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Thu, Apr. 6th, 2006, 07:19 pm
Birthday blues

How come being a 26 year old sounds and feels like you're a young fella with your whole life ahead of you, yet 27 years old sounds and feels like you're an old bastard?

Seriously, what the fuck?

Mon, Apr. 3rd, 2006, 03:10 pm
WrestleMania XXII - the best for years?

I may have underestimated WWE.

I slagged this event off for months leading up to it, more than most. But after finally seeing it happen - I think it's the best WrestleMania since WM-X7 (though nowhere close to being as good as X-7, lets keep things in perspective) and the WWE show I've enjoyed most for a fair few years - probably SummerSlam 2002.

My main grievence with the Tag Title match was that there was no reason whatsoever for viewers to care who won leading up to the event. There aren't any other tag teams on RAW anyway and it's been leading to a Carlito vs Masters feud for weeks.

That said it wasn't a bad match at all, just nothing memorable.

Shelton outshined everyone else in the MITB match for the second year running. The running up the ladder plancha was excellent and - despite the cameras missing it and they didn't even replay it from another angle - him springboarding on to the upright ladder was very creative.

RVD being known for such a spectacular frog splash should maybe stop doing them off high places. Everytime he looks a bit tentative and it's a regular splash. See his previous ladder matches and the Elimination Chamber.

JBL vs Benoit was, like the Tag Title match, nothing I'll remember tis time next year but nothing bad either. Bradshaw saying beating Eddie & Benoit makes him the best technical wrestler is a good idea, but why do the Eddie piss-taking?

Gutted Booker didn't win. That's probably the end of his character for good. He's done a lot of comedy the last few years but it seems he is now a full-time comedy character which is a shame imo. If he'd cleanly beaten Boogeyan proving he's the best wrestler, but then Boogeyman did his freaky crwod-popping shit after the mach would have been better for both men imo.

So the gang of backstage freaks includes Goldust, Mae and Burchill? Fair enough. But Eugene's supposed to be mentally challenged so not sure a babyface calling him a freak is politically correct, but the Dibiase inclusion is totally baffling. But it was fun to se the old Million Dollar Man character on tv again.

Mickie vs Trish was excellent. I don't care about the botched finish or who was to blame, the action was great. Mickie's character has blossomed this year from being a little unconvincing and silly to being very believable. I wouldn't class the crowd reactions as hostile or smarky because I believe the booing of Trish was solely to show how much they like Mickie. Not that they necessarily dislike Stratus.

We all still feel the sad loss of Molly since her release, but just about a year later her successor as sexiest and most able wrestler has arrived.

I ain't lying: that match was the sexiest women's match of all time.

Edge vs Foley far exceeded my expectations. So pleased how well Edge came out of it: looking tough, he can take a hardcore beating, and still come out on top. A true tough heel who can be a believable foe for any babyface in the company.

The ending spot surprised me in a good way. I thought as soon as the table was set up where it was, Foley was going through it off the apron, then they teased the fire and I thought it would be cool when Edge pushes him off the apron through it. SO whe Edge did that incredible spear through the ropes all the way out driving Foley through the flaming table I loved it.

The Bret thing could have been a lot worse and damaging, but I still think "Bret Hart WAS UNCOMFORTABLE ..." is still a tiny little dig at him. Maybe it's just me.

Vince vs HBK was good, much more logical and believable than Vince vs Hogan. That said, the ladder spot was the only bit that stands out in my mind 12 hours or so after it happened - and there have been dozens of better and more spectacular ladder spots in WWE.
Better than I thought it would be, much like most of the show.

Incredible plancha from Undertaker, impressive to see him manage to tombstone Henry, so those two spots alone made it way better than I thought it would be. Henry still has no business being anywhere near a wrestling ring 'cos he's fucking clown shoes.

The fact that the build up video and entrances took the same amount of time as the match itself shows ho rushed the 3 way was and how little WWE believes it matters compared to the RAW title. The action was all good, none of hem looked bad, the finish looked great as that move always does, but like so much else on the card it was nothing we haven't seen before.

Pillow fight is among the worst matches in WrestleMania history. Does nothing for either Divas character, any storylines, blah blah blah whatever.

Though it was spectacular, how could you not laugh at HHH's entrance? Hopefully all that's just a one-ff except the use of the new Motorhead song whih was good. Cena's entrance was crap despite the surprise CM Punk sighting. Cool visual with him firing the tommy-gun until he jammed it half way through.

