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Law of Conservation-

Conserve water: Shower with a friend.

The Archangel


If you just add me, I won't add you back. You have to COMMENT to get my attention, kay? And I don't like stragglers on my list. So speak out! Get noticed! Post a comment.

I am a Racist for Racism and a Bigot for Bigotry.
Comms I mod:
1)oracle_trinity 2)gf_sanctuary 3)oath 4)want_ads 5)buffy_sorting
6)willandtaralove 7)joss_is_god 8)middlearthswar 9)balamb_rebirth 10)fifth_owl_ooc 11)fifth_owl_rpg 12)balamb_seed 13)sd_reunion 14)sdr_ooc
15)babblersconvent 16)gsa_online 17)darklotus 18)flamescythe 19)xmen_rpg_promo 20)xmen_rekindled 21)stranger_worlds 22)stranger_ff7 23)stranger_lotr 24)stranger_ff8 25)stranger_hp 26)stranger_ff9 27)rekindled_ooc 28)3broomsticks 29)polykin
30)willtara_daily 31)lesbianism_101

Characters I play: lost_your_faith in slay_me, sd_reunion, cleveland_hell and sunnydalecali
sean_donovan in slay_me, nancytribe and sd_reunion
heathen_buffy in sd_reunion
fallen_angel in cleveland_hell, sd_reunion and slay_me
magickaltara in sd_reunion, slay_me and theatrical_muse
kandace in sd_reunion
magickalgillian in theatrical_muse
limbo_and_steel in theatrical_muse and theatrical_xmen

Characters I play in balamb_rebirth
flare_it_up Bahamut
_doomtrain_ Doomtrain
iamquistis Quistis Trepe
hellfire_zell Zell Dincht
eternally_eden Eden
water_god Leviathan
3_headed_love Cerberus
_call_to_arms_ Fujin

ALL HAIL THE XU-CHAN!! teh_enchantress
AND, all hail the Seify-chan!! (already mentioned as my Buffy twin) dana_the_slayer

Also, I must mention my Buffy-Twin dana_the_slayer and my buffy-sisters spiritus_ and charmedslayer27