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Remember...no one gets out of life alive

The power is just too great

Mushroom Samurai
4 December 1988
i'm stephanie (stef/STIFFY/steffers/steftical/stefical/steffiscope/steffy/etc). yeah, ehh what else... i'm a bit on the addicted side to MANY tv shows and rather devoted to my chemical romance. there's not really a need to explain why. and am a total slash whore. EVEN CASH IN THE ATTIC has slash btw. jaunty n...the scottish presenter. no idea what his name is. but my god is he wantin in jaunty's PANTS.
and this is a quote that apprently i am:
a mental hockey player with no regard for safety
so..eh...im violent...but very small. god damnit.

i also fucking HATE getting black fluff under your nails btw.

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