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10/21/05 02:43 pm

just to let you know, I read all of your ljs.

10/16/05 02:47 pm - I don't want to wait in vain for your love

the concert last night cannot be described by words. it can't.

I don't know what to say. I'm afraid I won't do it justice.

first off, Albany is a gorgeous city. I adore the architecture and I need to go back sometime so I can take pictures of it or something, because it was the prettiest thing.

the Egg was the coolest building on the face of the planet.

it was a very emotionally overwhelming thing to see the band back together like old times. they played all of my favorites. I think I ended up crying about six times. it may sound silly because of a band, but this was my childhood. these guys inspired me to learn the bagpipes.

Neil was amazing. this was amazing.

it makes me almost shake to think of it. it must have been the best time of my life, hands down. I can't believe I got the chance to see them again, just the way they used to be. I don't care if Kirk is an ass or Neil only did this because he needed money, it was the greatest thing that could ever happen.

I'll never ever forget this, but my memories of them will always be rooted in their small-time gigs at Scottish festivals.

10/11/05 03:45 pm

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9/27/05 08:55 pm - corpse bride review

putting this up here to get for my class later. read it if you really want.

reviewCollapse )

7/31/05 07:11 am

Chelsea is TWINSCollapse )

6/13/05 06:42 pm

lj has been slow so far today, so I bring you all funnies.

just to let you know, wang is a medical term for your jawbone.

me: may I kiss your wang?
Dustin: sure! *lets me* wanna kiss my other wang?
me: yes. *kisses his other jawbone*
Dustin: would you like to kiss my OTHER wang?
me: you have another wang...? OMFG

and how about some lovely Berserk ENGRISH?!?!?!?!

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5/29/05 07:24 am

I said I wouldn't post in here, but I felt like sticking this up hereCollapse )

Chels and I had fun yesterday. :) I'm sure Chelsea (moonyneko) will be posting the pics in their entirety sometime soon. there's just a preview for ya.

:) love you guys! (and kinda miss ya, too!)

and I just realized (though it's not noticeable in those pics there) that I was wearing mostly black yesterday and Chels was wearing all white. kinda creepy.

5/21/05 07:24 am - IMPORTANT

okay, guys, important announcement.

This is my last post here.

this isn't a journal. nothing of consquence goes here. there are about five or six people on my friends list of 23 and nobody actually cares too much (including myself), so I'm just going to move on to a website or something. I don't know if I'll keep a journal on that or not (probably not, because that's a pain in the behind), but it'd be better than this.

thanks to all of you who have actually taken a few minutes out of your day to read my entries and comment; I'm going to do another trim on my friends list and keep it down to the people whose journals I want to read, so I'll still read your journals and maybe comment every once in a while. if I do post in here anymore, it'll be with links and maybe poems or stories or something.

bye, guys.

5/10/05 05:37 pm - wewt!!

new layout! XD yaaaay for Jet Grind Radio! <3

I also now have the cutest mood icons ever. screw the neko kaos, THE LEMONFACES ROCK.

:D gotta go get ready for the concert and junk. I love you all!

4/30/05 07:24 pm - to think that people are tired of themselves


I think, as I wait for you,
that I would like to change myself
so that you can say I am beautiful
& you will not only mean it,
you will feel it.
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