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I'm almost drowning in her sea [entries|friends|calendar]

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Just a random update - though I don't use this any more [18 Aug 2008|11:59pm]
So, I noticed that a bunch of you still have me on your friends lists. I don't  use this journal anymore, incase anyone missed that :P

I thought I'd post a little update, since there are loads of you I'm not really in touch with anymore, but you may be interested!

Daisy is now THREE!
Three - can you believe it? She's like this proper little person, with her own personality, and opinions - boy does she have opinions! She definitely got mummy's stubborn streak! She's a total treasure though.

And our little Lola is almost three months! Yep, we have another gorgeous little girl. While Daisy was unplanned, adding Lola to our family wasn't such an easy journey. It took over two very painful, long years before I could finally hold her in my aching arms.... and she certainly hasn't disappointed us!

Every day, I hold my girls and thank whoever is up there for what we have been given. We are truly blessed.

I'm not working at the moment - still on maternity leave. Due back in November/December, but hoping not to have to go back. Hopefully Kris will get off his arse before then and get a better paying job so I can stay home and help our little family grow up, and maybe even grow a little more *wink*

Is there anyone still out there???
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friends only [05 Feb 2008|05:29pm]

Comment <3

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I need a favour! [06 Feb 2006|08:50pm]
I need you guys to vote for my daughter in the 'Face Of Calpol' competition.

It'll only take you seconds, and if there isn't another baby you were planning on voting for, I'd really appreciate the vote.


It's Daisy (6.5 months), and she's second down on the left of the screen.

Thank you so much.

Please let me know if you voted.
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