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jsdhfjkshdfh. [06 Sep 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | cranky ]


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TGIF !!!! [02 Sep 2005|03:05pm]
[ mood | tired ]

finally FRIDAY. long weekend. man. i couldnt happier. oh wait. i have work tonight?! effing blows. but i DO get to see jim♥ at some point tonight so ill deal. :) today was relaxing yet im so freaking tired. in lunch i accidently took like this sour cream and onion chip bagel? ugh. ew. i ate with the ever so sexy LATIFA ♥ and the gals. tonight is the first football game. im guessing we're gunna lose. bummer? do not come to dairy queen tonight. i dont want it to get busy :(

miss pesta = kdjflksdflkdsf =P aahh!!!!
(thank god i dont have her as a teacher)

JIM ♥ ♥


<333333 C A T A L I N A * *

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SO LONG SWEET SUMMERRR... [01 Sep 2005|04:02pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i felt the need to start this up again..

i wish summer would come back. it seriously all feels like such a blur and i hate it so much. school blows and should start at like freaking noon?! + side is i dont have the evil son of a beotch pesta. school also means parents go anal and i cant see my boyfriend unless its the weekend. it sucks. we'll make it through though. hes awesome and i wouldnt trade him for the world. ♥ my teachers arent THAT bad. i see mr nick 2 times a day at least. my C lunch is awesome. sexy kids ;) . tomorrow is already a spirit day. it doesnt feel like it should be. i wanna go back to hanging out in the warm sun with my friends. late nights. ugh. BRING SUMMER BAACKK! thats it. ciao. ♥

♥ the old CATALINA. (no more spanish =<3 )

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who knows. [08 Jul 2005|01:22am]
[ mood | crazy ]

well it is 1:22am and i am craving pizza like you wouldnt believe. kristie & i are opeing up a pizza place that stays open 24hrs for people like us with late night snack attacks..

my ipod is already dirty from my purse, i need to make a case for it like my cell phone. 2 starburst cases are cheesey.. think of wrappers for me? ♥

also, my paycheck broke $100 for our weekly paychecks. i am proud. although i want to take dairy queen and sail it off to sea to get away from it, the cash is nice.

leaving for the beach on the 27th, to philly on the 29th-31st to stay with family. dont miss me too much kiddies.

aahhhh if you only kneewww! ♥ ♥

-- so hyper & cant sleep. the reason for this pointless entry.

♥ Krisstenn ™

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friends<33 [07 Jul 2005|05:18pm]
[ mood | curious ]

well yesterday i had to work from 1-5.. it was pretty uneventful.. then i got home and kristie & kayla asked me to go to the movies. so of course i was up for it. jim ended up taking us and callie. but we missed the movie. so we met up with rob & kyle in the parking lot and we all went to the mall & ate at the food court. then we wanted to go bowling but i didnt have socks, so we all went to walmart so i could get socks. haha it was funny but you had to be there. bowling was hilarious. i am by far the worst bowler other than kristie ♥ haha. well jim & rob killed everyone. we left & went for a country drive. talking about random things & ghost stories. we went to the northwest parking lot so rob & jim could do doughnuts. they made me so nervous i thought they were going into the woods. but it was fun. we dropped off callie then me kayla & kristie slept @ kaylas.. after we had a challenge of shutting jim's drug van's door. its the greatest challenge in the world!

today we woke up. kristie had to go to work @ 1130. so me and kayla chilled , ate then i had to go home. im bored now. theres nothing to do? work @ 7. it blows. visit me beotch <3

i ♥ u

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the 4th sucks. [05 Jul 2005|12:09am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

okay well today i woke up at 1, making up for that weeks worth of sleep i lost. cookout at our house. couple neighbors came.. then i went swimming til i had to go to work.. dear god. so many people wanted ice cream after those fireworks @ kirby. it was nuts. we all had a little party @ work. fun.. didnt get home until 11:50. im so beat. well this is it. ta-ta.

