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(Vanessa had 2 bathroom dreams | Wait Til I can Dream)

NEW NAME [02 Jan 2009|07:16pm]

I have a brand new LJ account so please add me and I'll add you back. Thanks and God bless you all!


(Wait Til I can Dream)

Help me out guys! Onegaishimasu! [15 Nov 2008|02:00pm]
Dear LJ friends, I hope you all can help me out here. I'm trying to help raise money to fund for my study abroad trip toChina this summer. Scholarships and a part time job can only do so much so help me out if you can. So I'm offering to do stencil art painting commissions for $50 each from now till the end of December. See the link below for more info:


Much thanks and love if you can help out.

P.S. Did you missed me? I missed you all too.

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[14 Oct 2008|12:08am]
So...can anyone tell me how to be a single woman again? It's been so long.

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Shredded Cat and Dog Ribs [05 Oct 2008|11:34pm]
Today at work our boss texted us saying lunch would be a Korean/Filipino potluck. Why that? Because the majority of us are Korean or Filipino, of course there were non-Asian workers as well and they were welcomed to have food too cuz there was plently. We had bul go gi, kimchi, pork ribs, lumpia, pancit, and of course...rice. We did offer some to our non-Asian co-workers but they opted for the Krispy Kreme donuts someone brought. Or maybe my boss ruined their appetite by saying, "Come get a plate. This is shredded cat (bul go gi) and dog ribs (pork ribs)." XD She's so silly.

Speaking of Korean food, after Mel and I got off of work which was later than we usually get off, my parents decide to go eat out for dinner since this week is Mel and Ashley's birthdays (7th and 8th). So we kinda drove around not knowing what we feel like eating but decided to try Korean. At first the one restaurant we were going to had already closed for the night but then we remembered there was one closer to our house that's been there since forever. And MAN! Why haven't we gone there all these years???? How much have we missed out? XD It was delicious, even my parents loved it. They've actually got my order wrong but the wrong thing they gave me was delicious. XD I'm sure we'll be coming back there again. I would show pics but they're in my sister's camera. Maybe later.

(Vanessa had 3 bathroom dreams | Wait Til I can Dream)

Tagged [02 Oct 2008|11:39pm]
Tagged by Kuya entranced_shift. hehe

(A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
(B) Tag eight people. don't refuse to do that. don't tag who tagged you.


1) What are your nicknames?
Vee, Ness, and Ban (<--recently I've been liking the last one more, sounds cool. hehe)

2) How do you style your hair?
I let it dry naturally now after putting stuff in it that makes waves and curls non-frizzy.

3) What's new in your life right now?
My first job

4) What color shirt are you wearing now?

5) Are you an introvert or extrovert?
Very introvert, even though I don't seem like it online but hey this is the internet.

6) Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Being loved by someone.

7) Do you nap a lot?
I try not to cuz it'll make me wide awake at night, like right now. hehe

8) If the person you secretly like is already taken, what would you do?
Stalk them still. LoL j/k

9) Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
Making better use of my time, there always seems to not enough time to do anything.

10) What was the last thing you ate today?

11) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
45 mins

12) What websites do you visit daily?
LJ, JPM forum, Notcot.org, artistaday.com, everything-eririn.net

13) What are you currently into right now?
playing Katamari on PSP. Oh my sore hands. XD

14) Do you like to clean?
I don't mind doing it. Plus, that's what my job requires me to do anyway. XD

15) What’s the last song that got stuck in your head?
David Choi's remix version of the "Benny Lava Song" aka "Kalluri Vaanil"

16) What cell phone model do you own?
Nokia 5300

17) What's better: eternal love or memorable love?
Eternal love

18) First serious fandom?
Hmm, New Kids on the Block? LoLz I swear I've collected every single junk they had from books, dolls, cards, etc. but never bought a single album of theirs. LoLz I liked Donnie. XD

19) Best time of your life?
Meeting Jay

20) Favorite ice cream topping?

