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i am as ugly as i seem

worse than all your dreams

3 March 1988
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i want to live and breathe.
i want to be part of the human race.

1970's, 1990's, alternative, amsterdam, angel juan, anne rice, anthropology, antiques, aqua teen hunger force, australia, avocados, barcelona, bare feet, bartending, berkeley, bike rides at night, black and white photography, black lace, blood oranges, book stores, bourbon street, broadway, brooklyn, buenos aires, cacti, cafe du monde, california, catcher in the rye, central park, cherries, conversation, corn mazes, curly toes, dangerous angels, daria, desert, desire, dragons in manhattan, dresses, dusk, el caminos, elle driver, espresso, europe, eyeliner, fabric stores, fear and loathing, figs, france, francesca lia block, francophones, freeways, funky monks, ganja, getting lost, golden gate park, greece, haight street, high heels, highway 99, hippies, interstate 8, interview with the vampire, italy, jeans, john frusciante, kill bill, las vegas, les misérables, lestat de lioncourt, lethologica, libraries, long hair, loquats, los angeles, love, luke, lush, madonna, mangoes, manhattan, marijuana, mexico, mia wallace, modest mouse, montreal, new mexico, new orleans, new york city, night, ninth street, old neighborhoods, painting, palm trees, paris, parks, peaches, people watching, poetry, portland, pulp fiction, quentin tarentino, radiohead, rainforests, red hot chili peppers, rent, resevoir dogs, roadtripping, route 66, san francisco, san pedro cactus, santa cruz, science, scrabble, seattle, secret gardens, sociology, sonora, south america, spain, stone temple pilots, succulents, summer, sushi, swamps, system of a down, techies, the pixies, the rolling stones, the valley, the west coast, theatre, thrift stores, trader joe's, uma thurman, vampires, vintage furniture, vodka, walking around, weetzie bat, white oleander, white tea, wine, witch baby, writing, yeah buddy, yes company, yoga, yosemite, yucca