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fat ass [Mar. 4th, 2011|12:00 pm]
I've been horrible to myself the past 2 months and I'm over it.
Eating what i have, getting all the crap out, then starting over. Not that there is much crap anyways but i've been baking too much.
As well as having too many nights out with friends which can pack on the calories too quickly.
I think this is why i love warm weather too, it makes me eat healthier. I don't want to cook/bake as much so i eat more fruit and veg.
If i ever live in snow again I'd probably be a butt-jillion pounds just from not wanting to go outside and cooking/baking all the time.
Gym, School, Work, Eat Right, friends = my life
That's plenty enough for me and i love it!
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it has been a while... [Feb. 18th, 2011|11:27 pm]
holy fuck. Can i just say FUCK taking care of pregnant women. OB/GYN rotation is almost over, 2 more tests next week and this shit is DONE.
Okay so it's not so much the women, it's the nurses i was working with. Not my favorites. The patients were actually pretty awesome it's just the nursing care for OBGYN is BORING to me. Other than getting to see a baby being born and getting to assess it, there's nothing else i like about it. OH and learning all the shit that can go wrong, yeah fuck that. I'm not getting preggo for a LONG ass time, if ever.
And i was looking forward to my peds rotation thinking i'd be at my hospital but I've been assigned to a different childrens hospital that is SO FAR. UGH!!!
I emailed my professor asking for a change, stressing that i've worked at PCH for 5 years and would really appreciate the opportunity to show that I'm changing from Ancillary staff to an RN. Hopefully, it works. If it doesn't i guess it's an opportunity to experience a different childrens hospital but still kind of heart broken about it. PCH just feels like home to me professionally. I love it there. ugh just thinking about not going there for clinical makes me tear up. :(

In other news i have yet another crush, and he has admitted to previously having a slight crush on me too, but it was years ago. I guess he had found me on MySpace back in like 2007 and thought i was cute but never said anything to me. And when i met him in person maybe a year ago i had no knowledge of this but a friend of mine was seeing him. And of course, tonight he fessed up over a little FB chat. I love knowing that someone i am attracted to is attracted to me, especially when there's a good chemistry involved. It just seems to rare and far between for me. Oh well, friends or otherwise he's a pretty sweet dude.
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Mini panic attack = over! [Dec. 14th, 2010|04:47 pm]
Med Surg is almost over, 48 hours to go!
The hard part is done though! I passed my tests and did well enough to go on to the next block. HELL MOTHER FREAKING YES!!!
So now all i have to do is my clinical tomorrow, the paper work along with it, and some other paper work as well.
Even though I'll be working over break, I am SO HAPPY that is all i HAVE to do.
My heart is full of joy.
I've failed before, and i know i may fail again in the future at something but it wont be nursing school!! 

I need some yoga and meditation ASAP.
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I know i said I'd never do it... but... [Nov. 21st, 2010|02:29 pm]
So i know i said I'd never live on the east coast again but i've decided that if i don't get a nursing job at Phoenix Children's after i graduate i'm going to apply to hospitals in NYC, Philly (mainly because the Philadelphia Childrens Hospital is like the best in the country), Denver (family!), San Diego (beach!), and the Seattle area simply because i've never been there.

It just seems like it's still pretty hard for new grad nurses to get hired. Who knows, it's a year away anywho.
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Confident [Oct. 4th, 2010|08:45 pm]
Today my professor took me aside to tell me that she's proud of me. Proud of me for being more confident in my role of becoming a nurse and despite not knowing all of the answers during a simulation, that i acted on the things i did know, then proceeded to try and find the pieces that weren't quite fitting.
It was awesome to be recognized for positive change.
Little things like this encourage me to be better, i hope she knows how much i appreciate and needed it.
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A conversation with a dude friend. [Aug. 11th, 2010|11:22 pm]
I love getting a male friends POV of me...Collapse )


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Summer lovin' [May. 28th, 2010|02:14 pm]
Once one comes around it seems like there's 3 others interested.
At least i can figure out who i really like and think i can build something meaningful with.
I'm pretty darn happy about 98% of things happening in my life. I'd say that's pretty darn good.
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Busy and i love it [May. 21st, 2010|12:34 pm]
Back from Denver, and it was such a great trip!
I got to make a ton of Norwegian food, visit with family, see my grandmother and ate way too much good food.
Luckily i havent gained 10 lbs back haha.
I stayed with my Cousin Ed & his wife Emily with their 3 kids, Olivia, Calvin, and Atticus.
They are some of the smartest well spoken children i have ever met. Calvin is only 6 and speaks like he is in 3rd or 4th grade, fantastic vocabulary!
It makes me realize how much slang and horrible grammar i use haha. Oh well, hopefully when/if i ever have children i'll make more of an effort to speak properly so they can learn better. 
It also has made me realize i really want a family of my own. Hopefully it's in the cards for me because i think I'd be a pretty awesome mom.
My Grandmother is so mentally with it for being 90, she even was able to teach me Rummy! Which i love! (Sommer & Lauren - this needs to get into the rotation of board games, more card games!) 
My Cousin Derek is going to Argentina for an 8 week externship through the law school he's going to and his wife is going for 4 weeks (who is also a lawyer), needless to say i'm pretty jealous. Glad he's getting these amazing opportunities though. 
When i look at my family there's such a range of personalities and levels of success it's pretty interesting to think about how people end up in the places or situations their in. 
Anywho, great trip and there's another one around the corner!
On May 30th I'll be driving with my parents to our cabin outside of Durango, stay there for a week to help with some remodeling of the cabin. First up is the bathroom so lots of peeing and pooping in the woods! haha. Then the next week I'll be going to a spiritual retreat for a week in New Mexico. It's one i've always loved going to so I'm looking forward to it. 
Hopefully being busy and put to work those two weeks i'll be able to keep on track with my weight as well. Along with starting Ultimate Body Bootcamp when i get back on June 21st.
So far I've lost about 11 pounds and i'd like to lose 10-15 more. Slowly but surely I'll get there :)
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Good dates are far and few between [May. 8th, 2010|02:15 pm]
I went on a date with a guy last night to the Diamondbacks game and it was so much fun!
Especially since he was down for me leading him to the Fridays to watch the 4th quarter of the Suns game and didn't care that maybe i had one too many beers and was acting pretty silly.
It must have worked though because half way through he asked me on a second date for tonight, offered to cook dinner and watch foreign films.
So we'll see if he calls at 4:30 like he said he would to go grocery shopping together so we can make dinner together....

I just had to share because even if him and I end up being just friends it was just such a good night! I don't think it could have gone better.
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<3 Attack [Apr. 15th, 2010|01:22 pm]
I saw something on the internet that almost gave me an anxiety attack... i think the internet lies though.
Oh growing up, you throw so many weird things at me. I can't handle it sometimes.
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