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I don't want realism - I want magic

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12/24/07 04:35 pm

I know it's a bit late, and I know that i'll never recieve any of these things for Christmas, but I haven't made a wishlist since I was probably twelve years old.












edit: CHECK. Got a fist, named him DuPree.

Also, since I don't know how to successfully use Limewire, I would like some CDs:

**The Weepies - Say I Am You
**Sigur Ros - Takk
Beatbeat Whisper - self titled
*Spring Awakening
The Dimes - The Silent Generation
*Lily Allen - Alright, Still
Sara Bareilles - Little Voice
*David Gray - Greatest Hits, New Day At Midnight
Metric - Live it Out, Grow Up and Blow Away, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Interpol - Our Love to Admire
Thao Nguyen - Like the Linen
The Science of Sleep

More to come. 
(thanks sara)

12/22/07 07:25 pm

Livejournal? I would bring it back, but no one reads this thing.

8/3/05 08:40 pm - Crossing over to the dark side

I do believe that I'm switching over to xanga now.
I know, I know, i'm a traitor of the LJ community, but hey... who do I even know on here?

Xanga: http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=LitesCameraAction

8/3/05 12:39 am - Wonderful day

I had a wonderful day today.
It started with kickball with people namely Nicole, Caitlyn, Joy, Brandon, Stephen, Joey, Remie, Roman, Adam, Ian, Fichter and goodness hopes I didn't forget anybody. It was great though the heat caused the fun to last a mere half hour. Then we parted ways into the ladns of the apo and/or tropical smoothie. (I went to tropical smoothie).
Anyways, that's boring enough, I know, but I had a great time. I absolutely love spending time with those kids. I'm extremely fortunate.
Then I headed off to the Ofte residence where I spent the rest of the day until we decided to rent Gothika and view the madness at my place.
I like doing things during the day that isn't sitting at my computer. I'm pondering that that should happen more often.

Mmmmm love.

8/1/05 01:17 am

I miss this...

"Theres something indescribable about the feeling you get when youre overcome with emotion next to two of the most incredible people youve ever met while watching the clouds illuminated with heat lightening, while the night is alive with every ambient noise imaginable, yet it is completely silent. i'm not gonna try and describe it, cuz its indescribable."


7/31/05 12:21 am - I realize...

After reading a certain entry of a friend, i'm hit hard with conviction. My life does not suck. I know that. I know I put myself out there way too much. I'm trying to stop. I realize that what I want is to be someone who always appears carefree. I want people to be able to look at me and know they can come to me with anything and know that I won't mind one bit. I want to be the person people look at and know there's more to me, but that I don't have to show it for attention or confirmation.
I know my life doesn't suck.
My life is so amazing compared to some. I need to kick myself every day to remember this, and if it takes convicting xanga entries every day of my life, i'll take it in stride to realize what I have.

I need to make some major changes.

7/29/05 12:05 am - Miss you

Had a really fun night.
Ashley, i'm really gunna miss you. I'm totally coming to HH with Joy to attack you. And don't you forget it.

On another note, some old stuff is re-occuring. I'm confused... only you can set me straight.

7/27/05 07:04 pm - Weird, weird day

I had such a weird day...

Well, last night I went to Joy's and spent the night with her and Ashley. It was really fun; i'm glad I got to hang out with them. Me and Ashley ended up talking for about two hours. Weird that we had never really talked before that. I'm glad we did.
Then this morning I went to Candelas for a little birthday lunch for Joey and ended up going over to Nowell's with Roman and Fichter... who woulda thought, right? We went straight to Richards' house and talked to him for like ten minutes before he went off to work and he showed off all the needles he had used in the past two weeks... that man... Then we went back to Nowell's and I watched Roman and Fic play Star Wars on X Box... then watched Spongebob... then watched Nowell and Roman IM eachother from across the room...
Then me, Fic, and Roman went out for ice cream.

It was possibly one of the weirdest day's i've had all summer.

7/26/05 06:30 pm - New Teacher

So it's official. There's a new teacher. All i've heard is that it's a man, he's young, he's taking over theatre 1 and productions, and he's already started designing the first set.
I am so scared.
Not that I won't like him, but that I will. What the hell if I like him? I know that's a horrible thing to say, but i can't explain how scared I am that i'll like him... I just feel like i'll forget. I know I won't, but there's always that what-if. What if everyone else forgets?
I don't want to forget; I don't want to move on.

I don't want getting close to another teacher to mess up what I already have.

7/22/05 02:57 am - That was it

Well, that was it.
The last time I see someone i've grown to know pretty darn well over the past 2 or so months.

Off to New York with you. It's only five months.
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