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_christine_'s Journal

7 December 1982
Moved. Add me - boumsong

Things I've Claimed

Sharon Stone @actress_claims
Sharon Stone, Megan Mullally, Hugo Viana and the film Diabolique @ claim_theirs
Basic Instinct @ movie_claims
Alan Shearer @ slave_claim
Steve Harper, Kieron Dyer's #8 for Newcastle United, James Milner and Didier Drogba @ football_claims
Chapter 28 of the Order of the Pheonix "Snape's Worst Memory", the ship Snape/Hermione and Alan Rickman @ hp_claims
the slash pairing Harry/Snape @ claim_slashpair
Natalie Roles, Severus Snape, Sex and the City, and Will and Grace @ freedum_mafia
the movie Alien and the character Hicks from Aliens @ horror_claims
Newcastle upon Tyne @ claim_a_city
Angelina Jolie's black cross tattoo @ tattoo_claims
Cruella de Vil, Ed (The Lion King), Goofy, 101 Dalmatians (live action), and 102 Dalmations @ disney_claims
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets @ claim_a_game
Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore, Ellen Degeneres and Sex and the City @ claim_it_here
Celia from Monsters Inc., Piglet, Monsters Inc., Phantom Manor and Space Mountain @ disney_claimz
Lucius Malfoy and Jason Isaacs @ hpclaims_
Callisto @ xena_claims
Roberta Howett @ xfactorclaims_
I married Don Kembry @ tie_the_knot

Fanlistings I've Joined