B. I doubt half of them would answer but here goes:
lfhdgj, wahlee, nouciel, i_seldom_do, chibi_hidaka, tresbeaucoup, tiamato_kun, district7642

(Vanessa had 3 bathroom dreams | Wait Til I can Dream)

Wow! [27 Sep 2008|02:53am]
Lookie Lookie ^^;;

So, a couple of weeks ago I got a message from someone who wanted to feature my art on their site. It's a site for women based in Argentina (hence the Spanish language). So they asked me for a little info about me (which was translated obviously) and submit some of my work. I kinda forgot about it till I checked it just now and saw my name and stuff on there. *embarrassed* hehe I'm glad they picked one of my better works as the main picture. I wonder if they translated my info correctly, I told them they could change it around if they wanted. hehe

So I'm a little awestruck right now, it's quite an honor although I feel I haven't quite established myself as an artist yet. But it's a start, you know? Maybe it'll lead to something bigger. Baby steps, baby steps. hehe Now everyone knows my real name, at least in Spanish speaking countries and those who can read Spanish, and you guys since I'm showing you. hehe

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[22 Sep 2008|11:47pm]
Keep on drumming
So you may have heard that former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and DJ AM were in a plane crash in South Carolina this past weekend. You probably didn't know that they're both at a hospital here in my area which is about 15-20 minutes away from my house! The Burn Center at that hospital (there's actually 5 hospitals in my area) is said to be the best and largest one in this area so they're in good hands. Hope they make a full recovery. I heard there were some fans playing drums outside the hospital as a tribute.

The young doing the old
Ew, that didn't sound right. LoL So there's a 60s/70s throwback in recent Asian pop music. First there's Morning Musume with their newest single which is a cover of a Pink Lady song from the 70s. Cute and fun. ERI!!! \(^o^)/

Then over at the Kpop side, Wonder Girls's newest video has a 60s thing going on. Hawtness. If only MM could have videos like this *sigh*

The dude with the funny face is their producer, JYP. He is to Wonder Girls like Tsunku (he has a funky face too) is to MM, they're always singing in the background of their songs or making cameos. They should collab with each other and form...Wonder Musume! XD

(Vanessa had 3 bathroom dreams | Wait Til I can Dream)

Arts in the Heart 2008 [21 Sep 2008|09:05pm]
I am exhausted from this whole weekend. They had the annual Arts in the Hearts festival again and the host country this year was...Philippines! *woot* So I came out all 3 days of the festival to support my friends who were performing dances. The festival seem to have upgraded this year with a big and better stage, and the Philippines food booth upgraded as well, winning us the ribbon for best food booth, but also 2 ribbons for best bbq on a stick and dessert. As always our booth was crowded with long lines of people waiting to buy our food. We're always so popular that we quickly run out of food. All that week long preparation gone in a matter of hours. I made a joke to my aunties and uncles who were cooking that the reason why we ran out of food is because they're the ones eating it for themselves. LoLz XD j/k Not to mention the prices for the food were kinda ridiculous, my mom went *grunt* "We can just make that at home." XD

As for the rest of the festival, I always said to myself that I would try to eat one food from each countries' food booth, but I've only eaten from a few and that is Germany, Greece, and Korean (3x). The art portion of the festival looked good as well. I saw an artist whose gallery show I saw a few months back. I even had a small reunion with some of my art classmates from last semester, they're participating in a thing called Art 45. It's a live art making session that lasted this whole weekend. The work submitted will be auctioned by silent bid. I hope I can participate in something like that in the near future.

Back to the Philippines hehe, I mostly took video clips of the dances and hopefully I'll edit them and post them. But Mel took some so let's share them!

Read more...Collapse )

Oh, they also did Tinikling but we don't have clear shots of it. Even though I've seen those same dances year after year I still feel like I have so much to learn about my own culture. Being an American born Filipino, it's kinda unfair in a way to not know much about where you came from. But I'm still proud to be Filipino.