Happy Birthday Aly & Lisa!

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move along. [03 Jul 2005|05:07pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

well. so far summer hasnt been too exciting. but nothing boring. its mostly working & when im off, hangin by the pool with friends. yay?! this past week has been bible camp up the wahzoo. waking up early to teach little kiddies about god. i dunno it wasnt thrilling. but the times we had afterward were. friday it was the annual youth group water balloon fight. then me casey emily collin & a few others stayed after and had a wacky time playing hide & go seek. then we took crazy pictures.

- well i have work tonight from 6-11ish. i have to work tomorrow & tuesday too. all the seniors are in OCM.
- all of my summer nights are spent online. the good convos are wearing down. lets go people.
- i have recently become addicted to myspace. its sad.

andy roddick is looking super at Wimbledon ♥

happy birthday casey harvilla! ♥

adios! :D

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[18 Jun 2005|11:51am]
[ mood | cranky ]

okay so the bazaar is this weekend. its nuts. yesterday i had to wake up and be at the grounds by 10am to set up games, blow up balls, it was crazy. then i had to teach my dad how to make funnel cake batter in less than an hour. i had to work the lollipop tree until 8 - loads of fun let me tell you (psht.) then i found kristie kayla & brandon so we went to kaylas and there were these to other kids. donovan and hot surfer looking kid? i forget his name. so we went to DQ and cruised around with brandon then i had to go back to the bazaar. yay. and i get to do it again tonight. if you're going. go to the "dip for chips" until 8 . and then im freeee =D

♥ me.

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its been a while... [13 Jun 2005|09:42pm]
[ mood | curious ]

greetings. 2 months later and im actually updating, schools out, and we're bringing in the summer. i have accomplished all 3 years of a language, chemistry and a year of journalism. my main proud accomplishments. chorus was awesome and had the greatest people, along w/ journalism. but screw that. its SUMMER. time for pools, sun tans, flip flops =D and working... but work isnt THAT bad. i mean yeah sometimes i would really like some time off, but i deal. the people are cool. ice cream is yummy & fun. love it.

i dont know whats going to happen this summer. people say "we'll hang out!" but you know sometimes thats never going to happen. summer love? psht. not yet. but we have many summer bazaars and events. mr right will hopefully get lost and find his way to larksville.

goals for this summer:
- swimming, eating, tanning, hanging out!
- desktop publishing camp
- working the bazaar (17th & 18th.. be there or be square!)
- working bible camp, yay?
- breaking into the icebox for hockey camp. (casey, melissa. this means you 2)
- actually getting a tan
- meeting a cute boy ;)
- sleeeeeeping!
- tons of sleepovers and pool hopping
- getting out of this fricking town
- vacation somewhere
- attending every bazaar in the valley. (me & ash did it last year..)

whatever. im done. i just got out of desktop camp. it wasnt terribly boring. i'll deal.. im off tomorrow but most likely work on wednesday.. oh well what are you going to do?

ciao babe.

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almost a month,.. [19 Apr 2005|04:45pm]
[ mood | curious ]

yeah so its almost been a month since updation. well whats happened so far is on April 2nd it was my birthday. i hold the title of a 16 year old. fucking right. sophomore party was saturday. it was actually reall enjoyable. i went with jud. and marissa and mike lol. its like 80 degrees today which is awesome. my birthday party is April 22nd. this friday!! RSVP PRONTO! .. andy chiodo & alysias birthday is next monday the 25th. woot woot. well thats all. this was just a quickie. later babe<3

