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trying to figure out where i belong

it doesnt matter to you anyway

10 April
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this journal is friends only, sluts.
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this journal is <img src=http://stat.livejournal.com/img/icon_protected.gif> <b>friends only</b>, sluts.

<img title="fucking slut" border="5px" src="http://img2.photobucket.com/albums/v11/sluut/moi1.jpg" #000000="#000000"><BR><BR>hi. i probably hate you. and you probably will annoy me. if you aren't already on my friend's list, then i want it that way. if i meet you through comments and you're super rad, i'll add you. Of course. other than that..go suck donkey wang.<BR>
<DD>"Walk By" By GC @ <lj comm="strange_claims"><BR>
<DD>"Cemetery" By GC @ <lj comm="strange_claims"><BR>
<DD>SLC Punk @ <lj comm="claimsomething"><BR>
<b>Benji Madden</b>:<BR>
<DD>[Monroe Piercing] @ <lj comm="strange_claims"><BR>
<DD>[cock] <lj comm="claimsomething"><BR>
<b>Bam Margera</b>:<BR>
<DD><lj comm="arse_claims"><BR>
<DD><lj comm="rock_a_cock"><BR>
<DD><lj comm="claim_turnon"><BR>
<DD><lj comm="claim_slash"><BR>
<b>Joel Madden</b>:<BR>
<DD><lj comm="claim_turnon"><BR>
<DD><lj comm="claim_a_rocker"><BR>
<DD><lj comm="strange_claims"><BR>
<DD><lj comm="claimsomething"><BR>
<DD>[shared] <lj comm="claim_a_thing"><BR>
<DD>[cock] <lj comm="claimsomething"><BR>
<DD>[Laugh&Voice] @ <lj comm="claim_whatever"><BR>
<DD>[Dancing] @ <lj comm="strange_claims"><BR>
<DD><lj comm="strange_claims"><BR>
<b>Brody Armstrong</b>:<BR>
<DD><lj comm="strange_claims"><BR>
<b>The Distillers</b>:<BR>
<DD><lj comm="strange_claims"><BR>
<b>Ville Valo</b>:<BR>
<DD><lj comm="claim_slash"><BR>
I'm cool enough to be in <lj comm="gc_17_plus">
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