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07:52pm 09/01/2014
Even during the War, he had never seen so many people on his property before.

A bit of anxiety wore at him, knowing the time was upon him. The moment had come, fans roaring in the stands for the World Cup to ensue and knew that only he and Potter stood between them and their game, America vs. Wales.

He would have every eye of the stadium upon him and the Boy Wonder, many of those eyes betting on his failure.

He glanced to his desk, where the prized Golden Snidget tucked its long beak down under his tiny wing in its black wire cage, looking incredibly ridiculous as its entire body was round as a ball.

Round as a Snitch, he thought with narrowed eyes, and he resisted the urge to crush it in his hands right here. He remembered the Minister's warning that only one bird would be allowed for this match, and Draco had signed an agreement.

He donned his Quidditch gear and grabbed the Snidget cage, throwing open the double set of windows, and flying directly out of it: heading to the stadium in a whir of wind and black robes.
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12:22pm 27/11/2013
Draco had woken up quite ill that morning, unsure of why exactly.

His luxurious bed spread out around him in dark exquisite folds, the sheets still tangled around his feet as he gasped and doubled over in pain, holding his fingers to his temples.

He laid there with his palms flat against the sides of his head, feeling the dull throbbing between his ears with every heartbeat. Add to that the fact he was still reeling from his visit from The Boy Who Wouldn't Die last night, not quite believing it himself.

The pain, and those uninvited thoughts, pumped hard behind his eyes as he groaned to his pillow.

There had been something about Cessy mentioned last night that was nagging at him, and it wouldn't go away no matter how furiously he batted at it.

When the merciless ache had only gently subsided, just enough for him to get his bearing, he sat up and slowly turned to his nightstand to grab some parchment and a quill he had in the drawers there.

Owl to CeciliaCollapse )
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Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking. (closed 3rd)  
05:00pm 18/11/2013
Draco minutely sipped a piping hot Snakeweed tea over the morning Prophet, pouring over the ridiculous gossip with only mild interest.

He'd decided to take his morning tea at the desk in his late Father's study, a place where he could always find the exact atmosphere he preferred for taking care of bills, paperwork, bank statements, and business in general.

Years since his Father had gone missing and was announced dead, and with Narcissa holed up in an expensive mental facility, he had taken over his Father's assets as the sole inheritor and Executrix of the Malfoy Estate.

Unless his Father came back to life, he had finally taken his place as, what he was starting to affectionately refer to as, the rightful heir to the Malfoy/Black throne.

He took another tiny sip of that hot green tea.

A cool autumn breeze came through an open window behind him, the sunlight pouring in and casting his shadow across a side of the dark and ornate desk.

The polished leather of his chair squeaked as he bounced up and down with one foot, absently absorbing a paragraph about the Bulgarian Quidditch team.
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06:19pm 22/12/2011
Malfoy Christmas Ball

Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Beast, prowling through Malfoy Manor, beside himself with impatience. The Malfoy Christmas Party would be starting any minute. He couldn’t believe how long it had felt like he’d not seen his Slytherin classmates, and in spite of himself, he may have missed them somewhat.

Even that insufferable Daniel boy.

As promised, in the foyer was erected a monumental jenga of crystal goblets, flowing like a fountain and producing the most delightful babbling brook sounds. The House Elves had been charmed to look as though they were wearing black and white dress robes, but this was simply a glamour: no Malfoy would release a House Elf by giving them clothes. At least, not intentionally. Just beyond the crystal fountain, Christmas garlands were wrapped around the banister of the sweeping entrance staircase, as well as many other inviting if not overly expensive decorations.

The dining hall was really done to the nines. Ruby-studded olive draperies hung from the long windows, and the chandeliers sparkled like glitter. Silk green stockings hung from the fireplace in a neat row, each with a red name upon it: Cissy, Lucius, Draco, Bella, and Tom.
Along the outside of the hall were many tables laden with appetizers, pricey if not delicious. A slightly raised dance floor had been put near the center, and music filled the room as if from nowhere. But the bar was truly a sight; a long, sweeping bar table that looped a full circle, manned by a lone House Elf that idly cleaned a drinking glass with a black cloth, protruded wildly from the far corner of the room. It had stocked many different brands, Russian mostly, but also French and Spanish liquors upon their Top Shelf.

Narcissa was running around, checking the decorations and the guest areas for perfection. Lucius was starting in early with the FireWhiskey Sours, already lost count of how many he’d had before any guests had even shown up, already fighting with the Elf about whether or not he can handle another, being generally belligerent.