The match was pretty good, but less than 12 hours after it's happened the only things I remember are HHH tapping out and Cena doing that move which is called a slang term for wanking.

Great crowd helped, I agree that both men played their roles in the match very well - but it wasn't anything close to a great or memorable match. As far as WrestleMania main events go, it wouldn't crack my top 10 favourites.

I got a bit negative towards the end there, but my overall impression of the show was that it was a very good PPV, far exceeding my incredibly low expectations. Well done WWE!

Tue, Mar. 21st, 2006, 07:19 pm
WrestleMania - the worst ever?

WrestleMania XXII.

A hardcore match, a triple threat match, a pillow fight, a ladder match, a streetfight, a casket match - you think they might be relying on extra gimmicks just a little bit to hide the fact that wrestling matches between these bland, boring, repetitive wrestlers would just be deathly uninteresting?

The most hype ghoing in has been for the former multiple time world champion Shawn Michaels against a 60 year old man who's wrestled less than a dozen proper matches in his life. Sounds kind of familiar to WrestleMania 3 long years ago with the same non-wrestler facing Hulk Hogan.
Oh and this one's a streefight too. So Vince will be able to take chair shots, go through a table and bleed again so people actually remember something about the match. I have every confidence in the WWE bookers to make sure this non-wrestler can dominate the majority of the match again like he did against Hogan. 'Cos that makes sense.

RAW's semi-main event is the title match between the most hated babyface in WWE history against the guy who gets to choose when he wins. The heel who gets spectacular entrances featuring live performances by rock bands to get huge pops from the appreciative crowd. Why would they encourage the crowd to cheer the heel? Don't worry about it, enjoy the show.

Foley is redoing the Orton feud. You know how Mick Foley's a big puff but Cactus Jack is hard as nails. Come to think of it, he did the same thing with HHH back in 2000. It's not a 100% rehash though this year, there are differences. Like the last few times FOley has been in shape enough to wrestle and move around a bit between the bumps. Probably best not to expect too much other than that chair shots, knees to the ring-steps, table smashes this year.

Someone tell me: why does it matter and why should the viewing audience care who wins the Tag Team Title match?
I'm not trying to be sarcastic and clever in this paragraph. Genuine question.

Wasn't that segment on this weeks RAW building up the Women's Title match good? I liked it.
What made it so effective in my opinion was the bloody-nosed Mickie smiling as the blood trickled down and kissing Trish as it dripped on to her chest.

That's right, it took a cocked-up move/accident to rekindle the interest which went when Mickie stayed babyface 2 months too long.

Flair's in a ladder match.

Mark Henry has not had an entertaining wrestling match in his entire life. Optimists will recount how his match with D'Lo from Unforgiven 1999 wasn't terrible. His tag match with D'Lo against Kane & X-Pac at Over the Edge 1999 featured a cool Kane dropkick.
But Mark Henry has never had a GOOD wrestling match in his entire life.
But who's gonna win that match? Too close to call. No wait, I choose Undertaker.

P.S. that's the 2nd most hyped match from Smackdown for the biggest show of the year. Undertaker vs Henry.

People have long called WM9 the worst in the events history. A card featuring Mark Henry, Chris Masters, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Boogeyman, John Cena, Vince McMahon and the 2006 versions of Ric Flair, Undertaker, JBL, Big Show and Kane though?

At least Tatanka vs Michaels was pretty decent.

Tue, Feb. 7th, 2006, 05:33 pm
Why Eddie's death is the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

When I heard the terrible news that Eddie Guerrero had passed away I cried and cried and cried. I cried and cried and cried more than I have ever cried and cried in my whole life.

I cried and cried and cried because, more than anyone else I have never met, Eddie Guerrero represented something important and personal to me. Something important. Something personal. To me.

When Eddie appeared on the wrestling scene it was like being struck by lightening, sticking your fingers in a socket and being struck by some more lightening all rolled in to one. It felt like seeing Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and Elvis Presley all rolled in to one. Every time he did a move, he literally defied the laws of gravity. I can still recall the thrill of seeing him on Smackdown before he died doing wrestling moves that no-one else on earth would ever have attempted, let alone tried.

