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April 28th, 2012

10:15 pm
Every time I think about writing in my journal, I realise that most of my posts would consist of either
a) Today was a long day at work
b) I found those little pretzel things I like at Trader Joe's.

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September 15th, 2010

08:08 pm
aznanimefan: We'll be next-door neighbors, it looks like!  Dreary old Building 5.  Too bad we don't have the same studio time.  XP

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August 21st, 2010

05:04 pm
WORK!!!  I passed my Barista exams today!  There was a written/MC/FIB part, and a "practical."  I didn't get 100% on account of I didn't purge the steam wand after every drink (insert low-brow humor here), even though I did clean it.  So now I'm a certified barista, and I can find a local cafe from which to sling my sarcastic comments.  Although probably not.  Peet's is pretty okay, if I can survive a few more opening shifts before school starts at the end of September.

SCHOOL!!!  Three glorious quarters left!  I put the German as my first priority, but then heard some things about his tricky grading policy.  Oh well!  If I'm in that studio, I guess I'll just log that info away for later.  And when winter rolls around, I'll probably pick up French and German 102!  Exciting.  I can't have a simple thought in my head without trying to translate it into one or the other, and if the thought is more complex, I'll just translate individual words.  /nerd

SCOTT PILGRIM!!!  I saw this on Thursday, and it BLEW. MY. MIND.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect going in, seeing as how I've never read the comics, but it was amazing!  The writing (from what I could tell later), is pulled nearly word for word from the books, and it's clever, funny, and (most importantly) perfectly timed.  Cera is a perfect Pilgrim, as far as I'm concerned.  Plus, the fight choreography and graphics are seamless enough to make The Matrix envious. Solid 5/5.  This is one I'll definitely be shelling out the Lincolns for when it's on DVD.

In my exuberance following the show, I nearly shrieked at some guy trying to feed the meter ("You don't have to pay it's after six!"), and then exceeded the speed limit on 101.  I had to thank my lucky stars, and the car in front of me for slowing down just before passing a CHP parked on-shoulder.  My smirk at dodging that bullet turned into several small heart attacks and symptoms of shock (cold sweat, blood draining from extremities, wetting myself) when I took the offramp and saw a second cruiser (like a stealth bomber, he was!) swing into the lane behind me.  And then back to a smirk when he turned right and I turned left.  Crisis averted!

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August 18th, 2010

09:00 pm
I finally saw Inception!  I thought it was a great movie.  The story was refreshingly original (but if someone can name another movie like it, please do!) and the visuals were amazing.

Hopefully, I'l see Scott Pilgrim tomorrow.  I'm going to be downtown, covering a half-shift to try to make up hours from when I went home sick on Monday.  I never go home sick from anything, but the nauseous feeling I had + the strong smell of coffee = nicht so gut.  I'm feeling better now, but I had to throw out the remainder of the Super Gooey Chocolate Chewy Cookies I made, because the thought of eating anything sweet was turning my stomach.  Thank the stars they're so easy to make, in case I get chocolate cravings later.  The first time, I put peanut butter in the centers, but after they had set for a day, they were way too dense (still good though).  Next time, olallieberry jam!

I also finally saw The Big Lebowski last night.  It was...okay?  Maybe there was too much other junk going on in the background, but it still didn't strike me as the "OMG YOU HAVEN'T LIVED TIL YOU'VE SEEN THIS MOVIE" kind of movie everyone makes it out to be.

My Peep Show marathon is over, but I read on Webb's Twitter that they're shooting more?  Yes, please!  I cannot wait....to watch it online.

Stupid opening shifts!  It's now only 9pm, and I'm exhausted.  And I even took an hour-long nap after riding today!

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August 13th, 2010

01:05 pm - On trying to see Inception
Time the First: My gut says "go home and save your money."
Time the Second: The outing is scheduled for 9:30pm, putting my bedtime somewhere around midnight.  I am so lame and cannot stay up much past 11, and I really didn't want to sleep through a movie (I paid to see).
Time the Third: Today, I was planning on going after work.  It was perfect timing: 12:35 after a 7-12 shift.  But then I got to the theater and was informed that the times I had seen were last week's shows, and that the earliest one they had today was 4:00.

*le sigh* 

On the bright side, I made Toasted Cashew and Chicken (Thai) Curry* last night, so I'll have time to scarf some leftovers and watch Futurama (because I didn't get Avatar in the mail yet), before heading out for gyms and barn chores.

*My cooked dishes are like Indie songs.  The longer the title, the better it must be, right?

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August 11th, 2010

02:48 pm
Since it was such a nice day today, I took the old bicycle and headed south towards Avila Beach. It was a lovely ride, but I only got as far as Shell Beach Rd, fighting a 10mph headwind the whole time, making any downhill parts still a bit of a workout.   And by some miracle of miracles, right as I got the the intersection of SBR and the frontage road I was on, the wind shifted, so I got a 10 mph headwind most of the way home!  At least it was slightly uphill in the going-home direction.  Urg. 

And then my legs fell off.

In other news, I saw the movie Daybreakers today.  I love bad Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and this was no exception.  I wouldn't've bought those crappy one-liners coming from anyone but Willem Dafoe.

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August 8th, 2010

05:44 pm
More! I am so, so ashamedCollapse )

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August 7th, 2010

08:36 pm - Survey?!
If you want to blame someone, blame ceboholic .  :P
CutCollapse )
Current Location: SLO
Current Music: Dynamite--Taio Cruz

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August 5th, 2010

09:27 pm - P.S.
I watched the movie "Primer" today, after putting it off for over four years.  Great movie!  But I think I'll need to see it again (and again?) just to figure out the timeline madness.

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09:25 pm
"He wants to punch and kick me!  And we're in a place where he's allowed to punch and kick me!"

Still working my way through Peep Show.  Still reminds me of London!

I made chocolate cookies with raspberry jam in the center.  Hooray for leftovers!  But they turned out bland--maybe even a bit too salty, probably since I only had about half the required amount of brown sugar.  That's the sweet sugar!

CLOCK!  The repairman came over today and cast some magical spell on the time machine, so now it works!  I was watching, and I couldn't see what he did hat was different from anything I had done.  Maybe if I had charged myself $70, I could've fixed it.  I don't even really hear the chimes, as I've gotten so used to them from the other house (the way I did with trains or 101 traffic), but the steady tick-tock is still very comforting.

I had a mailer coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond, so I went today after work and I swear that every time I go in there, I wander around the kitchen section in some kind of baker-zombie state.  O! The Things I Could Make!  With a mini-bundt pan!  Or a set or Corningware casserole dishes!  I've never even made a casserole, but I know that's just because I don't have the right dishes!  In the end, I settled with a new paper towel rack and an adjustable measuring spoon--which was what I went to find anyway.  Mission:Accomplished!

I have sweet potatoes hanging around.  Must make some kind of sweet potato stew...in new casserole dishes?

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