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crush my heart and tell me lies...

open up my eager eyes

Randi ♥
17 April 1988
adobe photoshop, art, artists, artwork, autumn, beaches, beauty, beauty magazines, being in love, black and white photography, books, california, camera obsession, chanel, chocolate, christian dior, clothes, clubbing, collages, composition, contemporary art, cosmetics, costumes, couture, creative photography, creativity, culture, cupcakes, dancing, daydreaming, design, diamonds, digital art, digital photography, dreaming, dressing up, evian, eyeliner, eyes, falling in love, fashion, fashion ads, fashion billboards, fashion design, fashion magazines, fashion photography, fashion week, friends, galleries, girly, glamour, graphic arts, graphic design, greece, greeks, gucci, handbags, happiness, haute couture, hearts, hello kitty, high-heels, imperfections, jewelry, kisses, lace, lipgloss, los angeles, louis vuitton, love, love letters, lust, m.a.c, magazine design, magazines, makeup, manicures, materialism, mediterranean food, men, milan, mini skirts, mirrors, modeling, models, movies, music, narcissism, new york, paintings, paris, passion, pearls, pedicures, perfection, perfume, photo shoots, photography, photoshop cs, picture sharing, pink, poetry, pop art, prada, reading, ripped denim, romance, runway shows, self portraits, sephora, sex, shoes, shopping, showing off, stilettos, stockings, street fashion, summer, sweet-talking, tanning, the killers, the o.c., tiffany & co, traveling, vanity, vintage, vintage ads, vintage clothing, vintage fashion, vogue, w, web design, writing