With every effortless chop, he taught us more about wisdom than ten Confuciusses. With every graceful flip, he taught us more about freedom than a hundred Nelson Mandelas. With every sublime clothesline, he taught us more about artistry than a thousand Michaelangelos. With every picturesque frog splash, he taught us more about beauty than a million Marilyn Monroes.

By any measure you care to choose, Eddie Guerrero was the most perfect and flawless human being who ever lived.

And yet, he wasn't perfect. Far from it. Like all of us, he had his flaws.

Rest in peace Eddie. Viva La Raza!


(blatently stolen from a Viz article on George Best)

Tue, Dec. 27th, 2005, 12:37 am
Is this the end?

In 8 hours I pick up the keys to my new home.

At the grand old age of 26, I'm leaving my Mum's house and moving in to a flat of my own.

At this point, I don't know if I can comfortably afford to live like that or whether I'm gonna struggle to cope with the responsibility due to being secure within my mum's metaphorical apron strings for all this time.

The point I'm trying to make is that I won't have a computer at my new place. So very random LiveJournal updates from now on (not that they've been very regular lately anyway), but I will miss visiting the UKFF.
No matter how much I critisize the current WWE product I still love pro-wrestling so the UKFF is the first place I look every time I go online, and it will be weird not to keep up to date from now on after being a regular visitor for almost five years.

Rather than writing a shoot topic in the off-topic forum as so many departing UKFFers do, I'm just gonna write this so that the few people (if any) who read my LJ know why I won't have replied to their updates or done any of my own in the weeks to come.

The StuBlog is always a good one to read, covering all kinds of subjects and always provoking a lot of conversation.

Sickboy knows damn well how similar our likes and dislikes are, from such regularly discussed topics as Peter Kay to stuff only we remember like Nick Bates frantically looking for Archie after the plane crash or one single unimportant line from an episode of 'Bottom'. Gonna miss those chat room sessions.

Speaking of the UKFF chats: many an amusing evening I've spent in there with the elite crew of Moo, AJ, Sickboy, TMA, MackemMan, PAFC, Stu and more. I knock bAz a lot of the time but he's alright really.

If I don't get online during the voting period for UKFF awards I decided months ago ElSupremo was my one and only choice for UKFFer of the year, and despite most people disliking or ridiculing her opinion I'd actually choose Ashley as my second favourite. She always looks on the positive side of every storyline and situation, it's a refreshing opinion amongst the miserable bastards critisizing everything like me.

Hopefully I'll bump into MackemMan and TMA at the 1PW shows next week. Looking forward to them.

Erm yeah, so keep it real. In the true fashion of departing UKFFers I'll be back here in a week or two visiting my mum so I'll try to get online and check if any of you bastards have replied to this. Just like Dandaman.

Ta'ra then.

Mon, Dec. 12th, 2005, 07:04 pm
SABU! An eventful last 12 months.

One year ago today I went to "A Night Of Appreciation for Sabu".

It was a benefit show arranged by Team Canada manager Scott D'Amore who is also a promotor in Sabu's home state of Michigan. All the wrestlers and personalities who appeared on the card donated their time for free, so that all the money raised on the night went to Sabu's medical bills.

Just weeks after the well-received first ever match between Sabu and Raven on TNA Impact; The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal maniac went in to Hospital after sustaining a back injury in a 3 way ladder match in Hawaii against AJ Styles and Teddy Hart. Whilst recovering he got a very bad virus, and ended up spending over SEVEN WEEKS in Hospital. Word spread that the then-40 year old's wrestling career was over.

So the card was held in the tiny Diamondback Saloon in a little town called Belleville, just outside of Detroit, on December 12th 2004. Just a few weeks after he was discharged from hospital. They crammed 700 fans in to the building and literally hundreds more were outside in the heavy snow hoping to get in.

Sabu was introduced by Jimmy Hart before the main event (Shane Douglas vs Raven with Mick Foley as referee) and he hobbled out, barely able to walk. Sabu was very thin and looked rough.

For any long term Sabu fan it was a bittersweet sight.
It was great that he'd made enough of a recovery that he could walk to the ring at all, as some reports listed his condition to have been a life and death situation at one point, but on the other hand the guy that for years had flown through the air and being a hardcore legend being reduced to hobbling along slowly was not good to watch.

Another Benefit Show with all proceeds going to Sabu's medical bills was held on December 26th in New Jersey. This show was promoted by Devon Storm AKA Crowbar. It didn't receive as much wrestling media attention because there weren't many big wrestling names on the show.