(Vanessa had 3 bathroom dreams | Wait Til I can Dream)

[17 Sep 2008|10:37pm]
Hot Lava!
Well, more like aluminum. Yesterday in Casting class we finally got to pour our casting molds. The process starts out by building/carving our forms out of styrofoam. Then we pack that form in a box filled with clay sand, and then essentially you pour the melted aluminum into the box where it disintergrates the styrofoam and filling the space with aluminum. And so I took pics of the process...

They had to dress like fireman. Burning styrofoam stinks.

And here's mine. A tooth. XD I don't know why I made that, it was just something small and simple. The little excess on the bottom is just used as a canal to reach my mold. It'll be sawed off later. Stay tuned for its refinements.

Burger Face '08
Today was the semesterly (<-?) Pig Out at school where our tuition pays for us to have free food and games. :P And so, here's my burger face of this semester:

Scheming Miki face XD

I need to compile all my burger face pics of past Pig Outs. They're all cute and funny. hehe

This has to be the coolest, sweetest proposal ever. It features a bunch of my favorite Asian and Filipino Youtubers (like Happyslip, Kevjumba, NDtitanlady, etc.)

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dRAWRing RAWKS! [22 Aug 2008|12:30am]
My drawing teacher Tom is hilarious. Since our model cancelled last min, he gave us worksheets to refresh our anatomy knowledge of bones but look how he made the worksheet:

anatomyws.jpg - upload images with Picamatic

LoLz XD And since our model cancelled he made each of us pose for the class (clothed of course) and had us draw for a minute and even for a few seconds. Although the results usually end up with scribbled stick figures, he wanted us to make quick decisions by drawing the most important parts and to use our whole arm rather than our wrists to draw. Fun exercise. He kept saying how awesome my scribbles were. hehe

At one point he made us observe the model for a few minutes then draw from our memory. That was quite interesting. The last pose was of him and my classmate, a spunky old lady, holding hands. When she came over to me she points at what I've sketched of her and says "Is that how low my boobs are?" and made me crack up. Then after class she told me she wasn't being critical and admits her boobs are probably that low. I should've told her that it was actually a fold in her shirt that I was drawing. XD

(Wait Til I can Dream)

082008 [20 Aug 2008|10:59pm]
Yesterday's classes looked fun. The drawing 3 teacher is British and was a former student at this university. He seems funny and fun. Our class is really small (8 people) so there might be opportunities to do cool things like visit the hospital morgue and draw the cadavers. He told a gross story of how he brought his class to the morgue and someone wanted to move the cadaver's arm so they can see it better but no one wanted to touch the body. So the teacher moves the arm with his pen and the class continues to draw. The teacher was also drawing too when all of a sudden the class looks at him in disgust and he realizes that he had been chewing on his pen which he had touched the body earlier. D: hehe

On to something not gross, but dangerous is Casting class. It's aluminum and bronze casting and involves hot hot melted metal. Ooh scary.

I never got to post this picture but I saw this sign by the nail salon inside a Wal-Mart. Some English teacher or major thought they'd help out with the sign.

Unfortunately, they didn't seem to notice that "convenience" was spelled wrong and 2 spaces was needed before the last sentence. And that last "You" is a bit wonky too.

My Angel
I was surprised to hear the sudden passing of Korean actor/model Lee Eon from a motorcycle accident. He was so funny in the drama Coffee Prince where he played the tall dumb guy who kept harassing the main girl's sister and kept calling her "My Angel". He was quite handsome too. Sorry to hear him go.

On a lighter note
Congrats to the US beach volleyball team for winning gold against China. The match had Mel and me screaming this late at night. hehe

And to Morning Musume and South Park fans, this video is hella hilarious. XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQAsCOIa8ZY

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[19 Aug 2008|12:25am]
Back to school
School started today. As always, parking is always a problem during the first week of school despite that they've built more parking lots over the past semesters. It took me an hour to find parking! Thank goodness I wasn't late for class. Well I had Ceramics this morning, you know, clay and stuff. I'm not really into 3D stuff as much but I think it'll fun. Can't wait to use the potter's wheel *cue Unchained Melody from Ghost* hehe Tomorrow I have Casting, another 3D class and Drawing 3.