And in the dining hall, a skinny man in a Santa suit was nibbling at some cordial cherries…

The rush of the Floo Network sent Draco running to find whom their first guests were. A group of OG Death Eaters stepped out, all having traded in their black robes and mask for what, for some of them, was high end dress wear. They had all tried, but hilariously a few had simply missed the mark.

But no matter. Draco wasn’t particularly interested in them either way. He said his hellos and gave his Happy Christmases to them as they made their way into the dining hall, shaking the hands of the men and kissing the hands of the women, all that pompous rich stuff he’d been so well trained in imitating. But his mind was elsewhere.

More guests arrived and more pretentious conversation ensued. He entertained them to a fashion, before considering sending an owl to a few choice faces he knew he’d wanted to see.

Where were they?
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04:18pm 17/11/2011
Sweat rolled down his forehead before being whipped off by the strong, cold winds fighting for dominance tonight over the Quidditch Pitch.

A deep dodge, an artful taunt-- followed by a long and swooping 180 turn.

Behind him: the sharp clap of his green cape as the pressure cut their corners back, the roar of looming clouds overhead.

A small round yellow glint just there!, above the horizon line, 10 meters off!

Straight as an arrow, he went for the gold.

5 meters.

Racing now, chest leaning low into the broom, one hand outstretched as his own nails directly scratched at the surface of the sound barrier.

One more meter..
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Slytherin 5th Year Boys Dorm - Daniel/Goyle/Ladies?/Open  
07:53pm 08/10/2011
Muddy turquoise ambiance filtered through the magically reinforced underwater windows of the Slytherin boys' dorm. He had just finished his tutoring session with Daniel and Mandy, and after brushing off everyone in the common room, he'd made his way to ready for bed.

He pulled a fitted grey tank top down over his head, elbowing his arms through the holes and letting it fall on the sides. He pulled up the waistband of his soft green pyjama bottoms and grabbed a thick volume from his trunk. He perched on his bed and cocked his head to the side.

Oi, Harper? he called to the closed drapes of the bed to his right. He went to recline, putting his hands behind his head after levitating the book, his favourite way to read.

You awake in there?

He crossed his legs at the ankle and left the curtain open.
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subplot prose makes me happy.  
12:52pm 27/09/2011
Tseep. Tseep tseep.

He was laying on his back, hands behind his head and one leg crossed over the other, curtains drawn on his four poster, a book hovering above him as he read silently from it. It was detailing some tragic yet hilarious events that have happened when wizards did not completely clean the cauldron before brewing a new potion in it. It was half comedy, half cautionary tale.

But this noise kept taking his attention from it, tseep tseep close by.

Finally the book snapped shut as he went for it with his hand, tossing it to the end of his bed and making quick work of the curtain. His head tilted towards the sound, which grew more urgent as he took a peak under his own bed.

His face was lit by the glow of small coloured lights that danced on his mildly surprised expression.Collapse )
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I am a force.  
01:28pm 14/09/2011
I am just entirely on top. I'm in the greatest Quidditch shape of my life, my hair is at its silkiest, my blood is entirely free of pollutants, my pointed boots are the shiniest they've ever been and if anyone gets in my way today i'm going to kick them right in their rotten teeth with one.

Is as if my magic knows i'm so rightly fit, i'm just cracking with it. I'm positive there is no subject of worth that i'm not Outstanding in, or at the very least Exceeding Expectations in, and it's only the first month of classes.
Bring on the O.W.Ls.

Yea, i'm just filled so to the top with undiluted magic and all. I cannot imagine any better existence. Oh yeah- maybe if I wasn't trapped in this asylum with all of you loonies and your filthies. But I won't let it get to me today, I think i'll off and do some laps on the pitch while its free.

Can't wait for Quidditch tryouts in a week: every other House will suffer.

Private Unwritten Musings to MyselfCollapse )

OOC: Reply in 1st person or just meet me at the Pitch! :D
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07:28pm 12/09/2011
I have been sicker than ever the past 2 days, i'm sorry stuff is not updated! I am just having a hard time looking at the screen bc of headaches and delirium. I will do my best to keep everything updated, just bear with me if stuff happens a little slower than usual, just for the next couple days. I love you all!
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Me, Pansy, and a bottle of bubbly by the shore.  
08:04pm 08/09/2011
He wasn't really paying much attention to his classes and all that other rubbish, the usual goingons of the beginning of term. He was far too preoccupied for things of that nature.

His wand swirled lightly through the air for a simple spell that wrote the time. 12:45 am. He bent forward and blew it out like a candle.

Rummaging in his bag for a bit of parchment, he scribbled a note to PansyCollapse )

He knew that she would be on her Prefect rounds. Even if she had decided to neglect them for a night, the charmed note would find her in her dorm.
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