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Maybe it matters when all we have is all expired.

Oh, I wish we had known not to grow up so soon.

14 November 1988
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remember the year we all spent laughing?
it feels guilty to feel happy,
it never should.

i love my friends.

me and pepsi, bffl.
me and laura.
me and laura.
me and jakejakejake.
matt, me, and laura.
bridger and i.
carmen and nancy.

my room is messy.
i talk a lot.
i am impulsive.
i'm afraid of the dark.
i love laughing until i hurt.
make me laugh, we're immediately friends.
holding hands makes me feel closer.
if you watch a movie with me, expect to be cuddled.
i am happy.

i keep a fortune cookie fortune in my wallet:
"you will make a name for yourself."

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