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Too Close To Run

"I'm a complex guy, sweetheart..."

James "Sawyer" Ford
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This is an RPG journal for the character James "Sawyer" Ford in theatrical_muse, fandom_muses, mind_the_muse, and ineffablefandom
Fandom: LOST

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crash_pad - Sawyer's digs...most all welcome. (currently Faith/Sawyer)
thiscantbesaved - Faith/Sawyer (w/msattentionspan)
cure_mytragedy Faith/Sawyer (w/msattentionspan)
bareismyheart - Kate/Sawyer (w/im_sinking)
worthleavingfor - Kate/Sawyer (w/exactlylikeme)

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all_thisrunning - Jate & LeFord (Jack/Kate & Sawyer/Faith w/exactlylikeme//msattentionspan)
landof_reprisal - private LOST-based mass crossover (LOST, Blade Trinity, BtVS, HOUSE, Prison Break, ALIAS, The 4400)



Prompt answers and RP are strictly show canon unless otherwise noted.


Prompt answers are both canon and RP-based, all of which are marked.

The story: Canon to the end of S2 (LIVE TOGETHER, DIE ALONE, minus the abduction of Kate and Jack)...after being abducted by the Others, Sawyer remained missing for just shy of a week and a half, at which time he emerged from the jungle and into the beach encampment, where he promptly collapsed. Examination revealed a bullet wound to the abdomen, neatly bandanged and treated with fairly professional care, still in the early stages of healing. Upon waking, Sawyer recalled his journey to the pier, being taken deep into the jungle before he was knocked out cold. He has no other memory of the rest of his captivity.

Over the next week or so, Sawyer began having vivid, disturbing dreams involving those who had lost their lives on the island, specifically of Ana Lucia. Upon the crash of Harry Osborne's yacht just off the island's shoreline, Sawyer began to see strange manifestations in his waking hours. Shortly after this, rescue came in the form of a military team set out to find yacht castaway Samantha Marquez. Joining Samantha and her companion Rusty Ryan, Sawyer escaped the island and spent several weeks being treated to high roller status at the Montecito post-rescue.

Currently, Sawyer is still in Vegas, renting a house and enjoying the affections of Nikki Fernandez, a woman he met online and began dating shortly after. Recently, Sawyer learned that Nikki was, in fact, playing him in retaliation for his actions against her sister, Jess. Regardless of her actions, Sawyer has chosen to continue the relationship.


Prompt answers are strictly RP-based unless otherwise noted.

S1 and S2 canon apply within the context of an RP AU in which Oceanic Flight 815 carried not one, but two prisoners in the custody of US law enforcement; Faith Lehane, and one undocumented prisoner by the name of Kate Austen.



Prompts are strictly RP-based unless otherwise noted.

All seasons of LOST canon apply, but in a post-island AU universe, Sawyer is currently semi-retired from the confidence game, living off his settlement from Oceanic and engaging the affections of Faith Lehane after meeting her in an internet chat room. He's living in a Beverly Hills estate home, given to him as a gift by fellow castaway Hugo "Hurley" Reyes.