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its time. [28 Mar 2005|01:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ok so i havent updated this thing in forever. im waay overdue. so here ya go. my break & random shit. <3

thursday i cant even remember what i did. friday i had a dentist appt. which took out a huge chunk of my afternoon. pizza on public square with my padre & aunt. visited my mom @ work. penguin's store to pick up our play-off ticket package. long johns for dinner. kmart to pick up easter egg dye. then i went home cuz i wasnt feelin to well. saturday i woke up strangely early. then i took the dogs for a walk to visit the little kids at the easter egg hunt @ state street. went to go get our basket blessed @ church. out to eat @ applebee's. then hockey game. we lost in a shoot out. we played like shit.

sunday (yesterday) church @ 10 with this really really hot guy who had no where to sit where his family was so he had to sit with us, gosh i loved it. the peace be with you couldnt have been more special. well, after that lovely moment, we came home to eat easter dinner. its just not the same without the whooolle family when its just you mom dad & the pups. but i guess its something we're gunna have to get used to. after my like 15 minutes of relaxing we were off to hershey for the hockey game. we stopped at chocolate world first to go on that facinating ride. then we went to the arena. we pens dominated that arena. and i mean the fans not the players, we played like actual crap in the beginning then we caught up, then we lost. pssh. this guy from hershey yelled at me to sit down when we scored so i stood on my chair, i almost got kicked out of the arena. that would have been a story to tell. the ride home was awful. all fog & rain. but we're home. and i hate it. today its raining and im stuck inside. anyone with a boat want to come and rescue me? please do.

oo by the way. people annoy me. the other day someone got pissed off at me and another person for the stupidest reason ever. you know who you are. grow up. its rediculous. and someone else is annoying me with their "oh well if you dress like this, you have to listen to this kind of music and no other". bull shit. i will listen to whatever i want whenever i want. wow grow up. seriously.

- kristen

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i <3 the pens [09 Mar 2005|12:43pm]
[ mood | sick ]

ahh ok well i am an official owner of strep throat. im seriously never gunna get back to school. gosh. well last night, me and marissa, both sick, went to go see the pens @ the pocono downs. it was so hot, i felt like crap, they came late and we only met 7 of them cuz the lines were so long! oh yeah, and andy chiodo, the love of my life, wasnt there because hes in west virginia... but it was def. worth going lol it was alot of fun, and they are so hot and nice. max did a lovely singing and dancing for us. plus we got to see the ones we loved the most (minus andy..) and tux put me in his shirt. it was hot. well enough talking, heres some PICTURES! <3

lets go pens! <3Collapse )

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ppffftt. [07 Mar 2005|11:29am]
[ mood | cranky ]

yeah so its a monday, and if you look at the time its 11:29am. trust me im not having a fabulous time missing school. i have cramps that hurt like a bitch. and at 330ish i have to go to the viewing until 7. then to my aunts to pig out with matt & dave and whoever else comes. then tomorrow, no school again due to funeral. then pigging out once again @ periginos but at night im going to meet the PENGUINS w/ marissa! omg i cant wait !!!! hehe =D. but im back on wednesday. yay?. this weekend wasnt terrible. friday sucked, duh. but then saturday i went to the hockey game. it was awesome we beat philly 4-3. then yesterday we had church, went out to eat, then shopping for my mom for clothes for today. then we went home and listend to tommy grace on the radio. we beat philly again. im proud to say we are in 1st place. yippee! hah. well im off to my tv. later<3

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NYC baby!! [05 Mar 2005|10:27pm]
[ mood | blank ]

well the trip was good, it was just soOoOo scheduled to the last second. never got to play games at ESPN zone. i was so bummed. tour @ nbc studios with BLUE & MITCH. haha old school get it? psh. movie @ museum where i enjoyed a little nap. dinner @ hotel. lion king on broadway. late night w/ my roomies. today show at 7am in 20 degree weather. it was fun i have to say.. but im sad to say that nannie died last night =( its a heartbreak. im not lookin for a pitty party, i just had to let it out.

new york new york....Collapse )

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holy snow storm on the works! [27 Feb 2005|12:57pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ok well...

