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found your voice

it brings me to my knees

found your voice; it brings me to my knees.

im a pretty happy person. i have been dating the most wonderful boy in all of the world, houston, for over a year (9.23.06.) and we plan to get married summer 09ish. i am a nursing major at acu. i like chinese food and a really good realistic book with lots of random thoughts in it. i like to laugh. i like to write, sing and drive. i love getting text messages. i love to decorate and spend money. i scrapbook a lot, i love pedicures, i am obsessed with turquoise the color and turquoise the jewelry. i love life in a very general, non-moment-by-moment sense. i am not the greatest person alive, but im trying to be good enough. i love sandal wood and cinnamon together and i love to plan my future life!