Ni hao!
My sister Ashley's taking Chinese at her high school. It's the newest foreign language class offered to high schools here. I would've love to learn that when I was in high school, any Asian language really. When we moved back here to Georgia in 2000, the high school I went to had Japanese yet for some reason it wasn't offered to me. Could it be that seeing I was Asian (in a prodominantly black school), they assumed that I already knew the language and therefore did not offer it to me? I mean, they even sent me to ESL (English as a 2nd lang) class thinking I was foreign. WTF. I hated that school, I still do. I'm glad my younger sisters don't go there as its gotten worst over the years: fights, bomb threats, criminals in the making.

Anyway, I make Ashley teach us what she's learned so now I know how to count in Chinese. hehe

Super Saiyan Phelps
I'm sure you've seen this already but that's exactly what I thought when I first saw his reaction.

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Funny Dialogue [10 Aug 2008|07:14pm]
Lately my friends and I really got into this board game someone brought over last weekend. It's called Balderdashed, a kind of bluffing game. It's so much fun and some of the real answers in the game are straight up weird to WTF?

But I mentioned it because yesterday my friend invited us over to play it again. And as Mel and I got ready to go Mel went to tell my mom where we were going and the following dialogue happened:

Mel: (to my mom) Mom, we're going to Dahlia's house to play B- *suddenly stops, has a blank look on her face, and looks at me* Ban, guess what I almost said?
Me: What?
Mel: I almost said "We're going to Dahlia's house to play Bangladesh"
*we both ROFL*
Me: Watching too much Olympics huh?
Me: Btw, is that a country or a city?
Mel: It's in India right?
Me: I was thinking Thailand.
Mel: But I think it's a country.
Me: I think so.
Mel: I think I remember seeing it at the Olympic opening.
*we both shrug our shoulders*
Mel: *shakes her head* We don't know our Anatomy. (she meant Geography)

Moar Olympic Dialogue
Today at lunch, the TV at the restaurant was showing water polo and my youngest sister Ashley asked me what it is.

Ashley: What's that? *pointing at the TV*
Me: Water polo.
Ashley: Is that the one where someone closes their eyes and finds everyone?
Me: That's Marco Polo.
*We all ROFL and Mel cackles XD*

Btw, how ya like that Olympic Opening? It was teh Awesome!

(Wait Til I can Dream)

[07 Aug 2008|11:38pm]
30,000 miles in search for my son
My friend Joyce, my sister Mel, and I finished watching a k-drama this past Tuesday titled "30,000 miles in search for my son". It was a 21 episode drama that we finished in 4 days. I don't think we could've pulled a one day 21 hour marathon like we planned awhile back, that would've been tortuous. XD I like how we always talk to the TV with phrases like "Don't do that!" or "Just tell him you love him too!" or "Just shut up! You're not helping!" as if the characters would listen anyway. XD K-dramas know how to make you hate the villain and the one in this one was just not human. A funny thing my friend Joyce had said was "None of this would happen if they all went to church." XD She's so cute.

But there was this one actress in it that I had to do a double take on because I swear I thought she was Maki Goto. Mel even agreed with me. Her name is Lee Chae-Young. These caps aren't the best, in further episodes she has her hair down or wavy and looks more like Maki.

vlcsnap-301067.png - Picamatic - upload your imagesvlcsnap-301919.png - Picamatic - upload your images

H!P song breeding
I've stumbled upon this person's youtube who makes Hello! Project remixes by combining the vocals of one song with the music from another song. And the freaky thing is that the majority of them work! It must be a conspiracy by Tsunku. He made them that way so that someone would come around and mix them together like that. I can't decide which ones are my favorite but some of the weirdest remixes are Wataresebashi x Go Girl, which made Go Girl sound like a sad song. Hana wo Pu~n x Ai~n Dance no Uta sounds like a drug trip (I think it's probably my favorite one XD). I guess I'll leave you with "Namida ga Iruzee!" which is MM's most disliked songs "Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago" with one of MM's fastest songs "Koko ni Iruzee". It sounded good till you get to the end where combining Sayumi and Konno's voices together is a no no (not "Nono" XD).