Nothing much was heard of Sabu at the start of 2005 until the usual news sites reported that Sabu had wrestled his first match in over 10 months.
On May 21st, he wrestled in front of just 75 fans in Ionia, Michigan for the All World Wrestling League - a local group run by his cousin Ed Farhat Jr. It was said he was warming up for the ECW reunion shows the following month.

So the next thing I heard about Sabu was that he would be appearing in some capacity at ECW One Night Stand and would be in the main event of Hardcore Homecoming two nights earlier in a three way match with Shane Douglas and Terry Funk.

The night came and, after the surprise alteration making the main event a no-rope barbed wire match, "Huka Blues" played and Sabu came to the ring reunited for the first time in over five years with his former ECW manager Bill Alfonso.

From a live perspective, it was an incredible match. Didn't come across quite as well on dvd imo, but Sabu had not lost a step. All of his trademark moves were there and he even took an insane bump where his head went between the top and middle strands and his body went over the top (like Cactus Jack and Headshrinker Samu used to do). Let's not forget, these weren't ring ropes, this was barbed wire!

Just minutes after this bloodbath ended, Sabu was out covered in plasters and bandages signing autographs for fans until 3 o clock in the morning.

Two nights later at ECW One Night Stand, a Rhyno beating on Rob Van Dam was stopped by the lights going out, and when they came back on Sabu was stood in the ring as the crowd went crazy. What followed was a very good match which Power Slam magazine called "The wrestling equivalent of a greatest hits concert" as he did all the unique chair and table assisted moves we wanted.

A month later on July 19th Sabu made his return to full time action, appearing at the TNA Impact taping.

In the five months that followed, Bombay's finest has main evented TNA ppvs and being involved in an entertaining, heated and very violent upper-card feud with Abyss; the latest chapter of which was a barbed wire massacre match at TNA Turning Point - one day short of the one year anniversary of the "Night of Appreciation" Show.

A fairly eventful year then, all things considered.

And what's coming next? He returns to the UK for two nights of action in 1PW at Doncaster on January 6th and 7th. Five and a half years after his ... erm ... disappointing match with Dirt Bike Kid and alleged backstage shenanigans in Halifax that night, we will get to see him back at his best I'm sure.

Sun, Nov. 13th, 2005, 07:25 pm

Eddie Guerrero died today.

I was lucky enough to meet Eddy at WrestleMania XX weekend and it was a total pleasure. In those brief moments watching him meet fans as I queued and then when I got to meet him myself, it was obvious to me that he was so happy and proud the fact that he conquered all those demons in his past and he was one of the best in the world at what he dedicated his life to doing. The fact that fans were eager just to say hello or shake his hand, some wrestlers seem to dismiss it as a chore but he was proud and humbled by it.

I'm not gonna type stuff like he's my favourite wrestler or anything, but my whole opinion on the guy changed that night. I remember telling guts he's one of the nicest people I've ever met, wrestling or otherwise, and I went out to buy the Scarface style shirt first thing the next morning to support Eddy and cheered like fuck for him to beat Angle that night. Watching tapes of matches from his past seemed much different than before. I don't know if that's me or whether anyone else's opinion of someone can change completely after meeting them than when you'd only seen them on TV and in books.

Maybe those demons came back and that's the cause, maybe it's something totally unrelated. To be honest I couldn't give a shit, he's not coming back. There's a shit load of fans asking "Do they know what happened yet?" and "Was he back on drugs?" but what does it matter?

The way I want to remember Eddy the most is that awesome sight of Benoit & Guerrero - the World Heavyweight Champions - carrying their belts to end WrestleMania.
That one image proved that sometimes, (not often, admittedly) but sometimes talented wrestlers can get the recognition they deserve. Maybe wrestlings not always about backstage politics and who's body Vince is impressed with. I hope we see something like that again.

This is probably all rambling nonsense but I just wanted to say something other than "R.I.P."

Mon, Sep. 19th, 2005, 05:28 pm
Why I dislike WWE

This subject has been at the back of my mind for months, I've never been able to put in to words exactly how I feel about WWE right now, how things have changed from how I used to feel about it, and why me disliking their current product is such a big, important deal to me.

I just posted in a UKFF topic where someone asked why so many people on there don't like WWE but still watch it to critisize every week. I think I've finally managed to sum it all up.


