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This page is about why I fucking rule. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Jan 2008|07:28pm]
Every time I hear the names its like a knife-wound to my guts. So I mend that wound with liquor, the only thing that helps anymore.

I wish I could say I've been staying out of trouble... But that wouldn't be the truth. Coming back to Texas reminded me of how much I hate the Army. I've been taking it out on anything and everything.

I've been too rowdy, I know I need to chill out... But I don't want to.

I want to get out and move forward with my life. I want to pick up the pieces and start piecing it all together again. It feels like I've been caught in a time-capsule. While everyone else is advancing in their endeavors, I'm stuck here. Rotting alive. What a waste of a good mind...

Things didn't work out with that girl. I guess she was kind of dating around, you know. Making up her mind. I don't blame her, I'm damaged goods. Completely fucked up, probably beyond repair. I'm coming to terms with the harsh reality that I will, most innevitably, be alone forever. I'll cope with it like I cope with everything else. The only way I know how.

I've officially wasted my life, as far as I can tell it was over before it had a chance to begin. So much momentum, only to come to a screaching halt and then plummet into the abyss.

I'll most likely be a leach to society. Disability will be my middle name. Living close to home but not at home.

I really just want to come back home... Thats all I really want.

Hard-date for next deployment will be "boots on the ground" (in Iraq) on January 5th of 2009. One year and one month from when I landed back in the states. I'll be home once more before then. Then off to hell, then hopefully back again. Already been to hell once, its a city called Baquba... Don't know where we'll be next time. I wonder what different horrors those bastards have in store for us. I'm tired of fighting for this country. Or any country. When I get back next time I'll be back for good though. I'll be getting out of the Army. Forever. Fuck the bullshit. It won't be too much longer... I'm already more than half-way done.

Always remember, never forget.
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I am coming home [14 Apr 2007|04:17pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Next Sunday. Till May 1st. Party. Party. Parrrrrrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I go to Iraq on the 4th. So many of us must die over the next year. Let us be about... OUR BLOODY... BLOODY BUSINESS!

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What is there in Germany? [03 Jan 2007|10:53pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Wacken Open Air. Best metal-fest EVER.
Best Beer on Earth.
GORGEOUS hot females with hot accents. Like... All of them.
Black Forest.
Roots of the NSM.
Big Black Metal scene.
Big club scene.
And finally: First Infantry Division. The Big Red One. And yea, thats where they're sending me.
Paperwork is being finalized and should be good to go sometime in the next couple weeks. Yea... I'm leaving for good this time. Kind of sucks, but this is my life, so... Gotta do what I've got to do. I probably will be gone for good. When you get leave when you are (literally) across the world, and it takes 3 days to get home... Its not even really worth coming home, lol. However, what my close friends need to do is get some passports and shit and save up some cash and come out there.

Thats pretty much all I've got to say. Wish me luck.

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[ mood | ecstatic ]


I love feeling this wonderful. Substance free. Though if I were under the influence, it would certainly be better. I. am. so. fucking. happy. right. now.

On a latter, equally awesome note: Me and Jeremy Miller are officially getting a HOUSE. Yes. A HOUSE. Not an apartment, but a motherfucking house. Oh, and Neeoch, too. Long complicated story as to why I'm not leaving in January... Essentially I have to just sit around on my ass and do nothing for a few months whilst the Army figures out where exactly they want to put me? Yea, thats fucking fine and dandy with me. I'm still getting paid active duty pay this entire time. Like they think its some sort of inconvenience to me? Yea... Bitchin'.

Long story short, I couldn't be happier. I mean, I'm moving in with a couple of my best friends, and... I don't even know. Beer drinking until I reach oblivion in my room? Definately.

She's so awesome. This is so awesome. I am so awesome. This entire situation rocks. I'm ecstatic.

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[14 Jun 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]


yea... i'm bored [08 Jul 2004|07:16pm]
[ mood | dinger ]

Chunks of flesh and innards thrown
Skin is torn right off the bone
Look into decaying eyes
Putrid stench of your demise
On hallowed earth you'll hear the sound
Of caskets breaking underground
Bodies crawling with a new birth
Theres no more room in hell, they walk the earth

Shrieking of the undead spawn
Sounds of earth's brand new dawn
The air bleeds out scents of decay
The living are their feeble prey
You pray blindly to jesus christ
Their blood and skin are as cold as ice
They gorge themselves on human skin
What hell has wrought will now begin
In hoards they draw in no more breath
To eat you they won't wait untill your death
Driven only by hunger they survive
They feast upon meat that's alive

In their eyes you see the end
You'll never see your friends again
You still gaze as your torn apart
Creatures feast upon your heart
You look in shock with your last breath
They're fighting over what is left
They walk the earth in masses
Pouring out of shattered CASKETS!

How to be my friend... And the rules too. I like to mix things like this up.

1). Leave a message, and if the following statements don't pertain to you then I will add you
2). Don't be a liberal. If you are a fucking leftist extremist, I'll just delete you.
3). Don't talk shit.
4). Don't be a Crusty pussy.
5). If you are just going to try to piss me off, don't bother adding me.
6). If I notice that you're an idiot and a piece of shit, I will delete you from my friends list.
7). If you have a shitty taste in music/are an extremist or elitist when it comes to music, you are a fucking idiot.
8). If you are an idiot, you will be removed.
9). If you piss me off, you will be removed.
10). You will follow these rules or I will remove you from my friends list.

My band is Festering Cesspool, it kicks ass. We are skilled, and we rule. We will also succeed, because we kick ass.

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