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crystalline icons

28 May
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Greetings stranger. This is an iconage community maintained by moi, Crystal, with a variety of icons ranging from anime to well, non-anime (-.-;) and everything in between. Beware, things may get VERY random. O_o

Please read the rules before you proceed to take any.

+ Please comment on whichever icon you're taking
+ Credit in KEYWORDS. Just put "Crystalline icons" or "_cryscons" Simple.
+ Do not not not not NOT steal. Or I shall hunt you down and gouge your eyes out.
+ Enjoy and share.

That was simple no?

And if you're nice and want to link me... (^^) here are some buttons you may use. If you're a fellow icon-maker, i'd be all too glad to link ya back!

[those are my eyes by the way. XD]


+ The Template Resource
+ Getty Images


+ - Go visit! A talented iconist with purdiful icons. XD
+ - Pretty icons as well.