QUOTE (Twosheds316 @ Sep 19 2005, 12:18)
I've used this comparison before, but it seems apt in this case - I don't like Westlife, NEVER HAVE DONE, AND NEVER WILL. But I don't spend my time listening to Westlife CDs and watching Westlife videos just so I can go on about how much I don't like them.


I've put in to capital letters the part which I think shows that comparison doesn't apply to me and probably many others like me who continually bash the WWE on the UKFF. I doubt anybody on here who bashes the WWE was NEVER a fan.

I loved everything about the WWF for over a decade. It was a massive part of my life.
Through childhood I spent all my pocket money on stickers, t-shirts and videos and watched every episode of Superstars, Challenge, Prime Time and eventually RAW.
As soon as I was old enough to afford it I bought tickets to see them live all over the UK and eventually in America and Canada. Thanks to the WWF I lived and breathed wrestling.

But then in 2001/2002 a number of things happened which I thought were stupid, ill-conceived, nonsensical and boring. The good just about outweighed the bad so I kept watching all the shows.

But from 2003 onwards - 12 years after this obsession began - the bad has outweighed the good imo. For every fantastic match, PPV, angle and new character that comes along there are five shit ones.

So the obvious thing to do when you stop enjoying watching something is to stop watching.

But when it's been such a huge part of your life for such a long time, there's always the thought at the back of your mind that things might pick up again. When Diesel was wrestling Mabel in the main event of the 2nd biggest show of the year I knew it was shit and didn't want to watch crap feuds like that (especially after Nash had just finished an even crapper one with Sycho fucking Sid). But I believed that with so many talented performers on the roster at that time like Michaels, Bret, Razor, Waltman and Helmsley there would still be some great matches to come.

Now it's reached a point where I don't watch RAW or Smackdown but tune in to most PPVs.
I've never been this casual a fan before but I'll never stop being a fan altogether.

As I posted in another topic over the weekend, another way to describe my own personal relationship with WWE over the years is to liken it to a long-term relationship with a woman:

I first saw her when I was a kid and thought she was amazing.
As I got a little older I thought we'd be together forever.
When I didn't see her I'd be thinking about her.
All of my friends thought she was cool too.

But then in April 2001 we reached our peak happiness together.
After that she was still ok with me abut every so often would do things that made no sense.
By 2002 my friends all thought she was weird and wanted nothing to do with her.
In 2003 and 2004 the relationship was boring with only very few sparks of the old brilliance we had together.

Now it's 2005 and I rarely see her at all. I hate what she's turned in to so I just ignore her.


Mon, Sep. 5th, 2005, 10:45 pm
Ta'ra then.

Tomorrow I fly to Bulgaria for my first proper holiday in three years.

Since spending a week in Kavos in the Summer of 2002 I have been to America four times but don't count them as "proper" holidays because they were all just weekends where I was non-stop walking and travelling around before jetting back home.

What I call a proper holiday is sitting in the Sun for a week and doing very little. For example I intend on having 2 or 3 day trips to see the sights of Bulgaria, but most of the next 7 days will be spent on the beach or by the pool doing very little. My job is very physical and tiring so I'm really looking forward to doing nothing.

So I'll be totally oblivious to everything going on outside of the 'Sunny Beach' resort for a week, ignoring all British newspapers and stuff. The Ashes are the obvious and only exception, we'll probably nip in to an English pub in time to watch highlights over the next weekends evenings.

It's been ages since I last updated this LJ but not a lot has happened. And what has happened I can never be bothered to write down.

Sick joke of the week:

Another 80's pop band are making yet another comeback it seems. I heard Katrina and The Waves were in New Orleans last week.

Fri, Jul. 15th, 2005, 07:25 pm

8 days ago we had 'Look North' on TV (this region's BBC news programme) whilst eating and as they reported on the London terrorism attacks something very unimportant and obscure caught my eye more than anything else.

They mentioned that lots of people heading from the north to London that day had to get off trains at Doncaster leaving many stranded. They showed 10 second interview clips with 5 people. 4 of them were just random people but the other was 80's sitcom star and club-style singing innovator Paul Shane. The thing is: they never mentioned his name or who he was, leaving me thinking Look North didn't know who he was.
I bet he thought he was been interviewed to show even celebrities were affected, maybe he even tuned in that night.

Is Ted Bovis really not famous anymore? Say it ain't so.

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