. Hm, school has gotten a little better. I know my way around, and my classes aren't to bad with the exception of Theories. Konchak sucks.
I ended up quiting soccer. Yeah, I'm a "quiter" as everyone calls me. I guess I just don't like outdoor anymore ever since I started indoor, also, having games and practice everyday kills me. I never get time to do all my homeworkCollapse ) and have already failed some quizess. Not good. Yeah so say whatever you want and think the only reason I quit is to spend time with Jason, I really don't care. Phew, glad I got that out of the way.

I finally paintedCollapse ) my room! Yay. You love it, I know.

Last weekend they were having "Multi-cultural day" downtown. My mum was planning on taking me to Concord but she had to stop there first. So Concord never happened. It wasn't to bad though. I saw Abbie down there and hung out with her for awhile. I also got my hair braidedCollapse ), which was cool. I liked that. $1 per braid, what a deal !

Not much else has been going on I guess.
Today was early release which I liked.
I ended up going to LHOP for awhile with Jason & everyone else who showed up.
The salad was good. I had two.

The Weirs is closing soon

please, comment

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and i'm lost without you.. [Saturday, September 4th at 11:13pm]
[ mood | gah, i hate this ]

i want it to be
like it used to be ..

i love you.
i miss you.

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i miss you terribly. [Friday, September 3rd at 11:20pm]
[ mood | bitchysdfk ]

i'm just one unhappy fellow right now.
i don't like highschool.
soccer sucks.
i miss him, a lot.

i'll stop now.

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