Check out his blog too where there's a Gackt x Kirarin mashup. Weird.

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[29 Jul 2008|01:07am]
Fake and annoying
For the hell of it, I bought fake press on nails and put them on. It's sort of like "training nails" until I decide to get a real manicure which is unlikely anytime soon. I find them a hinderance to everything I do from typing, playing guitar, unclasping my necklace. LoL They're not even that long but they're bothering me. I don't know how women who get them done on a regular basis do it. It kinda makes my fingers claustrophobic or something. hehe But then I thought since these were really cheap I suppose a real manicure would feel different. In fact, I don't think these nails were meant to be on longer than a day, I mean it comes off with warm water. That's like a handwash or something. hehe But they're cute though.

My mom says it looks like I have dirt under my nails. XD

Trip photo extra
I took alot of pics during our trip a week ago but I get lazy posting them. But here's a cute one I didn't get to post. It's from that Thai festival at Toronto. At one of the food booths there was this balloon octopus made up of many balloons.

Isabella pic of the day
It was a coincidence that when I became a fan of Isabella a few weeks ago that she would make her Hollywood debut a month later. After finding all the movies I could find of hers I also found out that she would be in the newest Mummy movie. I read that Michelle Yeoh (who's also in the movie) recruited her and is her mentor. That could mean more future roles for her! :D Like I mentioned in another entry, I have never seen the previous Mummy movies (I do remember watching half of one) but I'm going to see this one just to see her in it. hehe I heard her English is pretty good.

Dirty girl. I wonder if she'll have any fight scenes or something.

*squeak* I found a clip of her from the movie! Her English is cute. XD

Warning: Possible Spoiler

EDIT: Interview in English! It sounds like she has an English accent and not so Engrishy at all. Cuteness. hehe

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Crazy Contrasty Cuttlefish XD [23 Jul 2008|01:11am]
Filipina internet star HappySlip was having a live chat tonight from 8pm to 12am. That lady's crazy, she talks in sing-song and blurts out the most random things. She reminds me of my sisters and friends because we all do stupid stuff like that. But man, her voice is so Southern (cuz she grew up in the South, duh.) Well, I did too but I do not sound like that. hehe Maybe it was intentional cuz it's easy to slip in and out of accents, I know I do but most of the time I sound "normal". Sometimes I'll slip into "ghetto". XD Anyway, my youngest sister got excited when HappySlip gave a shoutout to her in the chat, it was so cute. I walked into the room when my sister yelled out, "HappySlip said my name!" hehe And for those 4 hours we just listened to her singing everything she's saying, playing guitar to Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours", and doing impression ofBonQuiQui, a character from MadTV. LoL How old is she anyway?

Whoops, the chat froze and we caught her scratching her nose. XD

Much better. :D

Btw, I really love the picture of the Happy Family. Hilarious! XD

Best Face??
I was messing with Photoshop and gave myself an "Ulzzang/Uljjang" makeover. Ulzzang means "best face" in Korean which usually describes people who become popular just for their looks. Some of them look like big eyed anime characters. The funny thing is that some of them do not look anything like their pictures in real life. Alot of things are involved including weird angles, bright contrasts, lots of makeup, and even photoshop to make these images. For example, this makeup tutorial on How to be an Ulzzang shows how much is involved. And so I did the same, except I went the easier route...photoshop! XD

the resultsCollapse )

I know, you can't tell without seeing the before pic but trust me I do not look like that at all in real life. For one thing my skin is not that light but as I mentioned bright contrasts are used in pics. Also, it's grainy and in poor lighting like a phone cam or webcam photo which is another trick they use. I made my irises bigger because they usually wear those big eye contacts. The eyelashes were PS'd cuz they're not that long, and although I actually wore eyeliner I PS'd more into the pic. It actually looks cute but I feel bad (and fake) that I don't really look like that. XD

Isabella pic of the day

I'm eating what???

