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Randi ♥
07 May 2011 @ 07:56 pm

"Nobody said it would be easy, they only promised it would be worth it."

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Randi ♥
17 February 2009 @ 10:15 pm
Picture this: it is a little over 10 degrees outside, there is barely any sun, and your photographer wants you to shimmy out of your warm sweats and in to your outfit to be shot in. Here's the catch-there's no fitting room. You are shooting on historic ruins, which means it is a public area for people to come and view as they please. I had to climb up a fucking rock mountain and in to this little tiny nook area where I was to strip butt naked to put on a combination of a corset, leggings, and faux fur jacket while my friend/photographer holds up his jacket to enclose my "fitting room". Good thing he is gay. OF course I was trying to do this SO fast because I was absolutely freezing and shaking like crazy. The whole time I am telling my friend how much I hate him, and that I can't wait for it to be over!! hah. Definitely the most crazy shoot I have done, not to mention that to get the perfect shot in these pictures the photog is balancing on thin ice on the river below. Let me know what you think! I was absolutely miserable in these pictures (couldn't feel my feet nor hands), and I thought for sure it would show on my face. Surprisingly, these are the most beautiful pictures I think I have taken to date.

Worst Photoshoot ever PICSCollapse )
Randi ♥
01 August 2007 @ 03:22 pm
I just bought a pair of white Dior Overshine 2s for my best friend's birthday, only to find out that her parent's just bought her them. I have no personal use for them since I have the Overshine 1s, so if anyone is interested please let me know, they are brand new still packaged. I will sell for $180 (includes shipping).

If you are seriously interested and want actual pics let me know:)