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_dazz_'s Journal

D.O.A. (Dreams Of Azrael)
I am a photographer and an artist.

I am working on building my photography & imaging business. I mainly shoot weddings, portraits, bands, merchandise, and special events, but am always open to new subject matter.

My main web site: DazzDeLaMorte.com

This is my myspace photography & Imaging page :Dazz DeLaMorte Photography on Myspace (this site has alot of my photography..and always adding more to it)

I also sell my 'stock' photographs and digital art images exclusively at Cutcaster. My Studio at Cutcaster.

I am mainly a night person, but am forced by society to do most things by the light of day... I really wish I could fly like I do sometimes when dreaming.

I love bats (the live flying mammals ..not those used in baseball..lol).. And I support Bat Conservation & Bat Education!!

I miss my Grandfather (R.I.P.)

I'm an 'employee' (a Receptionsit) at DunderMifflinInfinity.com (go on laugh.. I still am..lol).. I am also an editor & writer for UrbanDictionary.com, and I've made & currently manage a few web sites (mainly for musicians/bands)

Here is where I sell some products with my artwork on them :

I Also have some other cool photos, and digital art available for download (all under $5) here: LuLu.com/DazzDeLaMorte

Sometimes I make slideshow videos as well as other short movie videos.
You can see some of them here: Dazz's Videos on YouTube
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Dazz's Dimension 13 Fan Site

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