From the movie "The Eye 10" aka "The Eye 3" in the US. The 10 means the 10 ways of seeing ghosts which the characters do in the movie. I do not recommend this movie if you're wanting to be scared cuz it's more of a comedy-horror, as if the Pang Bros. were parodying their own movie. But it's quite funny. I've only seen the original "The Eye" and have yet to see the US remake.

Anyway, I thought this scene was funny where Isabella's character April is stuffing her mouth full of dried cuttlefish while listening to her friends telling ghost stories. Then one of her friends told a story of her friend who was listening to ghost stories and she choked to death, pointing at April. She then spat out all the cuttlefish. hehe

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We're Back! [22 Jul 2008|01:04am]
We're back from our trip! We came back home Sunday afternoon all dead tired. -_-

Margot Disko
...is the name of our new GPS navigator. XD The voice sounded like a British woman so I thought Margot sounded like a sophisticated name for her. Her "last" name was given when I heard Uhm Jung Hwa's D.I.S.C.O playing on the car stereo. But instead of a "c" I replaced it with a "k". I guess it sounds more European like that. And thus the name stuck. Even my parents call it Margot but pronounce it as "Mar-goat" XD Anyway, she was a big help getting us to NY/Canada, about 12+ hours to get there. O_o

Sleep? What's that?
So we left about 3pm Wednesday and arrived in NY around 11am Thursday having very little sleep at all. And instead of finding a hotel right away we already set out to go around the park at Niagara Falls all day. We got to see the little aquarium there but the most fun was getting really close to the falls. First, we rode a boat that took us near the the falls where we got splashed by the mist coming off the falls. We wore plastic ponchos that made us feel like a bag of steamed veggies cuz it was hot outside as well. Then we got a little closer to the falls by walking along a deck near the bottom of the falls and we were just a few feet away from a waterfall. The little showers coming from it felt like really hard rain coming down on you, almost like the massage setting on the shower head (if you have one of those) but more sporadic and hard. hehe Then at night we got to see the falls lit up with colorful light. Prettyful. And that pretty much sums up our time in New York. I wish we got to see the big city but that would've been another 7 hours drive. Eek.

PicsCollapse )

Oh, Canada!
The next day we drove over the bridge into Canada. The lady at the border check was kinda mean. I don't know which side she was from US or CAN but she was such a B. Didn't even say "Welcome". hehe So while the Niagara Falls, NY has the park and all, Niagara Falls, Canada has all the amusement touristy attractions. They remind me of the beach stores in Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach with a souvenir shop every other block. My sisters and I rode an air conditioned ferris wheel and viewed the falls from that angle. Then at night we viewed the falls lit up with colored lights again but from the Canadian side. There was also a fireworks show along with it.

picsCollapse )

Austropean Space Savers
On Saturday, we went to Toronto which was an hour and half away from the border. I was surprised we even had time to go there since we were suppose to leave for home that night. Well, it was nice to go to a place where it wasn't so touristy, it gave me a chance to see how Canada's like. It almost reminds me of when I lived in Europe and visited Australia. An obvious change is the speed limit switch from mph to km which we had no trouble figuring out. One thing we thought was strange is that the houses were too much too close together. Like there's only a car's width of space between each house, it's as if you can have a conversation with your neighbor by talking across from your windows cuz it's that close. I live in a cul-de-sac street where there's 5 houses in it. If we were to arrange it like those houses you can add 5 more houses and make it a total of 10 on our street. hehe I guess that shows what we think of our neighbors, we want to be as far away from them as possible. XD

