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My journal has been kicking around the Internet since 2003. It's been through my high school drama, my college stress, my grad school pretention, and my teaching career. I prefer to add people who are 25+. Comment, add me, and I'll add you back. I love having more entries to read!
Who am I?

I'm an English teacher who loves buying books, reading books, and trying to get my students to like books. I an a New England Yogi Vegetarian who enjoys cooking delicious meals for my husband and traveling around in search of historical cemeteries. I own way too many scarves, coffee mugs, and journals. The best present you can get for me is a gift card to staples or vegan makeup.


Obviously this journal is my personal "space" online. However, I run a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blog and have been maintaining this blog since 2005. I connect with companies, review products, and have giveaways often. As long as your product is cruelty free and natural, I will review it! Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for more blog material and make sure to check it out on http://curls.nu!
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