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New Username [Saturday
11:56am ]
[ mood | lazy ]

Hey people. I decided that it was time for a change. I've been with this journal for so long and its time for a new one. So the new username is ____hiphop (four underscores). I've added some people already. Mostly the people who I really want to keep on my list b|c I enjoy reading their entries and|or their comments on my entries or because I love them too much to cut them. I still have to add a couple more people but I'm going to do that later since I'm being lazy and my computer is being stupid. But if I didn't add you and you would like to be added, just comment and let me know.

♥ Bri

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This Journal Is..... [Sunday
11:25am ]
[ mood | bitchy ]


Add me first and then...
Comment to be considered

If I don't add you back within 5 days then please remove me from your list.

♥ Bri
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