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[06 Jun 2007|06:06am]

comment and tell me that you added me, cause i
seriously won't notice unless you let me know
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last time [22 Apr 2007|11:54am]
nirl nirl nirl
nirl nirl nirl
nirl nirl nirl

add it.

165 [10 Apr 2007|08:47pm]

ive been talking to my lil new orleans buddies more than ever in the past three weeks or so. except for joey, he fell into the GAP and disappeared D:<

ps; possibly visiting dallas for bright eyes on may 11
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164. [30 Mar 2007|10:53pm]

and in the way of neely o' hara,
my sleep officially comes from bottles now!
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160. [19 Mar 2007|02:10pm]
spring break 07

moreCollapse )
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159. [17 Mar 2007|07:44pm]

going home for the week made me realize that i have some of the best friends in the world. i wouldn't replace them with anything and i can't ask for anyone better.
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158. [08 Mar 2007|03:45pm]

pictures from last saturday...Collapse )

yes, i'm pissed off. and yes, i'm going to bitch and bitch and bitch about it until my body can't take it anymore.
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154. [21 Feb 2007|02:46pm]

i haven't gone out in three weeks!

yesterday, i drank a cup full of soy milk. as i got closer to the bottom of the cup, i noticed the milk turned slowly from liquid into chunks.
i stayed in the bathroom hailing to the porcelain king for ten whole minutes! oh what fun!
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153. [15 Feb 2007|09:15am]

i fucking love ratatat. i don't know what it is about the music they make, but yesterday i was in the shittiest mood ever (i've been in this mood for awhile now) and i listened to "seventenn years" while reading a article on them in my 2004 issue of oyster magazine. i lit up immediately and listened to all three of their cds between classes. i know they're coming back to houston in the next few months, and i will there, first row like i have been their past two houston shows.

and i FINALLY go home march 12-17. i'm pissing my pants to get out of houston for a week... and chicago shopping... i'm going to go crazy.
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150. [05 Feb 2007|07:46pm]

i'm looking forward to going home for spring break and losing another ten pounds. and i REALLY enjoyed the sixty or so degrees and the sunshine houston experienced today.
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145. [26 Jan 2007|11:53am]

141. [15 Jan 2007|02:36pm]

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