zOMG! Asians!
Toronto's a big city, much like Atlanta but you can sense something different about it. Maybe it just doesn't feel ghetto and that's a good thing. hehe Plus there's a lot of Asians there! I've never seen so many Asians in one place. I know we have a fairly decent Asian population back home but you hardly see them on a regular basis. So it felt nice being around my peeps even though we're not the same ethnicity. LoL When we were there there was some Thai festival thing going on. Then we found Chinatown which was cool cuz I wanted to see the one in NY but of course we couldn't. It felt like the markets in Philippines, the smells, the crowds, the stores. I was so tempted to buy a bunch of Asian DVDs cuz they had a 10 for $30 deal and I found 4 Isabella Leong movies. I even found the drama/movie Rika Ishikawa and Miki Fujimoto did called "17". But then I thought nah they can be that great. I've had several experience buying Chinese version DVDs and it's not that great. But then again I should've at least bought a few. Oh well. hehe

picsCollapse )

So that same night around 9pm we left Toronto to go back home. I wished we had more time to really look around cuz I know there's so much more to see. But overall it was a fun trip. Maybe next time we'll be more prepared and not so "Ok, we'll go here. Pack up, we're leaving today." hehe

Mandatory Isabella pic
I really should've bought those DVDs of hers I found in Chinatown but it's ok I'll get them eventually. I'll leave you with a screen cap from her movie "Bug Me Not!" She reminds me of Kusumi Koharu in this one: tall, goofy, kinda dumb, but cute. hehe

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IDK what to put here. :P [16 Jul 2008|02:31am]
OMG Shoes!
Yesterday I got a great deal on some Nike boots I bought at an outlet store. Yeah, Nike makes boots too. I probably won't be able to wear them till it gets cold but oh well. I don't know, I have a thing for boots cuz I'm always on the search to find the right boot to fit over my huge calves without getting stuck. LoL So I'm glad these fit nicely plus you can fold them down to make them shorter. And then I realized they look like the Nike version of the Ugg boots but I find these much better looking and durable. Check it out!

Unfolded and folded

Piano Lessons
So I've been practicing a song on the piano the last few days. The thing is that I don't know how to play piano but we've got this Yamaha keyboard since forever and none of us know how to play it. However, I do have some musical background with the violin and guitar, so I can read notes (that I can remember hehe). Plus I'm somewhat a fast learner so I might be able to pick it up quicker than someone who's playing an instrument for the first time. This is the song I've been practicing:

Wang Lan Yin - Practical Joke (or Prank)

Cute video! ^^

A bit ambitious, are we? I know I won't be able to play it perfectly but it'll be good to know. I'm actually learning to play it from a not great but better than nothing tutorial on Youtube. I've got the intro down already! hehe But my ambi-dexterity needs work since I can't play chords with my left hand (very different from using it for guitar) Anyway, it's the ending theme song of the Taiwanese drama "It Started With A Kiss" starring the 2 people in video above. Ariel Lin is so cute. She reminds me of Michishige Sayumi sometimes.

Oh Miss Audrey (i_seldom_do ) Why do you always sell stuff I can't afford? -_-;; Actually I could've bought one of her prints if my sisters hadn't leeched $124 from me a few days ago to buy k-pop stuff for them (I'm the only one who has a credit card, that's why ask me. Of course they pay me back!)

Next time, Audrey, next time!

My Current Obsession
I am smitten by this Hong Kong actress/singer/model named Isabella Leong who I first noticed in the movie Spider Lilies co-starring with Taiwan's Queen of Cute actress/singer Rainie Yang. Isabella stuck me as very odd looking, she doesn't seem to look as Chinese as other Chinese girls I've seen and then I come to find out (good ol' Google/Wiki) that she's part Portuguese/English/Chinese. Cool, I thought, and then this next fact made me go WoW O_O This girl just turned 20 last month. And why was that so wow? Because I would never have thought from the pictures I've seen of her that she is just 20. I swear when I was watching Spider Lilies I thought she was at least 25 as her character is several years older than Rainie's character in the movie (but in RL Rainie is much older than Isabella). So this high level of maturity is a big plus in my book, plus she's quite a hottie who can pull off looking tomboyish and girly at the same time.