friday - we had to stay after school for the journalism meetig.. woop-dee-doo? then me ashley and christian layed on the cold school floor waiting for my dad to pick us up. that night i went to ashleys with amelia and we watched DEGRASSI! omg intense. haha you wouldnt understand if you dont watch it. we ordered dominos pizza, cheesey bread, cinna stix & ate it all. me & amelia played with ashleys garbage can. hahaha omg it was so fun. we played confessions and all those fun games & slept over.

saturday - went shoppin w/ mommy. then church, pizza bella, and hospital to visit nannie. it was boring but oh well. then i came home and slept. i was sooo tired.

people going to new york.. im so pumped! we're gunna have a blast on thursday & friday!!

SNOW IS COMING! no school? let's hope <3

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eeepp. [18 Feb 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | worried ]

ok i seriously never update, i appologize. well today i layed around and did absolutely nothing.. i loved it! then i went to ashleys with amelia. we went out to eat @ tommys. then went back to ashley, watched degrassi. we pigged out on cheesey bread and cinna stix. oh man they were so good. we ate 2 boxes of cinna stix and a box of cheesey bread. then while watching the news we discussed these burgleries? omg im so scared i might piss my pants. like larksville doesnt pay attention to stuff like that. and we have ADT but if that alarm goes off i might have a heart attack.. uuggh.. when we took snuggles outside we were on full alert for people the whole time it was so funny. then i went home. now im watching will & grace soo cyaa!


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la la laa * [13 Feb 2005|02:51pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

wow i neglect updating anymore. so heres one.

friday - school. yuck. then i went to the hockey game. i was so pissed off. we lost 2-0 and that was the end of the winning streak. booo. i got really sick after the game because i had like an un-cooked pretzel? only me.

saturday - went shopping with my madre. then at night i went to ashleys with cari. we went to tommys. we took a quiz on what people think of us, haha it was fun. then we went to ashleys and looked at pictures, watched the notebook, and laughed at absolutely nothing.

today - church and ollies. nothin too exciting. im not feeling too good again though =\ tomorrows valentines day , although i have a valentine i think the holiday is retarded. but ill go along with it.


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eeeekkk :) [08 Feb 2005|12:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well i havent updated on my weekend at all!

friday - didnt go to school, got my teeth drilled. it was not fun at all. then my mom took me to cinemark to see hide n seek. ahh i loved that movie. after that we went out to eat then to the hockey game. kicked their asses! 8-2! hah.

saturday - layed around all day and watched movies with my mom. didnt eat all day cuz my mouth was in so much pain it wouldnt open. hockey game against philly. it was the shit. huuge fight w/ koci. i think it was 4-1?

sunday - superbowl!!!!!!! PATRIOTS WON! GO TOM BRADY!<33. thats all i have to say :)

yesterday- school sucked. homework in every class. yuck. at night i went to the penguins store to meet andy again <3333333 ahh..... i love him <3 =D and he somehow remembered me? i wont ask or complain. haha. well heres the results of that!

andy chiodo is love<3Collapse )

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jumped on the bandwagon... [03 Feb 2005|08:20pm]
[ mood | content ]

01] Reply with your name and I will write something about you.

[02] I will then tell what song[s] remind me of you.

[03] Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.

[04] Last, I will try to name a single word that best describes you.

[05] Put this in your journal

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no school for us :) [02 Feb 2005|06:49pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

yes well happy groundhogs day! hah. well today me, laura & megan got in some extra sleep and didnt have to go to school :) lucky devils we are. we went to wbre. they took us for a tour. then laura & megan stayed at the studio while me & jess went out with candice to cover some stories, poor kids. we went to subway after our little adventure then went back to the studio. fun time, cant complain. boring when we got back though i mean we just sat there. foul mouths in that joint ill tell ya. it was all effin this and that. haha. thats it. tomorrow i have like 3 tests, it blows. a beat & a book report due on friday, and i proudly get my teeth drilled on friday too. yay? this week blows.

<3 kristen

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