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This is the real me...

Am I the girl that you want me to be?

Bethany | 23 | learning to live life.

I'm saddest when I'm laughing, loneliest in a crowded room, I'm good with disguise...but you can read it in my eyes...I'm falling apart

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My Johari Window

My Nohari Window

, 4-h, acting, alternative rock, amy lee, ana, ana beauty, aquire the fire, art, audio adreniline, bible, bible study, billie joe armstrong, black, bleeding, blink 182, blood, boys in eyeliner, cameras, candy, card games, cheese, christ, christian, christian bands, christian camping, christian education, christian fellowship, christian music, christian punk, christian rock, christianity, church, coffeeshops, compassion, concerts, cutters, cutting, dancing, dc talk, depression, digital photography, discipleship, ducky, ed, emo, evanescence, eyeliner, faith, family guy, fellowship, flip flops, forgiveness, friends, garbage, gerard way, glitter, god, good charlotte, green day, hard rock, hardcore, harry potter, helena, high school, hope, hot topic, hugs, hymns, inside jokes, jesus, jesus christ, jesus freak, knitting, kutless, layout design, linkin park, love, mcr, milkshakes, music, my chemical romance, nail polish, newsboys, nightmare before christmas, o.c. supertones, penguins, photography, pictures, pillar, pink, pirates, poetry, prayer, praying, promise rings, punk, purity, rain, razor blades, razors, relient k, rock, salvation, sanctus real, sarcasm, scrapbooking, self harm, self injury, servanthood, sharp objects, si, singing, skillet, small groups, spongebob, sugarcult, suicide, superchic[k], taking stupid pictures, talking to jesus, teenagers, the bible, the cure, the holy spirit, the ring, the used, third day, thirteen, tiaras, true love, true love waits, truth, walking, warped tour, writing, yellowcard, youth group,