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instant karma's gonna get you

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1/23/07 10:01 pm

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7/20/06 04:34 am

I randomly came upon these pictures. I worked for the Lyric Opera of Chicago during the summer of 2004. These are a few of the costumes I helped make. I'll have more/better pictures up later, some are missing.
Ugh those fox tails (I made like 7ish I think)took like 3 1/2 hours each to make. fun times.
The designer was David Zinn, the opera was The Cunning Little Vixen.
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7/14/06 03:35 pm

So I went to summerfest a few of the days. Me and Kari went and saw Paul Simon, we got free lawn seats. Then I went and saw CCR with my brother, which was awesome. Peter, Kari, Bill, and I, and a bunch of other people saw String cheese/ratdog/keller williams. We got there just after keller finished :( But I got to see him play with string cheese at least. And I got to see them for for $0. Got into summerfest for free, then got free lawnseats. :)
We were planning on seeing alice cooper, but got stuck in fireworks traffic, and then peter's car ran out of gas haha. So we didn't make it.
My sandals (the shoes I wear every single day that I got in Mexico) finally broke before CCR. So yuck, I had to actually wear shoes, cause I couldnt find my other sandals. This caused massive blistering on my feet. I had to go to the summerfest first aid tent haha, and then go barefoot. That was July 3rd. Almost 2 weeks later, I am still nursing the wounds from my night of shoe wearing. The back of my heels were bleeing. ouch. I hate shoes.
I am broke. I need a job. My pigs need a bath.
I've been a strict vegetarian for over 11 years now. And lately I've been eating mostly vegan food, not really on purpose, mostly because I'm poor, and eating vegan is cheap. And I feel so much better. I went to my parents house earlier this week and ate waaaay too much cheese. Man did I feel that the next day. yuck. My weakness for cheese is definitely lessening. And I've been addicted to peppers lately. Poblano, jalepeno, bell, serano...mmmmm.
I also haven't combed my hair in 3 months, and absolutely love not having to worry about it.
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I need to go sew now. I need money.

6/27/06 06:27 pm

I went and got a billion job applications today. After I aksed if they were hiring at one place, the lady asked me if i was at least 18 years old. hahahaha
I thought I looked my age. Mabye its my boobs. They're definitely 18.

6/24/06 06:21 pm

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ha i dont even remember taking this, I was so drunk

6/23/06 09:22 pm

AHHHHHHHHH i thought mason jennings didnt play until next week
I"m missing him this very min.
i'm extremely pissed

11/13/05 01:52 am

When Peter and I went to the grocery store tonight, there were two high school-age girls outside. They asked us "Are you 21?" We said yes. They wanted booze. And they gave us $19. Their total was about $10. ahahaha yes we kept the $9 and bought ourselves booze.

11/11/05 05:13 am

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11/8/05 01:25 am - (mind you i'm drunk)

I've decided that I am a spy.
Day 1
Neighbor (sounds like kevin) is downstairs in the basement. He is apparently talking to a girl. It sounds like they are going over un-ordinary vocabulary words.
"O-b-s-t-i-n-a-n-c-e." (more drunken talking) apparently he doesnt have a early class on Tuesdays.
Hmmmm. and more words but I forgot.
Then he played (on a radio?) "Tangled Up In Blue" by Bob Dylan for whoever he was talking to to hear...
*Note to self* - bring stuff to write on
more next time :)

11/5/05 05:17 am

wow i just dyed my hair. and I actually really like it. I've been changing my hair so much and i dont know why. I like it this color. I was scared....but now I think I should have gone farther. Hopefully I can get it much brighter.
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and man i've gained so much weight this year:) which i really like as well. Yay senior 15!
I've had a couple people tell me recently that I look like a high schooler. as in I look really young. I suppose that's a good thing. I certainly don't want to look old.
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