And so to further express my obsession, I searched for any available movies of her that I could find. So I found 6 movies of hers and watched them within a week since I've heard about her. Yah, I'm crazy. :P And so I've seen The Eye 10 (her debut film and part of The Eye series by the Pang Bros.), Bug Me Not! , A Chinese Tall Story, McDull, the Alumni, Isabella (not named after her, mind you, that would just be narcissism haha), and Spider Lilies. And now I hear she's also in the new Mummy movie coming up next month. And though I've never seen the first 2 movies and I've heard some not so great reviews of the new one I think I'll still watch it just to see her even though I'm sure her role isn't that big anyway. Did I mention she can speak English too? Another plus. :D

I've just been informed that my family and I are leaving for a trip later today to....New York (and possibly Canada *nudges a certain someone*)??? I think my parents are making a mission to visit every state in the country. Last year was Virginia and Florida, last month was North Carolina, and now New York. Thanks for informing me last minute guys. XP My reaction can be summed up by this cap of Isabella from the Bug Me Not! movie:

What the hell???

Well, time to get packing then, it's gonna be a loooooonnnng drive. Yes, drive. -_-

P.S. Self, you need to start typing your entries earlier and faster. :P

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I'm old... [07 Jul 2008|12:02am]
Happy Sweet 16 to my sister Julie!!!

*hits with balloons*


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We're Blind LoL [05 Jul 2008|05:01am]
Ok, my sisters and I made up this stupid little game last night out of boredom. It all started when one of my sisters went to a friend's birthday party so it left the rest of us waiting for her, 'cause we can't watch our dramas/movies without all of us together (Cue the Awwws :P) So in the meantime the rest of us searched through movie sites picking out potential movies to watch later on. The computer happened to be hooked to up to the TV so we were all able to read the movie summaries without crowding over the computer monitor. However, due to different resolutions between the TV and computer, stuff like text was sometimes difficult to read on the TV screen...and that's where the game started. XD

This is how it went...One of my sisters is at the comp where she can read all the text clearly from the monitor, then the rest of us are reading off of the TV (like I said the text is difficult to read) from several feet away, in our case, from the couch. The object is for the people reading off the TV to read (we wrote) what we think we're reading off the TV and the person at the comp checks to see how close or how wayyyy off we were. XD It's almost like madlibs or something.

Anyway, for example...this is what we did for the summary of Laputa: The Castle in the Sky

THE ORIGINAL SUMMARY: A young boy stumbles into a mysterious girl who floats down from the sky. The girl, Sheet, was chased by pirates, army and government secret agents. In saving her life, they begin a high flying adventure that goes through all sorts of flying machine, eventually searching for Sheet's identity in a floating castle of a lost civilization.

MY SUMMARY: A young shy sharpness into a mysterious girl who fruits down from the sky. The girl, Street, was chased by giraffes, army and government script agents. In seeing her life, Fray, begun a high flying adventure that gives through all serfs of flying milktone eventually searching for Street's identity is a fluffing castle of a lost correction.

MEL'S SUMMARY: A young boy stutters into a misperfection girl who flutes drown from the say. The girl, Sheri, was cheated by privates, army and government secret ejects. In seeking her idle, they began a high flying signature that goes through all the softs of flying mantime (<-ROFL XD). Industrily a boating caste of a loaf circulation.

and then my sister who was out finally came home and we made her play along too. XD

JULIE'S SUMMARY: A young by strangers and a mysterious girl who turns down turn the way. The girl, Street, was chased by pilgrims, anny and government secret objects. In swing her be they begin a high flying amateur that gross through at sets of flying machine, endure searching for Sheet's honorably in a freaking center of a next children.

LOLOLOL I don't know how my sisters went way off when they were closer to the TV than I was. XD My sister Ashley who was at the comp reading the correct words just looked at us in disappointment. XD It's so funny and stupid that we're going to do it again. XD

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