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i am not to be truffled with.

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american idol, anne hathaway, anne of green gables, auriga sinistra, beauty, bickering, bones, books, bookstores, booth/brennan, boy meets world, british accents, chocolate, chuck/blair, clothes, cookies, dah-nah-nah dah!, dan/serena, daniel radcliffe, disney, dwight/angela, eating, emma watson, england, fall out boy, fan fiction, fangirls, gilmore girls, gossip girl, gwen stefani, harry and the potters, harry potter, harry's beast, harry/ginny, hermione granger, heroes, hogwarts, house, house/cuddy, hwa rang do, ipods, j.k. rowling, jack/elizabeth, jack/juliet, jane austen, jim/pam, kate/sawyer, keira knightley, kelly clarkson, kelly kapoor, kelly/andy, latvian heathens, libraries, lily evans, lily/james, lorelai gilmore, lost, luke danes, luke/lorelai, meg cabot, mia thermopolis, michael moscovitz, michael/jan, monty python, mr. darcy, music, ned/chuck, no doubt, olive snook, paris, peanut butter cookies, peter/sock, peter/toast, pillows, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, pride and prejudice, princess diaries, prison break, pushing daisies, quidditch, ravenclaw, reading, regina spektor, remus lupin, remus/tonks, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rory gilmore, rory/jess, rupert grint, ryan/kelly, sarcasm, shopping, sirius black, smiling, snape/lily, snape/sinistra, spring, squeeing, stacy and clinton, steve carell, stories, strange dancing, suze simon, suze/jesse, the mall, the mediator, the office, the shoebox project, the weasleys, vanilla coke, weasley is our king, writing