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_censored_'s Journal

Dangerous Angel
5 May
Hi, this journal is mostly . Comment or email if you'd like to be added.
adult swim, adventures, alphabetization, altering clothes, anthropology, aqua teen hunger force, art, arts and crafts, autumn, bare feet, beaches, board games, books, bookstores, camping, candles, childhood treasures, chuck palahniuk, coffee, coheed and cambria, cold nights, cold weather, collages, collecting stuff, concerts, crafting, creativity, crushes, cute underwear, cynicism, darkness, david sedaris, daydreaming, diaries, diy, dollhouses, doodles, driving around aimlessly, ebay, eccentricity, enigmatic people, family guy, fierceness, flip flops, forests, forts, gerbera daisies, getting lost, getting mail, ghost stories, handmade, hands, handwritten letters, happiness, haunted places, hiking, history, holidays, holtville, home, homestar runner, hot baths, humor, ice cream, imagination, independent films, indie rock, individuality, inspiration, intelligence, journals, kitsch, kneesocks, knitting, knowledge, laughing, learning, letters, libraries, lightning, literature, loneliness, looking at pictures, love, magazine cut-outs, mail, making clothes, making lists, making things, memories, milkshakes, miniatures, mischief, mountains, movies, music, my bed, nature, nerdiness, nostalgia, notebooks, observation, obsessive compulsiveness, open mindedness, originality, paper crafts, people watching, peter pan, photography, picnics, playgrounds, polaroids, pomegranates, pregnancy, pretty nerds, procrastination, quirkiness, rain, randomness, reading, reality tv, receiving letters, receiving postcards, road trips, sad songs, sarcasm, scarves, seasons, secret passages, sewing, skulls, snail mail, sociology, somerset studio, spontaneity, stars, stationery, staying up late, street signs, strong bad, summer nights, the beach at night, the little prince, thrift stores, thunderstorms, treehouses, vespa scooters, video games, winter, wit