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*Mar na vahaia; Ambar na har*

..Ar ëa rimbë tier vantien..

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25 February
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*IN the SPACE where I can BREATHE*

If i asked you, kindly, even possibly begged on my knees, would you let me be myself, let me tell you the things on my mind? altho it might not be the same as is on yours. Would you allow me to spill my deepest secrets and still accept me as i am? Nothing more nothing less?

She is Breathing
She is Believing.

it's just another day.

*Is this less than what I can handle or is this more than you deserve? I bet you build me up this high just so I can crash a little harder. I wish you would call me over there. I wish you would come here on a start. Wait, I can't wait another day. I wish you would come here on a start. I bet it happens again and again and again until it happens again. *


*Across the floor*
.Dreams and Shadows Play.


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